Are We Happier Than Our Forefathers?

the world of our forefathers- life in modern age- a balance should be maintained

Life today is governed by the offshoots of science. We have many new comforts of life that our forefathers did not possess. Should we jump to the conclusion that we are really happier than our forefathers were? It is a very puzzling question. Let us first see what kind of life they led.

The world of our forefathers was different from that of today. They lived in villages. Scientific inventions were not made. There were no planes, no cars, movie, radio etc. Televisions and telephones were not invented. There was no electricity so they were deprived of all those comforts which we enjoy with the help of electricity. They moved in the jolting, slow-moving carts and carriages. The life was so simple. They were engaged in tilling the soil for a living. They got there daily needs easily. They had a plenty of everything. There were many cool and sheltered spots for innocent pleasures. They took active part in all sorts of simple and innocent games. Contentment and happiness prevailed there.

In our modern age, life is full of comforts and luxuries. We wonder how our forefathers lived without them. These are the blessings of science. We can travel in railways, ships, motor cars and airplanes. The old days of trouble and difficulties have come to an end. In every walk of life we have began to use electricity. Medical science has done great service to man. Even the most serious diseases are cured very easily. When we are tired by the day’s hard work, radio and television provide us nice recreation. We have comfortable homes, fine schools, hospitals and many other amenities of life.    

We still feel doubtful if we are really happier than our forefathers. Material civilization has, no doubt, made a wonderful stride but the moral development of man or moral values has been totally neglected. IT has nothing to do with happiness, goodness, beauty, courage, adventure, justice, friendship, love of family, love of country etc. All these values are necessary for happy life. Scientific development has out-stripped our spiritual or moral progress. I am of the opinion that a balance should be maintained. The existing condition without a balance will make our lives miserable with a horrible future.

We lives in an age where men admire riches more than spiritual power and long for luxury of the body than the peace of mind. This age is of materialism will never be happy till men pay more attention to the old values taught by our forefathers, True happiness is a state of the mind, can better be attained in the cottage than in the king’s palace.

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commisioner 7 years ago from florida

i agree with the balance needed between modern conveniences and moral fiber. the computer is a wonderful thing but so full of smut and danger it could bring a lot of unhappiness to any family. electricity is so convenient and reliable we have become addicted to it. could we survive without it. i could as well as my children and grand kids. i trained them and they trained the next generation. how many of us could live off the land.

the other thing is family has gone away with all these creature comforts. that erodes the family unit and eventually breaks down the fiber of the nation.

the last thing is fear of punishment. kids no longer fear it, and parents fear prosecution for punishing kids for wrong doing. again our modern lives have changed for the worse while making us so comfortable it doesn't seem bad at all.

voda 6 years ago

i think we are actullay happy

arsh 6 years ago

are forefathers were much more happier than us



REENU VERMA  6 years ago


amrit  6 years ago

our forfathers lived a happy life than we are living this is because of there love with nature but we give no care to our nature we take it as a medium that fullfill our needs.

Asif Ihsan 6 years ago

Balance should be maintained in a life.No doubt our forefathers were happy from inside ,bt while doing work they were facing much prbolems in completing it.Like if we think of long journey,it was taking long time to reach the destination ,and secondly it was fear of robbers ,and dacoits on the way.But now scientific inventions has made the distances short,like displacement.Now the journey through aeroplanes has made the countries of the world like a cities of the country,and saves your much more precious time.same like other Inventions of the science and IT.

chaman  6 years ago

First of all i want to introduce myself.I am Muslim maybe other one has divergent opinion than me.In my point of view we have lose our moral values.we are destroying our climate.we do not respect others.this is big loss.we have loosed.please think then write where we are going.

kutkut 6 years ago

we r much happier thn our forefathers

if we wre nt thn y we dnt go to a village n live our remaining life

no doubt we r happier in dse conventions prioriries changes

sakshi 5 years ago

it is all such a stupid answers

Ubah christina 5 years ago

A balance shoud be maintained as our fore fathers no les sins we know high, as they say they don't realy have to go hell fire for their sins we have to cause we know wot nd wen we do dem

Niket chauhan 5 years ago

I think that our forefathers are more happier than us because at that time respect and equality is found but today it is gone.

pooja 5 years ago

i think our forefathers were more happier than us.because though they did not live a luxurious life but were free from a hectic life.

