America, you're too stupid to get it! Obama should just ram healthcare down your throats!

Liberal icon Bill Maher is advising President Mmmm-Mmm-Mm Obama to just “ram health care down American’s throats! He made this statement on the Conan O’brien show saying, “people are 'too stupid' to get it.” This my friends sums up the liberal elitist opinion of the American People, we’re too stupid to know what’s good for us so if we object, just ram it down our throats! This, in a nutshell, typifies the approach all Oligarchies take in dealing with their subjects. They see themselves as our intellectual superiors and as such they, not the general population that elected them, know what’s best for us.

Why the rush on the part of Obama and his Politburo to pass this massive reform act which allows for the Federal Government to seize control of 1/6 of this country’s economy? Eight months ago, Premier Obama threw $787 billion of our hard-earned cash into a raging economic inferno. What happened as a result thereof, unemployment skyrocketed to a record level of 9.8 percent as reported in September. But that's nothing compared to the $1 TRILLION PLUS that will go up in flames if this Health Care Debacle is passed. We're on a collision course with financial disaster and they know it. But America is waking up and elitist like Bill Maher know that so that’s why they push so frantically to get this done. The socialists of this country have been waiting for over 50 years to seize control and establish their form of government and they aren’t going to let this last best opportunity pass!

The Obama Oligarchy is attempting the greatest transfer of wealth in American History! There will be no additional wealth created under this regime; there never is under any form of socialism, but Obama intends to spread what wealth there is around so that each gets a small piece of the pie. Every one becomes equally miserable which after all is only fair; right? He intends to gain complete control over our lives through his health care bill. He knows it, Reid and Pelosi know it, elitist like Bill Maher know it and they are afraid the average American is becoming increasingly aware of it. Thus those on the far left like Maher are encouraging Obama to go ahead and ram health care down our throats before it’s too late!

So why is the Obama Oligarchy so obsessed with passing their version of Health Care Reform? The answer is simply. Through the passage of government controlled health care Obama and his gang cement their grip on power! His predecessors; earlier social democrats, have already created a permanent dependency through the creation of their welfare state; destroying millions of lives in the process. Next they intend to enslave the Illegal Immigrants in the name of compassion. Entitlements, whatever they may be, destroy incentives. After awhile, the recipients thereof began to see them as a right, something they are Entitled to and not a temporary bridge to sustain them on their way to a better place! Thus, the more people Obama and his ruling Politburo can enslave through their entitlements, the more they cement their grip on power. Obama knows this, Pelosi and Reid know this and fellow socialist like Maher know this.


breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Fantastic hub, Patriot. You have painted a frightening scenario that is so true it hurts. Somehow the rest of the country needs to wake up. They all can't be closet socialists, can they?

jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

They don't want to shove it down our throats, they want to ram it up our (&%*)....Just like the stimulus won't be given out until the 2010 election, they will use the money to get a secure grip on the democrates. It's all a sham. Great Hub!

greatAmerican profile image

greatAmerican 7 years ago

Are there enough honorable Americans in our legislative branches of Government to stop this stupidity??

CHANGE sucks!!

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago


Unfortunately on November 4, 2008 the entire nation socialist Americas united resulting in the Coronation of King Barrack Hussein Obama, the greatest socialist since Karl Marx!

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago


You are correct regarding the orifice of insertion however; I built the Hub around Bill Maher’s quote!

Partisan Patriot 7 years ago

Great American

There are 56 Democratic Senators and 256 Democrat Representatives in the House so to answer your question; no with 312 Dishonorable Americans there are not enough honorable ones left in congress to stop this nonsense!

readytoescape profile image

readytoescape 7 years ago from Central Florida


Great hub, But they should be warned, we Know it too!

There is an old adage that goes back pre-revolutionary war,

"Seeds and Ammuntion".

Today's ammunition is knowledge and courage to speak out as loudly as possible, and for the other readers of this hub all of the people commenting above are proudly doing so, read their work as well, then join us to take back what is being stolen.

C.J. Wright 7 years ago

Great Hub, I was wondering how long it would take for a HUB to be written on this. Bill Maher has little talent and a lot of arrongance.

opinion duck 7 years ago

Great Hub,

I am disappointed in the small number of comments on this vital issue.

I do believe that there are even sheep in the country to pass this delusion into law.

That is the sad part, the country is 90 percent sheep, 9 percent sheep herders and 1 percent foxes.

Exaggerated for effect...

my opinion....

partisan patriot 7 years ago

Thanks Duck

Exaggerations are welcome here

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