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It isn't anger itself that disturbs me so much, but the way in which it manifest itself today, upon our daily lives, in our homes, on our streets, in the media and in our conversation. Anger can be the necessary deterrent to evil and injustice and move us from complacency to action, however, it is as though simple breathing has become enough to send us over the proverbial edge.Civility has lost its luster and leaves us to engage in a discourse fed, instead, from poor diets. Dialogue and discourse are not activities to elicit praise or the reward of like agreement. They are born for a more noble purpose; to stir ideas in the minds of men that we might be more enlightened from the exchange of ideas rather than wallow alone in self ignorance. American conversation seems to be weaving a new language from the thread of an angry fabric.

" When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice because that is what is inside an orange. When you are squeezed, you get what is inside of you." Wayne Dwyer.

There is much to be angry about in America today and it is not my intent to diminish our responsibility in addressing grievances, however, anger simply incites a discourse, absent any purpose, except to vent the passion imprisoned by our feeling. Feeling serves us well in the launching of an exercise, but a sprint does little when engaged in a marathon. Feeling, tempered by our reason breeds civility and a mutual respect for ideas. Civility helps us to direct our anger, at the right thing, in the right measure, at the right time and in the right way.

We are assisted in America, by a media only to happy to incite and feed our feeling rather than to incite us to any thinking. After all, a feeding frenzy makes for grand entertainment and that is the purpose of their enterprise.


I watered it in fears

night and morning with my tears

and I sunned it with smiles

and soft deceitful wiles. from " The poison tree" by Robert Blake

Anger is an emotion whose resolve is determined from what it's fed. When it feeds indiscriminately it suffers from indigestion and is prone to regurgitated discontent.

"Two wolves struggling inside us all. One is angry and one is not. Which one wins? The one we choose to feed"

Today, religious leaning, party preference, cutural issues and a host of endless differences color our exchanges with the evidence of where we feed. We are courting the abolition of civility from discourse in favor of ridicule, insults and criticisms, which free us from the tedious labor demanded by respect, courtesy and thinking. Today we are applauding anger as though it were a badge of commendation. We are celebrating it in music, in entertainment, from complicity in character assaults given feet through gossip, from satire and ridicule unrestrained by good taste and flourishing in the freedom granted by free speech. The louder we scream, the righter we seem. I do not advocate censorship, however, employing personal discretion within our freedoms, does not impose censorship, it protects us from the need of it. Civility distinguishes between the two and fosters a breeding ground for people to talk again with a kindness that establishes neighbors instead of adversaries.

and it grew both day and night

until it bore an apple bright

and my foe beheld it shine

and he knew that it was mine

and into my garden stole

when the night had veiled it's pole

in the morning, glad I see

my foe outstretched beneath the tree. William Blake, "The poison tree".

The evening news in America does not pretend to promote civility. It advocates the choosing of a side, the joining of a team. It ask that we arm ourselves in angry rhetoric which we can regurgitate throughout the week. It ask that we subscribe to some self appointed, evening guru who scours the american landscape, analyzes the horizon and then spoon feeds us, whatever they think that we should think. They decide the battle of the moment, the item of the day, the cause of the week or the issue that wasn't an issue until they made it an issue. They predict our tomorrows and paint our thoughts with the fear of an impending doom less we empty our minds and swallow their poison. They do not ask us to think, they ask us to act because they have done the thinking for us. When did we come to so detest, the origin of an opposing idea? How did we come to so fear an opinion not born within our own minds? When did we loose respect for discourse that did not run parallel to our own course? We are loosing respect for one another in America. It is reserved, not for honest thought, but, given one another as reward for agreement. Civility isn't given as courtesy for the enterprize of thinking; It is given as a courtesy for thinking like the team; For upholding the value and the ideaology of chosen affiliation. Independence is no longer evidence of someone thinking for themselves, it is a refusal to fall in line with the enlightened ones who have been defined and given marching orders from a favorite evening guru or talk radio host that stirs our feeling with such precision that we enlist in the voluntary servitude of spreading their appointed propaganda.