Sobowale akeem from adenrele high school ifo ogunstate. 5 years ago

Why should people say that we are happier than our forefathers,i think that we are not happier than our forefathers bcs in the olding days our forefathers repect them self and we are not but i had that our forefathers only communicate and send their massage by using post office and they used train for their transportation and cure their helth by them self e.g using of leave diseases,bacteria and they use spiritual if we use spiritual as our forefathers use our nature and country will be going high?i hope that we are happier than our forefathers,thax,you can contant me with email

Lakshmi 5 years ago

I think our forefathers lived happier than us.

meeeeeeeeeeeee 5 years ago

i think our like is more happier than that of our forefathers? tell reason later on .................... busy right now

messi 5 years ago

yes i really agree with that

amrita sinha chandi 5 years ago

i think we are happier than our forefather becausein old days many luxury were not available as for example tv,computer etc.then how can enjoy our life. living villages and taking without testeful,i think that now a days we can living happier life.

Gr 5 years ago

Our forefathers are happier than us,.....

Gnaneswar 5 years ago

the article is very useful,. But neef to contain some more informations. My conclusion is we are not happier than our forefathers 5 years ago

our fore fathers are happier than our than we bcs they have many enouf to scure

odimegwu obinna Adenrele high school ifo Ogun state Nigeria 5 years ago

our fore father's are happier than we are

why do i say that they were happier than than we are?firstly and like i've said before, they make use of what was provided for them by nature.they ate friuts and pure vegetable which goes directly into their blood system unprocessed with chemical and preservities.this kept their heart and body system working properly,now aday's some people wonder why our doctor's today force us to eat fresh fruit and vegetables things that were gotten by our forefathers with struggle.


let take a look at some social vices we have today things like armed robbery.guns rocek and other .these things are a result of the so called technology which have really causedt more harm than good.our forefathers did not have to line fear of what they did not know about you can contact me on or

Aniket dwivedi saint john coed. 5 years ago

Our life is better samjhe be

arshad 5 years ago

i thing our forefathers were happier than us becz they wew the lovers of ALLAH .they were the best of their time they are a lagent for us .i wish to born on that time becz we are loseing our manners ,our self respect ,our self esteem....

nevetha 5 years ago

i think forefather is better than us

sreeja reddy 5 years ago

i think our forefathers are happier dan us

hasvt 5 years ago

ya our forefathers leaded a better life than us........i agree!!!!!!!!

soumya .D APM 5 years ago

yes,Our forefather led a great and happy life than ours

Kristen. 5 years ago

As seeing from the sight of moral values our forefathers lived better and seeing from the sight of comfort we are happy.It's just our sight that makes difference

amanda 5 years ago

we are happier than our forefathers bcos of the eradication of bad socio cultural practices in our mordern age huraaaaaaaaaaaaay

Engr kike 5 years ago

Our forefather are more happier than we do in the sense that they make use of wat we people call superstition to go against d olden days our forefather do left their goods besides d road and the person dat wish 2 buy will pack it and keep d money. But now even if u lock ur door u wll stil sacred.

saeed 5 years ago

no v r not happier thn our forefathers......

aditi 4 years ago

we are more comfortable than our partents and forefathers.

yusra 4 years ago

well...however i seriously agree to the fact that we r MUCH MUCH MORE HAPPIER THAN OUR forefathers....

RISHABH 4 years ago


RISHABH 4 years ago


RISHABH 4 years ago



RISHABH 4 years ago


nazeem bareilly india 4 years ago

i don't that knw that our forefather were happy or not ?

bt m happyy

huxy aly 4 years ago

yaaa i agreeeeeeeeeeee we live very peacefull life as compare to our ancestors.......................

shaan 4 years ago

we are not happier than our forefathers becoz our life is highly engaged with worldly possessions.

