Apartheid had ended, but reverse apartheid should also end

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Apartheid had ended, but reverse apartheid should also end

Apartheid had ended, but reverse apartheid should also end
Apartheid had ended, but reverse apartheid should also end | Source

Apartheid had ended, but reverse apartheid should also end

South Africa is the biggest economy in African continent

South Africa is wooing Indian investments in pharmaceutical and mining sectors. For projects above 2 million rand, South Africa is offering new tax allowances. South Africa is African continent’s biggest economy. Recently Elizabeth Thabethe, Deputy Minister, Trade & Industry visited India. Gold and coal make 70% of South Africa’s exports to India. But there are problems also in India investing in South Africa For example, Noetel Telecom consortium in South Africa led by the Tata group faced opposition from the workers’ unions for its retrenchment programme. But at the same time, when workers are being retrenched, it is natural for the trade unions to take up cudgels and fight it out tooth and nail. For this the Tatas cannot find fault.

Mandela earned respect for his love for all races

Interest rates are ruling high in India, but in South Africa they are at a thirty year low. South Africa has sought India’s investment in the manufacturing sector. South Africa attaches a special importance to India as India had consistently opposed the apartheid (racism) that existed in South Africa till Nelson Mandela ended it. Nelson Mandela is respected by everyone in India because of his positive attitude. Even though Mandela was jailed by the white regime of South Africa, after his release he never showed any bitterness towards them and worked for a true national reconciliation. This adorned respect for him worldwide. Whereas Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe showed his venom against the white people, Mandela worked to include all races for national progress.

Racism still exists in South Africa?

Now racism is rearing its ugly head again in South Africa. A former Cape Town Mayor has sparked anger after using a derogatory term online in Twitter. The model and singer Lindiwe Suttle twitted that racism still existed in Cape Town. Whatever may be one’s financial status, one was looked down by the society if one is black, says Suttle in her Tweet. For this, Ms Zille, a former Mayor of Cape Town disputed in her Tweet. Their conversation in Tweeter went on and others also joined by chipping in with their comments about racism in Cape Town.

Mahatma Gandhi was insulted by white people in South Africa

One cannot say with certainty whether racism still exists in South Africa. When Mahatma Gandhi landed in South Africa in the nineteenth century, he was thrown out of a first class railway compartment by a white man with his entire luggage. This prompted Gandhi to start his freedom movement against the white people. Later on Gandhi extended this concept in India also and became a success. Had there been no such incident, it is doubtful whether the world and India would have received a gem of a leader like Gandhi.

Black people do not like cricket in South Africa

In the recent Cricket World Cup in 2011 February-March held in India, South Africa sent its squad to participate. If my memory is correct, only one black player was there and the rest of the team consisted of white people. But going by this, one cannot say that racism exists in South Africa. It may be that black people have not taken a keen interest in the game of cricket. One should remember that cricket is basically a game of white men in South Africa in the past and present. But in the World Cup Football tournament held in 2010 in South Africa itself, the national side contained almost black players.

Reverse apartheid is also condemnable

Many leaders have fought to end apartheid in South Africa. Some of them include South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu, ANC secretary-general Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and many others. Apartheid meant discriminating black by the white people. Even though Indians like Gandhi were not black, they were also clubbed under the category of blacks by the white people in South Africa. Apartheid received worldwide condemnation and has now officially ended. But society might not have got rid of it fully in its dealings. This will take time, maybe a hundred years or so. Reverse apartheid is also a discrimination and bad. What is reverse apartheid? Discriminating white people and denying them justice just for their skin colour is called reverse apartheid. Where does it exist? I can quote two examples among others. In Zimbabwe, white people are regularly attacked and their properties confiscated by Robert Mugabe’s government. This is an injustice and the world should end it. Secondly, Iran attacked and captured all the American Embassy staff as hostages in 1979 under the instructions of its Supreme Religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. But Iranian government immediately released all the black employees under ‘humanitarian considerations’. Does it mean that a white man does not deserve humanitarian treatment? Nobody raised this topic then, because it was not fashionable and worse still, most condemnable to speak in favour of a white man at that time and maybe even now.

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