Anger is not nutritional food for discourse. It initiates decay and rottens the apple. Such simple complicity at the bottom reveals the larger state of our condition across America. Conversations are disingenuous, disrespectful and colored by the bigotry of self enlarged opinions, borrowed from which ever book we drink or the misplaced pride of an ideology which presupposes the correct position. They are reminiscent of attitudes belonging to the dark ages when witch hunts occupied the little minds of people with little else to do. Responding to questions with ridicule and disrespect is not a reflection of superior intellect or cleverness; It simply reveals, like the orange, a content for all the world to see. We should not be engaged in the exercise of choosing teams, falling in with sides or affiliations that endevor to do our thinking for us. We should be engaged in an exercise which welcomes anyone who dares to think, unrestrained by the imprisonment imposed by a selected team. We should respect and extend civility to the individual enterprise of one who chooses instead, " to think for themselves".

It is time for us all, to give ourselves a good squeeze and examine our content. To survey our anger and to ask ourselves, is my content worthy to respond to that which confronts me, in this moment, with the right measure, aimed at the right person, for the right reason and in the right way! Civility does not diminish our opinion; Rather, it breaks solidarity with anger and fear and chooses to dance in the light of individual courage. Civility is the evidence that thinking is nothing to be afraid of, indeed, let us fear instead, those who endeavor to do it for us. Thinking is the most elegant, the most courageous, the most promising of all human endeavors. The rising anger in America suggest that we have come to value agreement above the excercise of thought. Perhaps our American pursuit of convenience now extends to even individual thought. If we can simply turn on our favorite evening news, we can wake, sixty minutes later, assured that our thinking has been brought up to date. Perhaps it is time to give a good squeeze to what we're listening too. Perhaps, whats inside, isn't really us at all. Just some nobody, without an orchard of their own!

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QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 5 years ago

Very thought provoking, indeed at times it is important to address it rather than running away.

Well done yet again arb!

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Thank you Qudsia! At my age running takes too much out of me. Time to sit and write. Should that invoke their wrath, then I shall read all the unangry and delightful work posted in these pages. Be well!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

Your hub is full of wisdom and clarity, items too scarce in today's circles, I fear. I love your concluding paragraph especially. Shining the light on oneself, "squeezing" to see what sort of juices are "in here" is the first and probably the only effective step toward a better outlook for civilization, if it can still be called that. You've said it all so succinctly and well, it is unnecessary for me to add my thoughts, but I am going to, anyway, if only by way of demonstrating that I do understand from whence it arises in you and because it matters to me, too.

I've firmly believed that it requires more strength, intelligence and determination to remain agreeable within various levels of disagreement of ideas and views than to succumb to the easy response of mindless anger expressed in a myriad of ways, and which seems to define those disagreements which are full of insult, contempt, ridicule, even violence and which are mainly lacking in real thought ABOUT what it is the other is actually saying.

Personally, I truly don't expect to be agreed with all, or even much, of the time, and I am also aware that what I may think is not necessarily universally true or the whole story. Each of us is, after all, a subjective mixture, so there are inevitably some slanted opinions which would not hold up to scrutiny.

So what saddens me is when disagreement flares without an attempt to understand what the real differences and the real substances are, but is simply fueled by previous stereotyping and blocking out anything but what the person already has decided upon. In an atmosphere of understanding, vital flaws can be highlighted and corrected - both ways - and vital strengths can be found for mutual benefit. But folks are so scared that even to appear to listen will be taken as condoning agreement, plus are terrified that they might find they need to rethink some fixed opinions and conclusions, that it is fairly rare in actual practice for a spirit of trying to understand each other's view before cutting and shredding them to bits gets a foothold.

There are core values which are non-negotiable, certainly, but that doesn't mean one can't really listen to what someone else is saying, however opposite one may think it is or expect it to be. In fact, it is the mark of a keen mind to do so. The assumption that if it doesn't "sound like" what one believes already, it can't be worth hearing out or that it is bound to be "dangerous" to consider it is a kind of self-determined blindness. Often, under scrutiny, differences may turn out to be slight & merely about less-vital points, but if they are not heard, it is a deterrent to finding out what is and what is not seriously different and reaching some state of mutual respect and tolerance for those things which are really at odds.. Not listening cannot be a step toward true understanding and mutual respect between people. And understanding - (not agreement necessarily) - is vital to any kind of resolution of problems and differences.