Wakif 4 years ago

I think we enjoy better liye than our forfathers.Becz we r advanced nd our technology is developing day by day.

shailesh 4 years ago

I think we cn't compare olden days nd modrn day. Evrything changd wid time.

oboy twene from cv. 4 years ago

okay friends lets look at it this way, i think ''happiness is having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment" and these so-called forefathers never complained of lack the things we worship today neither did they have knowledge of them. Life is about contentment period. Who knows what will be available as a new way of communication in the next 200 years? This is is not an issue we should waste time on because every morning carries its own smiles and cries, there making all equal and balanced. "Action and reaction are equal and opposite" (

jessica 4 years ago

well i think so we are living a happier life than our forefathers because we have so much new technology,and i also think so our forefathers lived a happier life becoz there life was so simple.

fidak 4 years ago

yes i agree with the piont that happenes is the state of mind even we live in cortage or in a kings place

Okenna Ezike 4 years ago

I thnk our fore father are happier than we are.during their own time,they save money in a dug ground and saved money without fear,but now,we are always upset by bank may be due to network problem or otherwise

Gloria Ojakovo 4 years ago

We are much more better dan our forefathers because now technology has taken over everything dat will assist us 2 transmit information,and we discover new things every day.

My name is Oluwanifemi fowosele. 4 years ago

We are happier than our 4father in d sense dat we are living in a world of civilazation.4instance,u can b in Nigeria n communicate wit some1 in London, south-african n so on thru d help of ICT,IN4MATION N COMMUNICATION our 4father didn't av such opportunity.

anil kumar 4 years ago

Today what all counts is money and only money.

Our fore fathers had human values and happy life.Today most of the young sters lack

Splendour 4 years ago

Bringing up children in d fear God was practicaly attainable during d days of 4fathers compared 2 wats happening 2day where parents get punished 4 trying 2 scold their children 4 wat they do. So morality was valued then than now

afeez 4 years ago


tahir abbas 4 years ago


bilal 4 years ago

the world is moving toward more development since it beginig .now we have a lot of faculties as airoplane medical science steamship these things are availble here which we have need.the main point is that there wasn't education and able teacher .one queotain is that .get knowledle from birth to grave you can understand from this queation it is very clear we are better than our fore father and the people of that era they could neither read nor write.i think we are better than our fore father.


i think we are better than our fore father because in this era has many faculties and many thing but we don't use these thing in right way .i think that we have many thing for solve to dificltis that era they don't had any faculties they now a days the scientist is forwording day by day .by the pasage of time the scintist wants to reach at moon. even than people are saying that they were better than us why they were better than me any any one thing in they were better than new generation .in this era we have these we have computer and transport science and hopital as doctor and also teacher .teacher is very able here .as like SIR TAHIR ABRO and as SIR AFTAB ALI SHAH .they don't had teacher doctor hospital and transport and electricity .we have all these thing. I THINK THAT WE SHOULD THANKFUL OF ALLAH .ALLAH GAVE US THESE THING I want to finish my topic on this QUETATION. FORTUNE IS FAVOUR OF BRAVE.

BHURGRI {BILAL ALI} 4 years ago

the world is moving toward more development since its start .in modern era life is full of comforts and luxries and now we have a lot of faculty which we need wich we want every thing is avilble here i wonder how could they survive life without these things as railway transport education mobile and computer .the first is that on mobile we can talk in our contry to forigen country .and computer is main thing that now a days mostaly people are using i think we cant do some thing without computer becz now every work is done by computer .in that era most people could neither read nor wrie .that main point is that education is necessory for every person.have you listned this sayings.get knowledge from cradle to means education is keep response on this world but our fore father dint know that what is response of education on this world.and education is third eye of a person. And now we have hospital and doctor and that era they had not doctor and hospital.and doctor i7 availble in city or in village .and our fore father survived simple life .and they were happy with that era and last point is that in everyday technology discover the new things and we live in king era and we are comfortable as compare to our fore father .i think we are betther.

saka nurudeen 4 years ago

if we think very well we will discover that without going back to the life of our forefathers things can not get better. we will continue to encounter violence and slavery especially in Nigeria.


