Anna Hazare – the greatest comedian of 2011

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Anna Hazare – the greatest comedian of 2011

Anna Hazare – the greatest comedian of 2011
Anna Hazare – the greatest comedian of 2011 | Source
Anna Hazare opposed Advani's rath yatra
Anna Hazare opposed Advani's rath yatra | Source

Anna Hazare – the greatest comedian of 2011

Kiran Bedi’s dance was entertaining

Anna Hazare is a man who conducts his shows like a cinema or drama or some other stage comedy show just to please thousands of viewers. In earlier days before the advent of cinema, stage performances were arranged and different players entertained the crowd with their performances. Anna Hazare’s shows also entertain the crowd with different players doing different things. For example in the last show in New Delhi, Kiran Bedi’s dance entertained all the people. Everybody laughed when she danced.

Anna prepared to forget all the scams of Congress

Anna himself is a nice entertainer. He makes people laugh with his utterances. For example he recently stated that he was prepared to support and canvass for the Congress Party provided it passed the Lokpal Bill in the parliament. In other words, if the Congress passes the Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare is prepared to forget the Adarsh society scam, Commonwealth games scam, 2G spectrum scam and all other scams committed by the Congress and will support it. This was one of the best jokes in 2011 and many people laughed at this.

Anna’s allegation against Narendra Modi was the top joke of the year

Anna Hazare also made people laugh when he said that corruption was ruling rampant in Gujarat State under Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi is one of the best Chief Ministers of India and he has been consistently delivering goods to the people of Gujarat. For this good work, Modi got re-elected again and again for more than a decade. The Congress Party is unable to level any major allegations of corruption against Modi and has been accusing him for failing to prevent the riots against the Muslims in 2002. When such is the stage, Anna Hazare’s statement that there is a widespread corruption in Gujarat under Modi is a laughable material. I laughed till my stomach ached.

Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption along with Kiran Bedi

Anna Hazare’s fighting corruption at high places with the help of Kiran Bedi is another tamasha (comedy) meant to entertain the viewers. Kiran Bedi has been accused of cheating many people by declaring falsely that she travelled in first class by air when actually she was travelling only in economy class. The difference amount was coolly pocketed by Bedi. This fact was admitted by Bedi herself. Anna Hazare could not find anybody other than Kiran Bedi to accommodate in his team. So Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption with Kiran Bedi – one can laugh till tears swell the eyes.

Anna Hazare was jealous of Advani

When the BJP leader L K Advani announced his rath yatra (chariot travel) against corruption, Anna Hazare felt jealous. So he immediately declared that Advani’s yatra was only a show. Anna Hazare feels that he has patented protest against corruption and anybody else trying to protest against corruption is a violation of his patent rights. Anna Hazare is concerned that Advani should not corner any glory because of his yatra.

Anna Hazare will campaign against Congress in UP and claim victory

The recent fast in Mumbai turned out to be a flop. Anna Hazare developed illness and was advised by the doctors to call off his fast. Now Anna Hazare has threatened to campaign against the Congress Party in the five assembly elections. In the bye-election held in Haryana, Anna Hazare campaigned against the Congress, knowing fully that the Congress cannot even come in the second place as it had no following in that constituency. Now everybody knows that the Congress has no standing in the Uttar Pradesh State. So Anna Hazare can safely campaign against the Congress in the UP Assembly election and claim that the defeat of the Congress was because of his campaign! Best wishes to Anna Hazare for a long life to entertain and make Indians laugh.

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snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 4 years ago from Canada

Hello ramkimeena, I enjoyed your parody on the political ploys of Anna Hazare. You really do write for the people. I'm assuming that you have a large following with this kind of writing. I'm curious about what led you to be such an outspoken critic of corrupt politicians. I do admire your courage to speak out. Have you ever considered going in to politics yourself? Regards, snakeslane

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Hello snakeslane, Thank you for your comments. I love mixing humor with seriousness to make the topic readable and enjoyable. Politics, for me? I think I may be a misfit because of my honesty! Best wishes to you.

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