But, I am aware - I sound like a rusty relic from some other time and place , though these ideas may be more akin to a forecast of what the future will need if the human species is to survive much longer.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

OOPs. I didn't think I'd clicked it effectively, so I clicked again; but it was simply taking awhile to work. When it did, it posted in duplicate. Ack. All I could do was edit out one of them and use it to explain my goof. :-]

okmom23 profile image

okmom23 5 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

Always an excellent subject, your content is right on target. Taking the time to really listen opens communication and perspective. Well done hub!

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

okmom, Nice to meet you and thank you for coming by and the taking time to read. Listening, seems a fleeting art. be well.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

I suppose when meeting anyone, I try to examine the condition of their heart. It is usually a listening heart, one that looks for and sees beauty, or one that is too angry to see because of the anger. I move on knowing time will take it's toll, through healing or refusal to find healing. There are instances where I find beautiful hearts which have simply, not yet learned to listen and I yield to their age and passion knowing that life will temper it with balance along the way. The human species will survive, if for no other reason, it's ill will lead them to near destruction and they will rise and begin again. There they will rediscover need for each other and the cycle will begin again. Somewhere ages and ages hence, another alan, another nellieanna, will be discussing a similar state of affairs. Part of the core problem is living long enough to know, that what we know, but fills a thimble, in all the things there are to know. To know so little, it is better to know the things that matter, the best we can. Be well, my very special friend! alan

Jillian Barclay profile image

Jillian Barclay 5 years ago from California, USA

Dear Arb,

You are such a wise man! Thank you for being a voice of civility in a world gone mad! Civility is sorely lacking and our media does fan the flames. They have a huge audience, but more and more, they are abdicating their responsibility to inform, having discovered that swaying opinion sells better. I always say that I miss Walter Cronkite. It is true!

Injustice and intolerance have been my hot spots since I was a child. It has never changed. But you are right! Gone are the days when we could discuss things in a rational, courteous manner. We need to remember the word respect.

Thank you for your calm and balance. I always come away from your writing feeling renewed (hope that doesn't sound corny!).

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Good morning Jillian! Thank you for such a gracious comment. I think anger fuels both today's intolerance and a new emerging injustice. I think the media in selling opinion has given this anger a collective voice which wallows in some new kind of pride because they now have compatriots that justify their absurdity. Anyway, as always, thanks for your support. be well.

cat on a soapbox profile image

cat on a soapbox 5 years ago from Los Angeles

Arb, This hub is superbly written and addresses one of the biggest stumbling blocks to social and political progress. I enjoyed your references to the bad diet that feeds anger. You are so correct that the lack of civility has ruined productive discourse and our ability to compromise. I also think that social activists have gotten too confrontational, and that the media simply stirs reactionism with sound bytes and jargon. Ask a person a question about a social issue, and the answer is usually one of regurgitated jargon and little understanding of the real facts. Furthermore, many of us feel we've lost control of our own choices, and that often causes frustration and irrational criticism.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Thanks for reading cat, you are right about regurgitaed jargon, hardly an origional thought around anymore. Interesting comment about choices, been thinking about that as meat for a hub. Thank you again for replying, it serves to validate my journey into contentious ground.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

This could be viewed as contentious ground? Well, heck. What do I know? ;-) I suppose anything could be, if contentious attitude is inserted to an otherwise thoughtful discussion or friendly discourse. And, sadly - that seems more and more a real possibility. In fact, in some quarters, a real likelihood. I mull over how the media fuels it. But again, in the real arena, it is the individual's choice.

I suspect that promises of something people want, whether or not they've earned it or even need it, are the gears of the machine. As truth and integrity fade into the ether, few notice or care, as their own motives lose theirs and a new mode involves so little of them.

