Answer to Are there still morals and values left in America?

Are we drones to the media's will? Quite simply put yes we are. Americans have this delusion that because we have freedom of speech and free press that means our media doesn't use lies, deceit and propaganda. Some how they have interpreted this to mean the media has no influence from government officials. Also when our top news stories are about what sport star is sleeping with who this week, that shows our morals. They report on what sells, sex and fear sale. The box office is proof enough of that. Americans today, have been so infused with technology and the T.V. and it is such an integral part of their lives many start to live vicariously through it, and begin to literally make it a living breathing part of their lives, that tells no lies and shows them how to live and what to wear, say do, eat what have you. As

Tony0724 said, when we left God behind, we left most of our morals with him. Today parents go to jail for punishing their children. How can we have morals when parents and "authority" figures fear the kids. Every direction you look in you are blasted with sex, and we wonder why girls are making groups with promises to all get pregnant together. It is right there in front of Americas face but the media has so called "specialist" that come on and say, its because of this or that, yadda, yadda, and ignore the cold hard facts and truth. If it is known the media is not solely but largely to blame well all their funding goes out the window, and I don't care what any one tries to deny, almost everything people do these days boils down to money. When money is our only god well we worship only one way, by spending more, and that takes us right back to what the media wants us to do.

Just look for an example that new Axe commercial about the balls. Could you get more sexually suggestive with out actually having sex in the commercial. You have commercials on now that children are watching about vacuum powered penis pumps, and come take our birth control look how sexy it makes you, oh yeah and we will just go ahead and get rid of your period for you, who needs nature any more? Right. We have Americans that bow down to and worship every word and action of movie stars, and want to emulate these people every action, even the fantasy in their movies. They see, oh drama and sex, and fights is so cool on T.V. it must be just as cool in my life right?

I don't think you have the right question, it is quite obvious that everything you asked is what we are. I think the question should be, what are we going to do about it?

All God fearing Americans, Jews, Christians, and Muslims need to get our act together and fight this crap. I do not believe in protesting, it usually accomplishes nothing and ends in violence. How ever we know that mass boycotts and other things do get results. The problem is that most people that are religious are just as guilty of this as the rest of America, and some of those that aren't don't care enough to do anything. Those that protest make some noise for a few short hours then will go back home turn on the good old boob tube and go right back to what they were just protesting Against. The only way we can change any of it is for all of us followers of Abraham's God to unite, but as long as the media keeps driving that wedge between us, and Americans since of superiority and lack of motivation will learn nothing for their selves this will never happen, and the relentless fear mongering of the media has paid off, keeping those that a willing to act from uniting and beating us down. We will never win until we can learn to stand together and be this model citizens our respective religions tell us to be.

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SentMe profile image

SentMe 6 years ago from A galaxy far, far away...

Nice response and great Hub! Keep up the good work!

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN Author

Thanks for the comment Sent, it is nice to see there are still a couple people left with a brain that can see past the t.v screen. lol.

JOE BARNETT profile image

JOE BARNETT 6 years ago

here here pintails. well i see there are atleast three of us!if people could just use reason . . . if only! good hub!

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN Author

thanks Joe, it makes me a little more comfortable each time I see another one of us. There are not many my friend. Very glad to meet you.

Youngcurves19 profile image

Youngcurves19 6 years ago from Hawaii

I love this hub absolutely but in the same sense what do you purpose we do because the only thing i could think of is we make our own place to live and return back to what our religion tells us is the right way to live! if you think that even half the god fearing people will give up their daily sins...since their are so many in daily life now days...well your wrong you need to have a real plan! something solid people can look at and yes YES this IS what we need to do! u keep me posted and let me know when you post it!

looking forward to it

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN Author

You are right we do need a plan, but as you said getting enough people at one time to give a crap is the hard part. either they have already tried and are tired of it, or they will not take any real action. Don't get me wrong protesting is a good avenue if you can control it, but too often they end in violence even when they are protesting something non violent. Something about large crowds make people act like monkeys and cave men.

What can we do? We need another Martin Luther King or Jane Addams in this age. Some one with the power to snap people back into reality and get $#!t done. I really wish there was a way to get people to stand together for a change in hopes of achieving a common goal. This would be wonderful.

You know if we could get a chain of people to create just one random act of kindness in a single day you would accomplish more than we could begin to imagine. I am proud to say that I am one of those people that will still stop and help and old lady change a tire, or take a couple to the gas station and back, and if it makes me late that is my problem. The vast majority of people drive by and don't look twice. They either don't care or they are afraid, who do you think the majority is, those that don't care would be my guess. Maybe that is cynical, but just go out in public today and say hi to everyone you see and watch how many actually respond to you, most look at you like you are some kind of nut. I wish I had a plan, mostly I just want to slap people, LOL. Thanks for the post, and your thoughts.

Youngcurves19 profile image

Youngcurves19 6 years ago from Hawaii

People respond to kindness! Most people dont believe me when i say this but people are good somewhere deep inside! everyone and if more people were just genuinely kind without expecting kindness in return then the mojority would change into half and half would change into a few! The problem with everyone now days is the want results FAST NOW! they want things to change RIGHT THIS MIN! well life does not work like that! it starts with you and me just like it started with people like Jane Addams fighting for Women's right to vote and eventually in 1920 women were given that right! Jane Addams was 60 years old by then! things take time and REAL effort. Maybe you could talk to your pastor about a plan within your church and community to start! If its a good solid plan other churches will follow if you show them the way.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Youth look around and see the phoniness of our leaders. There is too much confusion surrounding their lives. They see the greed. They see the favoritism. They see the clans. They see the exclusion. Most of what they see is worldly clutter. They are confused and our leaders right on down are the source of this confusion. We can say "Satan". But our leaders do not hold God's word to their hearts. It is not done. Thank you BrotherMan!!!

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN Author

Hey Micky, I was hoping to get your opinion on this topic. Any you are absolutely right. The things youth learn in school and sports programs just condition them for this type of behavior and they are raised to not see it as wrong. They even teach 6 year old girls to prepare to be sluts and slaves. Maybe this story below is not the most extreme example but listen to the words they are drilling into their minds and what they actually mean.

Maybe these parents just want their 15mins of fame, but I got to say a 6 year old girl doesn't need to be saying these cheers to get 6 year old boys motivated. and you don't and can't in any way justify a 6 year old girl shaking her butt. for a crowd and football players her same age.

BobbiRant profile image

BobbiRant 6 years ago from New York

Great hub. Americans need to stop suffering from apathy, but the sellers of goods and the media hoping to distract people from real issues are doing a good job of that.

pintails7886 profile image

pintails7886 6 years ago from Memphis TN Author

No doubt Bobbi, as long as american's stay focused on the crap spoon fed to them by the media the government can make all the moves they like against our rights and no one complains because they truly believe there are evil monsters hiding around every corner. These so called truth seekers on right wing radio who claim to unveil the lies are just as guilty they spoon feed the Americans who dont listen to actors and the MSM the same exact lies. its an endless circle and those of us who do use our brain are the ones that suffer and pay the price for the stupidity of others. It really is a scary prospect, but what American's should be fearing is out on the open where no one can see because they are too busy poking in the shadows for monsters that do not exist and the shadows them selves are cast by those claiming to protect us. Keep your mind free of the lies my friends.

Thanks for the Comment Bobbi and sorry for my rant ;) pun intended.

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