An Astrological Look at the 2009 Octuplets

On the morning of January 26, 2009, a woman in California gave birth to eight tiny babies. Being the second successful delivery of it kind in the United States, people were chatting about it at the water cooler, "Wow, eight babies...I can't imagine." Within 24 hours they would have to stretch their imagination even farther when the news broke that these eight tiny babies already have six siblings at home...AND the mother was impregnated by in vitro fertilization...AND she's single!

People are shocked. The chatter turns to rage for many and while the reasons are obvious, it's my intention with this article to take a deeper look at the energy surrounding these babies. By looking at their astrological chart we can see the energies that were present at the time of their birth and thus will be carried on with them as they grow. I am hopeful that people can look beyond the judgement of the mother and see these children for what they are; little people who are going to need a lot of help.

The following is a brief summary of their natal chart and is based on a birth time reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Aries Rising: With fire on the horizon, these children will be energetic and constantly seeking their independence and a unique form of self-expression, which may be challenging for them with so many siblings.

Saturn in Virgo / 6th House: Saturn is representative of our need for discipline and our relationship with authority and the challenges therein.The people that will be taking care of these children will themselves need constant discipline. Saturn's placement in Virgo and the sixth house shows tremendous potential for health issues which can manifest themselves both physically and mentally. On the positive side, these children will likely grow to be very caring as a result of their own struggles, ultimately wanting to "give back".

Sun, Moon & Jupiter in Aquarius / 10th House: These babies are Aquarians which is the sign of humanity and our capacity for progress and technology. Being born by technological means, I find this very interesting. These will be bright children, if not a little eccentric. With the Sun and Jupiter only two degrees away from each other, there will be a constant element of "in the public eye". While this can be beneficial, these children will likely have a deep need to be recognized for their own merits and accomplishments, rather than just for being one of the octuplets born in 2009. With the Moon in Aquarius, they will be friendly but may find it difficult to truly relate to others as they may find that detachment is the best form of self-protection.

Mercury & Mars in Capricorn / 10th House: Mercury represents our ability to think and communicate, while Mars shows how we go about acquiring the things we need in order to survive. These two energies are sharing the same degree in this chart and shows that these children's actions and words will be somewhat consistent while their life focus will often be on simply surviving. Being in the public eye they will always be concerned with reputation. The other element to these planetary placements is that these children will need vigilant discipline, which again may be more than the typical child would require. These children will likely be in a constant battle for the attention of their mother and will obviously feel the absence of their father.

Neptune in Aquarius / 11th House: Neptune is a generational planet which means that all children born from 1998 - 2011 will have Neptune in Aquarius, with the exception of a few months back in 1998 when Neptune was in retrograde motion in Capricorn. Generational planets express themselves through the generations and explains why Grandparents and Grandchildren often have such different view points.The Neptune in Aquarius generation is the generation that will essentially create a new dream for humanity, mingling progressive thinking with the ethereal realms.

Nonetheless, these energies do affect us on a personal level. Neptune often signals an area of our lives that will require us to sacrifice something. More times than not, it's a sacrifice of ideals, learning to recognize the dreams that should be followed and those that need to remain just that. Being in the 11th house, there will be many people that pretend to be their friends while others will be a source of true inspiration. Neptune can also symbolize escapism and these children will be especially susceptible to all sorts of influences from friends and peers; perhaps more than other children as they will ultimately feel the need to "fit in" and "be accepted" by those outside of their family.

Uranus in Pisces / 11th House: Another generational planet, Uranus in Pisces is a generation that will see much change in spiritual perceptions, mysticism and the arts. Uranus is the planet that symbolizes our capacity to move beyond outdated modes of living, often providing us the opportunity whether we want it or not. On a personal level, these octuplets will experience a lot of different situations in their life that are not a result of their own choices. They will need to master the "go with the flow" attitude.

Venus in Pisces / 12th House: Venus is the planet of love and attraction. Being only three degrees away from Uranus, Venus in Pisces will be influenced by the chaotic and unpredictable manner of Uranus. Their love lives will be transformative to say the least. With Venus' placement in the twelfth house there will be a great desire to have a very meaningful and deep relationship with others. This will be possible for them provided that they are able to cope with the ever-changing nature of their relationships.

Pluto in Capricorn / 9th House: The last of three generational planets, Pluto shows how each generation has a transformative effect on both past and future generations. The Pluto in Capricorn generation will continue to transform the "way we do business".

The octuplets will likely experience this energy in a way that requires them to not become too rigid in their philosophies and dealings with people outside of the family. They will have very enquiring minds in the search for truth and ultimately each one of them will be challenged to find their own personal truth and uniqueness. They will all have the opportunity for education and travel as long as they keep an open mind.

Another interesting note: Oddly enough, they do not have a strong Gemini influence which rules siblings and community.

In closing, the challenges that face the octuplets are not so different than any other child, however, I find it fascinating that this chart portrays the kinds of situations you would obviously expect of this kind of family situation.I do hope that although they lack community in their chart, that their hometown and the global community will step up to the challenge. After all, it takes a village...

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