Another Gang Rape in India: A Swiss Tourist

The victim being escourted
The victim being escourted

Once again, India is being rocked internally by another gang rape. It was just in December there was the horrific gang rape of a 23 yr.old student on a bus that occurred as the bus drove around New Delhi. She later died of internal injuries from a pipe used to penetrate her.

Now, the target of another gang rape involving six men was a Swiss woman and her husband camping. The Swiss couple were touring by bicycling and had stopped to camp. The six men approached the 39 yr. old woman. The attackers then robbed them of $185 and tied up the man. Once this occurred, each man raped the woman in front of the husband. They then stole her cell phone and left. Luckily, a passerby came upon them and authorities were called. The Indian police were quick and apprehended the men from a nearby village. The couple were on their way to see the Taj Mahal traveling from Mumbai.

A rape occurs every 20 minutes in India and most are not reported because of fear. The government has just made the penalties for rape much stiffer and longer because of the December brutal rape.

It just never stops.

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