Basically, media and citizens are in cahoots. That the awareness of the two is disproportionate on the media's side is a factor, but they learn manipulation from their successes with feeding the greed of those who flock into their lairs. One offers, one goes for that, then the first one steps up the offers and steps down the honor/honesty of it, as the other becomes more inured and goes along with it - and on and on until such time as the "goodies" cease to satisfy the cultivated lust for them, and - then - fury and blind lashing out explode. Responsibility means thinking through all the choices as each leads to another - and another. The media is basically a mirror of the people, though with more and more power fueled by success and the influence it brings with it. Meantime the people are losing their real power and success as envisioned. The only influence that evidently seems open to them is in tantrums and misdirected uprising.

The suckers didn't realize who was responsible - (certainly not themselves) - so the fury has no real or justified target. It just festers and is assuaged only by more occasional goodies, promises and temporary fixes, which all set off more of the same. Voices of reason or "whoa" go unheard, unheeded and possibly become targets of some of the seething anger. Respect becomes weak or missing even at the subjective level. As you say - it is fed a "goody" of feeling justified and - the more intense the blind fury, the greater the absurd pride in it. It becomes the satisfaction, in itself.

I hope you do write on choice/choices. (I see the singular and plural as somewhat different.) When it comes right down to it, what we do have is choice, which nothing can forcibly deny it to us, though it may redirect our scope of choice. Still, our own response even to being denied unlimited choices, is our truest choice. When others or other forces can control our responses - making us act other than how we really ARE, then it is only our own choice to allow that to happen - or to not.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Dear sweet nellieanna, you are right of course, ultimately, individuals are always responsible for their choices, good or bad. Ultimately we are responsible for being manipulated and even being lied too. We could research everything we hear and everything we read to establish credibility, validation, confirmation. Food labels alone are taking up half my day. At some point we must take responsibility, however, a people should also have expectation to believe something from somebody trustworthy, somewhere, though God knows I can not find it. My concern, is people really are busy and the media is complicit in their manipulation of the information they want us to digest. So we are complicit. There are organizations which work 24/7 discussing exactly how to get us to accept, how to think about something and even what will make us buy something. They absolutely know what they are doing, they know our habits, our desires, our weaknesses, our loves and hates and how many times a week we engage in sex. They know more about me than I know about me. When we all come to that realization then we can guard against their ploys. It is absurd that I need to filter everything I confront to find some truth.

Anyway, obviously we must all examine information rather than just swallow it. The masses will not take time or find time to do so and they will continue to respond to poor information fed from those who know us better than we know ourselves. Given their organization, resources and studied skill, I think average people are at a substantial disadvantage, what greater resource can we have than control of the media? I don't have to fix it but I will contend with it, just so they know that I know. I can't beat them, but I will not join them either.

It has always been the writer, the artist, the philosopher throughout history, that has exposed the lie. I suspect it will remain the same. Or maybe the robots will inherit the earth? Nah! They need someone to scream at. I'm safe! :) I would rather loose myself in your poetry and leave them to themselves, but, you don't write enough to occupy my whole day.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

Alan - you do me honor to give my remarks your attention. And don't be tempting me to fill up your day with my poetry. I could do it, y'know! (grin) I'm aware that my long discourses are a lot less appealing. I may erase all the rest of this one before I post it!

Yes - those are the ultimate issues and needs for our taking responsibility for ourselves - examining and filtering the information we are fed, reading all the fine print, even testing the contents scientifically ourselves. However the choices I actually had in mind involve more taking responsibility for the ways we CAN be manipulated than the actual stuff we're fed once we succumb to WANTING what is promised for the reasons we do. Those are matters in which we need not go to experts or authorities to realize the fact that we are being led into it by our own GREED for MORE, CHEAPER, EASIER, FASTER, etc. I don't know about others, but I FEEL myself cheating on myself when I do that and that is exactly how we are led into all this stuff. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that American workers can't be paid more for products we buy for less or to notice the "made in" labels on those cheaper products. We are willing to make that trade off.