We are happier than our 4father the world is now global world,we enjoy our natural resoures through d help of science and technology.

Nora 4 years ago

How cn we really tink dat we r happier than our forefathers wen d morality and equality dat governs in d olden days r gone?..our 4fathers r more happier than us in many areas both in health,morals,nature and simple life change..yaaaaaaaaaaaa

tina 4 years ago

they were much more happier than us they lied a better life and enjoy it nice then us

dil 4 years ago

i think fore fathers are more happier than us because today no one respects others as all have said that our forefathers were happy iam aggried with their answers. i am also same answers as all have said only yes peoples

dil 4 years ago

i think fore fathers are more happier than us because today no one respects others as all have said that our forefathers were happy iam aggried with their answers. i am also same answers as all have said only yes peoples

they enjoyed a good life than us

ss 2 4 years ago

i think forefather were more happier becz that time pollution was not in anyplaces bt now a days pollution is everywhere by which people suffer many decices.

sabin gurung 4 years ago

thank for imformation

AMBER FATMA 4 years ago


jags 4 years ago

we are much more happy bcoz they believed in gender discirimination which is resulting in India lacking ineconomical growth n facing problems of excess population

Nadeem Ahmed Mayo Rajpoot 4 years ago

I think both have sometime good opportunities and bad opportunities. Our forefathers have strong belief on moral values than us.They live simple life in villages without pollution. They eat pure foods that's why their ages too long than us. But on the other hand we have been lost our moral values .We are spending our life in pollution .our food is full of poison.But we also have good opportunities in a sense that we are living good life because we have comforts like transport, machinery,cars ,comfort houses, Ac's, in our houses.

Fawaz 4 years ago

saw bat ki ek baat,

We are much happier than our Forefathers.

RONALDO 4 years ago

***OLD IS GOLD ***

mukesh 3 years ago

oh my god

PrinCe Mehdi 3 years ago

Our forefathers ,, Are YOu jokinG...!! if they were happier then us Why don't u change your outfits as they used to wear ,why don't u live that life as they used to, why don't you just waste your time using donkey for the transportation,why don't you use the hand fan instead of using A.c,Why don't You just spend your life in those houses in which the value of the word "facility" was unknown ,you won't b/c you know we are happier than our forefathers...!! any answer LoLs....!! :P

honey 3 years ago

OLD IS GOLD i except our forefather were happier than us...

riddhi 3 years ago


Abdul Nabi 3 years ago

Thank you very much u help in my speech and i take 2nd position thanks

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Rajni khurmi 3 years ago

No, I Totally oppose the statement that We R More Happy Than Our ForFather maybe they were not Live Comfort or Luxury life but they live a healthy or valuable life....they really knew the mean of life that What is Life? But Today's man forget the Mean Of Life. .Becausee He is Running For Collect More &More money after it he doesn't satisfied but our forfathers lived stress free life they hadn't any hesitation but today we have lot with our work today's man don't know the value of relations really in our blockbuster movies "A one Man Asked To second Man That what U Have? Because I Have a Car, a banglow,a luxury Flat, much money! What U Have? Than The second Man Replied That He Has His MOTHER..this is the difference between our forfathers generation and now in our generations....if science help us in eveeywhere than there is also some harmful effects gives us For Ex: Bhopal Tregedy! and Internet Is? Good But It Also Finish The Imagination Of students they don't try to do their work byself they can take every information on the internet the result was There is No Other William Shakepeare, no other Kabir Das,no Other Premchand,No other Bulleshah etc. and also one thing our forfathers lived happy life because in their time if no luxury things were available so they was not crazy to take that alll luxury things but today we live a stressful, hesitated or restless life which is fulll of tiredness but they were sleep stress free night and gave respect to their elders, principals of life sooo in last i want to say our forefathers were more happy than us......

Parwin 3 years ago

i think v r happier thn our 4 fathers we really enjoy our life every thng is available now a days

if v r not happier thn our 4 father thn y not v r going to live in village ?

amulya 3 years ago

v r really very happy thn our frfathrs . If u say no thn plzz stop using intrnt... :-)

Amulya 3 years ago

Theirs was healthy life our is awesome life.. if u wanna argue thn see.. if v r nt njoyng hw cme v r using this web page?? hw cme v hv intrnt by which v r ritng comments.. v r living a gud life.. nw agree om it..

