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I'm writing this as followup to an article written by Danielle Citron which was a followup post to Amy Klein's essay about her supposed cyberstalker Luke Ford.

I read the article by Danielle Citron and Amy Klein's essay. I also read some of Luke Ford's blog. Personally, I didn't find him a cyberstalker. I didn't even find him a cyberharasser. Although in Amy Klein's mind he may have been.

I found him more of a critic, someone who critiqued her writing rather than harasser. He critiqued other people's work and writing littering his blog with it throughout. Granted he put alot of emphasis and devoted alot of time to Amy Klein and made some very unsavory remarks but he also made unsavory remarks about other people as well.

This was one of those articles I could never bring myself to finish partly because what Amy Klein viewed as cyberstalking was nothing more than criticism even if at times unprofessional criticism. From what I read on Mr. Ford's blog he criticized everyone at some point or another and his rude somewhat sexually offensive posts were nothing more than that. Maybe he was a chauvanist maybe not.

Ms. Klein viewed him as her personal cyberstalker. She actually romanticized it. What angered me about her article is the fact there is real stalking, very real, dangerous stalking taking place every single day in this country and many others putting women in fear for their lives and many of these women have every right to be fearful as their stalker may kill them if the opportunity arises. A very sobering thought and not one to be taken lightly.

So for those women who want to romanticize a stalker please don't for all those women going through a very real unimaginable terror. Leave the romanticizing to the real romances or get yourself a real romance before taking such a backward stance toward a real societal problem that unfortunately many law enforcement agencies are still ill equipped to handle.

Don't romanticize stalking, harassment or sexual harassment! It's uncalled for and only suggests women who would do so are in serious need of professional help.

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