We are willing to try to get more gratification for less in so many areas and that is how we are sucked in. There are many levels of our lusts being fed bait. A little at a time, our own integrity is manipulated to make us willing to take their bait - at their price, which IS some of our integrity being exchanged. We don't have to know much else to recognize this in ourselves if we are honest with ourselves. But it's so easy "just this once" or "who's to know" or even hiding behind anonymity online to trade our own value and our values for some gratification or another which we KNOW - or could easily recognize within our own selves. But that's not always how humans behave. This has become such a morass of self-gratification, though - and then blaming the gratifiers when the jig's up. There will always be someone willing to feed off our own weaknesses, I suppose. History is full of them. But it is personal choice in each instance. Masses act, but they consist of individuals with individual minds and consciences. I guess the prophets of old were the ones trying to awaken people to their own culpability too.

I certainly couldn't agree more, though, that we should be able to trust "their" integrity, even though the "them" are actually neutral systems who make no claims to integrity of their own, but merely exist upon that or the lack of it of those they "serve".

But I can truly recall feeling safe to eat the food on sale because the USDA had approved it. Same with medicines and other products. I trusted that what we were offered was fit to use, because everyone knew our government agencies were looking out for us. And I suppose they may have been - then. But maybe that is how we were first hoodwinked. As they say, a successful criminal needs to seem convincingly trustworthy. What a pity that trust is played against itself But they are quite culpable of using that against us. I developed a slightly different kind of trust over the years. I trust that "they" are going to do what they are going to do and be who they are. If "they" are honorable, they will be. If hay are not, they will be not.

In any case, they DO, as you say, know what they are doing and why. And if the plot is against others, the plotters have the advantage of knowing beforehand and planning it in intricate detail. Those who are to be manipulated go into it rather casually, except for being capable of knowing our own motives for buying the bait, which was what I was emphasizing before.

Even those handy discount cards at the grocery stores are to serve their purposes; - so they can analyze exactly how we shop, even see easily what demographics we fall into by what we buy. If someone buys diapers - that establishes a likely age group, just as buying Depends does, etc. Then they can cater to those needs more effectively - even arranging the aisles of the store according to the most frequent types of shoppers. Those are certainly a kind of manipulation of which we can be aware. I shop at Fiesta because it is not far from here, the produce is lovely and it is immaculately clean. But it caters to the hispanics. The music that is always beige played, the actual foods - all cater to those preferences. The store managers are Anglo for the most part. It's all planned by careful analysis, not just to be nice and suit the customers but to draw them in to make the profits. So what is wrong with that, we might ask. Mainly that once in there, one is at their mercy and if one is of the majority demographic, then the sugar cane and sugar cones and other products will be taken home and cause a lot of diabetes and heart disease.

And yes - it is absurd - and sad - that we even need to be so alert to how we're being suckered in. And that is just at the grocery store . It is on the much bigger scale with much bigger costs and consequences at the top levels of manipulation - the government itself, the major players in the political and economic game in which we are but pawns that the real costs of our real best interests are sacrificed the most horribly and effectively.

Yes - those in the arts - writing, etc - have been the most effective at exposing the lies and the despots - - so they are usually the first to be excommunicated and silenced when a regime gets going strongly enough.

Oh - I'd much rather enjoy my hours and days, too, than to fret about forces which are ever-present, though in varying amounts and intensities - throughout history. In fact it's rarely that I abandon my happy lifestyle to initiate a bandwagon, but when truth rides by, it's difficult for me to not jump on - and voice many strong ideas that have fomented inside me all along, twins of the joy and productive things I love.

But one of my strongest principles happens to be that by demonstrating the personal strength of character and the joy of living, possibly constitute the best and most effective opposition to the forces of evil, anyway. In fact, I'm a little wary of giving too much LIFE to active opposition. It is our lives that must be employed in these games, where there is no actual life of their own. I've observed that even in the cyber world, when bad guys start to invade happy folks in a social or special interest group, what really undermines the happy group is their becoming so caught up in fighting off the interlopers that they BECOME constantly unhappy themselves and spend all their time they had used for enjoying each other's company and learning how to basket-weave or whatever they came for, now all they are doing is talking amongst themselves about the crashers and threats of being spied upon, how to combat the invasions and simply become undermined as the happy group they are, from the inside out. They BECOME exactly what the bad guys would have them be, and it is effected by their own choices and willingness to be what they were not - and they are almost incapable of really looking at that fact.