Amulya 3 years ago

Actually ive a debat.. ive takn up fr the motion... its true v r luky ones.. if v r nt y don v jst stop using all the morden facilities.. today it,everythin.. evn ur cup of coffe begins frm a machine.. life hv bcme mre easier compard to our frfathers.. thy wastd their mst of time travelling on donkeys :-) ...

pavitra 2 years ago

v r rely lucky than our forefathers lah dude......!

nisha 2 years ago

in real our forefathers were lucky than us

hrithik 2 years ago

it's true that we are lucky ones.

jenija 2 years ago

our forefathers are luckier than us

sonu 2 years ago

our forefathers are luckier than us

shifa 2 years ago

I completely agree that we are not happy than our forefathers and this is all because of the materialism prevailing today. The mirage of luxury taday is so strong and effective that we have completely forgotten the contented and joyful life our forefathers lived without any issues. They exactly knew how to value our life force i.e nature and we are simply wasting the natural resources and that is why we are deprived of the content and happiness that are forefathers lived with.

shruti 2 years ago


prathmesh beckham 2 years ago

everybody has der way to lead der life.....we cant judge any1 until we step into der shoes

khushi 2 years ago

its better but to long

juhi 24 months ago

I think happiness is a relative term and its definition changes from person to person.n it is on ur definition of happiness,i.e if u choose materialistic things over spiritual values that lies the answer whether we are happier than our forefathers or not.

Tanya harchani 22 months ago

I think our ancestors are more happier than ours because our ancestors moved in the jolting, slow moving carts and carriages. The life was so simple. They took active part in all sorts of simple and innocent games. Contenment and happiness prevailed here but in our modern age life is full of comforts and luxuries so that's why i think our ancestors are more happier than us.

sumant 17 months ago

What is my question you give another answer .this not good

israel stephanie..isolo senior secondary school..lagos state 17 months ago

I think we are much happier than our forefathers.... because they are a lot of things we can do now without stress..and also less time

sitanshu 15 months ago

{we are happest]

nanda 13 months ago


Kinshu Kumar 13 months ago

Believe me guys, We are more happier then our forefathers because they had done lot of for us that's why we are enjoying luxuries life!

Yusuf Auna 12 months ago

Our forefathers are more happier than us...

Yusuf Auna 12 months ago

Our forefathers are more happier than us...

Yahaya 11 months ago

in my own under standing we are more and more better than our forefathers because they are lacking so many things in this life e.g. like car, television, radio.before they communicate is not easy so u have to think about it.

Hassan sas 11 months ago

yes opcus,we much better than our forefathers,why is that,if we look d stadalization of devotion today it is nt as that era,communication process like telephone,radio,television etc all are d ways of sending msg to your distant family.I am Muslim nd l live @ Nano Nigeria.

ranjeet gupta 11 months ago

we are more happier than our forefather

nyaki 11 months ago

guys we are happier than forefathers. try to picture the scene; sick and tired looking men and women walking or riding on horses's backs when moving long distances and here we are, with planes,cars, motorcycles please give this topic a second thought when you imagine bare-bodied children trotting on rough, dry paths which snakes are likely to live in just to fetch a pot of sometimes dirty stream water when you can walk up to your water dispenser to get a glass of cold or warm treated water. please appreciate technology.

no 8 months ago

We are not as good as our forefathers bcz we do bad things like stealing greediness a lfishness etc they live in group and shared their food

Chandrajeet 7 months ago

Ya I feel our ancestors are really happier

harmeet 3 months ago

It is true that we have more facilities than our forefathers but nobody can deny this true that our society is more polluted than theirs

piya 3 months ago


ram 2 months ago

in my view,our forefather face many difficulties but they were happy mentally. In now a days,we know that scientific inventions made our life so easy but we have mental stress that make us unhappy

ŤÅŸŁÔŔ 6 weeks ago

Amazing you make me feel better

Thanks alot buddies

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