Another Bank Looted In Tamil Nadu

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Advantage in Committing a Crime in Tamil Nadu

Dacoits Did Not Even Hide Their Faces

Yet another bank robbery has taken place in Tamil Nadu. Yesterday (20th February 2012), five dacoits looted cash worth Rs.14 lakhs from Indian Overseas Bank branch in Kilkattalai in Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Only recently the dacoits looted a Bank of Baroda branch for Rs.19 lakhs in Chennai. The police are unable to find out the whereabouts of the dacoits. Now also the dacoits have coolly escaped. They did not even hide their faces and casually did their jobs, being sure that the police cannot catch them.

Hindi Speaking People Committed This Robbery

The robbers were speaking among themselves in Hindi. This clearly shows that they came to Chennai from North India and performed this dacoity. The earlier dacoity was also committed by Hindi speaking people. It is now becoming increasingly evident that more and more criminals are entering Tamil Nadu from North India to perform crimes. What is the reason for this?

Advantage in Committing a Crime in Tamil Nadu

There is one advantage in committing a crime in Tamil Nadu compared to any other place in India or for that matter in the world. In Tamil Nadu if a person commits a crime, he may be caught and punished by the court but he can walk out of jail because of a facility provided by the government of Tamil Nadu. What is this facility? This facility is called as Anna Birthday Prisoners Release Scheme. Who is Anna and what is this Anna Birthday Prisoners Release Scheme? Anna refers to the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu late C N Annadurai. Anna Birthday Prisoners Release Scheme is a scheme in which many prisoners are set free from the jail every year before Anna’s Birth Day in September in order to facilitate them to celebrate Anna’s Birthday. Here hardcore criminals also enjoy this facility. They can come out of the jail on the pretext of celebrating Anna’s birthday and then start committing the crimes again.

Indian Bank case

Indian  Bank  takes  the least care in posting armed guards to heavy cash branches
Indian Bank takes the least care in posting armed guards to heavy cash branches | Source

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Advantage in Committing a Crime in Tamil Nadu

Many hardcore prisoners are released from jail to enable  them to celebrate Anna's birthday
Many hardcore prisoners are released from jail to enable them to celebrate Anna's birthday | Source

Police Should Directly Post the Armed Guards to Bank Branches

Tamil Nadu Government Is Enthusiastic In Releasing the Prisoners

Till recently, not many people knew about this Anna Birthday Prisoners Release Scheme outside Tamil Nadu. Now all the criminals are very much aware of it and want to take advantage of this scheme. Refer to the link in this article to know about this scheme in detail. That is why criminals from all parts of India are descending on the Tamil Nadu soil to participate in crimes and then get released from jail for celebrating Anna’s birthday. The Tamil Nadu government is very enthusiastic about this scheme and wants to release more prisoners in the coming years under this scheme.

Surendran Was Summarily Asked To Relieve Francis

The second reason for the increase in the bank robbery in recent times is the absence of an armed guard outside or inside the bank premises. Bank executives do not take any care to post armed guard for protection in branches where there is heavy cash transaction. I will quote an incident to illustrate this point. Indian Bank, Poonamallee branch is a branch where heavy cash is handled everyday. An armed guard by name Francis was doing job of providing security to the branch. One fine afternoon, the branch manager Surendran received a phone call from an Assistant General Manager of the Indian Bank Head Office. Surendran was asked to relieve Francis immediately for duty at the Head Office. The executive did not even ask about Surendran’s opinion in the matter. Surendran relieved Francis and that was the last day the branch saw Francis.

Executive Issued a Fatwa to Surendran

Look at the way the executive of Indian Bank handled an armed guard without any common sense. The executive did not take into consideration the security of the branch. He simply issued an order to Surendran like Ayatollah Khomeini issuing a fatwa against Salman Rushdie. If some robbery takes place in Indian Bank Poonamallee branch, this executive should be solely held responsible for it and punished. The same thing happened in Indian Bank Anna Salai when the armed guard Kanagaraj was taken out of the duty suddenly.

Police Should Directly Post the Armed Guards to Bank Branches

In my opinion, the police and the government should insist that an armed guard should be posted in all bank branches where cash transactions above Rs.25 lakhs takes place every day. Bank executives including the CMD should not be allowed to interfere in the posting of the armed guard. Armed guards should be posted in the respective branches directly by the police department. These guards should be from police department or ex-servicemen. Banks should pay their salaries. If this rule is implemented, then there will not be any bank robbery in future.

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