So it's a tossup as to what is the most EFFECTIVE means of resistance. Maybe Jesus was on to something. ;->

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

You have baited me! I am being manipulated with a dangling statement, Maybe Jesus was on to something! He did say, "Finally brothers,whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is lovely, whatever is just, if there is anything commendable, anything worthy of praise, think about these things." Such statement would support your clinging to " the joy of living" as the prefered course. You shine light upon my day once again Nellieanna Hay with simplicity and it colors my morning with alternative direction which I shall consider. Perhaps a new write focusing on what is lovely!

The prophets did come to speak of personal culpability, however, they spoke of injustices levied upon the populace. But, I am not a prophet!

Alastar Packer profile image

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

arb, you are a wise soul, as well as a deep thinker and very literate writer of the human condition. Until mankind realizes were all equal spirits on a shared journey, anger and such can only get worse.I'm going to put this hub in the top ten I,ve read on Hubpages so far. Thanks friend.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

What honor you inflict upon the searching soul with more question than answer! Thank you my friend. Be well!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 5 years ago

"Poison is not nutritional food for discourse, it leaves decay and rottens the apple." Thank you brother man!

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

I tdoes the heart good to spend time with kindred spirit. Be well Micky!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

Ah - there's little he taught or demonstrated unworthy of consideration. I was thinking of how he dealt with his own distractors though. Basically, he let their accusations hang in the air and/or roll off his back and continued BEING himself and pursuing his purposes. Of course, it irritated them even more that they couldn't "get to him" in their usual ways of intimidation and so forth. And we know what happened as a result!

Actually my most favorite advice wasn't from his direct teachings, though: "Be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your faith. . ."

My faith is simple: "There is no problem." If God is in charge-there certainly is no real problem "out there" and if not - there still is none "out there". The immediate problems are subjective both on a personal and a community level, and are those we must face either with equanimity or panic. Each of us. We each can control only one person - (somewhat) - our self. That one is a biggie, for each of us. So focusing on that gives me plenty to do, quite frankly. I figure that if I do that fairly well - well, that's one! And, who knows, maybe it will actually have a positive influence within my little sphere, like "this little light of mine". But I really don't feel qualified to tell others what they "ought" to do. It's only occasionally that I sound forth as I have with you in response to your truly admirable, intelligent, high-principled writings, partly to let you know you're not alone - though you are unique, of course, as am I. It seems the sort of leavening that can have some effectivity. Maybe not every loaf being baked all over the globe - but possibly - the immediate one(s) getting kneaded. It's not wasted, anyway - when it is done with honest good intent. How & where it lands will determine its effectivity. As you say - you are a searcher - me too.

And the other comments it gets are also inspiring and uplifting. I truly look forward to reading your hubs - smiling and hugging all through them!

Highvoltagewriter profile image

Highvoltagewriter 5 years ago from Savannah GA.

Great hub that needs to be reflected on. Also the comments your statements has provoked have been quite interesting! Thank you for your insights!

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Hello highvoltagewriter! Reflection is indeed our personal responsibility, that you do so indicates an open mind given to individual thinking as opposed to someone elses. I applaud you. Thanks for the follow. I look forward to visiting your contributions. Be well

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Thank you Nellieanna! I agree with you once again. A thought, however, He showed anger once in the temple, with the money changers. Whats interesting though, is He did not keep the anger or go back to it. His message stayed the course. BTW! I believe it was "the renewing of your mind" in which case, you you have taking such word to heart. You make great bread and I shall try to do the same! Be well, Nellieanna Hay, I depend on it! :)

b. Malin profile image

b. Malin 5 years ago

We have become an angry Nation and Society...a lot of it man made. How inspiring to read some of the responses to your Hub, which is so well written. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well as others.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Welcome home b. Looking so forward to your cruise

tales. I really have missed you! Thanks for your lovely comment.

sligobay profile image

sligobay 5 years ago from east of the equator

Aristotle's quote is a great starting point for your article Arb. Anger is a secondary emotion which hides the feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. It doesn't hide the reality very well. Everyone seems angry. Restraint of pen and tongue is a forgotten art - as aggression seems to win the day without reason. Emotion and instant gratification seem to me to be byproducts of consumerism.

