Are Hispanics White?

What is a Hispanic? a Latino? a Chicano? Are they considered a "race"? Even those of that ancestry are confused or not sure. Not all Hispanic descent people have darker skin than white or anglo or Caucasian. Many from South America look European and in the USA, the same is true. In some counties of California based on US Census of 2010, 61% said they were "white".

But, in the US Census, many Hispanics were quite shocked to find out that Hispanic is not a race. Those with Hispanic descent were not considered a race, like, White, Black, American Indian, Korean and 10 others. Because of how the Census form was made, Hispanics, when asked what race they were had no better choice than to pick "white", whether true or not. Of course, many Hispanics do have White ancestry and may even look "White" yet have a Spanish last name. In school, these Latinos are often teased by those with brown skin because they are not "real" Hispanics.

Even with the Hispanic world, there are variations, such as, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Latin American, South American, Spaniards, Mexican and so on. Each group speaks a slightly different dialect of Spanish and each has its own prejudices against the other. Certain groups tend to have lighter skin because of more interracial marriages with European or Americans. Some Hispanics call themselves "Mestizo", a mix of Spain and Mexico.

For some, the answer is that they are not White, for others, they are.

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Superkev 4 years ago

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perrya 4 years ago Author

Great example, is he white or hispanic? but he is innocent.

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