We are all subliminally programmed for a lifetime and restraint has been dismantled in favor of self-indulgence. This is a terrific article which swims against the currents of our times.

arb 5 years ago

Sligobay! Thanks so much for your remarks! I have not equated emotion with consumerism, so I will give that some reflection. Self-indulgence is the golden calf and gratification the food on which it feeds. I enjoy your writing very much and your comments are always appreciated.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS

That is quite true, Alan. He did show that anger. (Just a thought about that: Twelve year old boys sometimes have short fuses) . But then, as you point out, according to what is recorded, that was the end of it. It didn't become a seething, festering anger. That is a great lesson in itself. Honest emotions should be owned, but they need not be cultivated and take charge of the person. Letting go of them after they are finished is wise.

Oh yes, thank you for the correction: - you're right about the exact wording of that verse, as well. It is "mind", rather than "faith". I knew that, or should have - I have read it countless times over many years. But I've also thought about it, too; seems I changed it in there somewhere. It clearly makes even more sense that way and in the broader sense, at that.

Tim Power 5 years ago

Again youv'e hit the mark, civility the Right the Left accuse each other of gross violations, and the news media feeds the fire that roars across our nation and consumes and destroys our unity. Thank-you for your call to individual reflection of our motives, it's either the old man or the new man no middle ground.

arb profile image

arb 5 years ago from oregon Author

Well said Tim and thanks for reading. Looking forward to visiting as you visit central Or. next month. Be well my friend.

CMerritt profile image

CMerritt 5 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

That was about as WISE of hub that I have ever read.

Thank you for taking the time to share some of your wisdom...excellent. Everyone should read this one and reflect.

Thanks Arb


arb 5 years ago

Thank you my friend. I am humbled that anything i write is considered wise. It is a subject we must all consider though. Be well

David Warren profile image

David Warren 5 years ago from Nevada

Thank you so much for your uplifting writing. It's refreshing. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Although I am new here I have read a wealth of hubs. This is the first I shall print as a daily reminder for living.

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Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California

Hello Arb, I couldn’t agree more with this great hub. As you stated people wear anger with pride, as if it makes them a stronger person when in fact it does the opposite! Just the other day I was out at the beach feeding a couple of seagulls some crackers when someone came up and yelled at me for attracting the birds, it’s the beach there everywhere! And as that person walked away I wondered why they were so angry? Surely it couldn’t have been my feeding five seagulls, but more of a deep seeded anger they carry everywhere with them. It’s a truly sad thing and as you said “It is time for us all, to give ourselves a good squeeze and examine our content.” Thanks for the great read :) 3 years ago

Thank you so much. I was beginning to doubt my own sanity. I HAD a facebook page. I finally commented on a post after four years of enduring suggestive pictures periodically posted by a man that had friend-ed me and I foolishly chose through misdirected kindness to remain on my stream. I simply wrote: "You so often post provocative pictures of women that appear from your photo and theirs to be twenty to forty years younger than you. Just curious, do you find women in your age group attractive?" I knew as I was posting that A) being a 62 year old widow my question was not purely abstract and B) ageism and sexism when combined are not ideals we like to think we are expressing. For four days, until I deactivated my facebook account I was bombarded with vicious, hateful comments. No one read it as a opening to a worthwhile discussion. I did not receive one rational comment. I was called names, threatened and ridiculed. And the really interesting thing to me about all this was that most of the comments came from women. And these women were certainly not "pin-ups". The level of sheer anger was only eclipsed by the complete lack of rational thought. By the way, the man with the post never answered my question or even addressed me.

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