Are You Kidding Me or What

      I don't know about you, but when I heard that, Bank of America one of the banks that received a bailout fund from the government spent $10 million on a carnival outside the superbowl stadium. I felt like pulling out my hair and screaming out the top of my lungs,"Nooooo."

      Also, how about the CEO of Bank of America paying $50,000 for a rug, while redecorating his office. Doesn't this make you angry that our tax money is being used to fund carnivals and redecorating a office. I can't believe that the funds are not being used to give loans to be people who have ARM mortgages and have been on a waiting list. These same people are being pushed out of their homes or forclosed on because they are behind in their mortgage payments.

      I can't believe that Congress won't force these CEO's of these banks or Wall Street to give back the money given to them from our government. I don't think that our tax money was suppose to be used to aide in buying out sports team like the New York Mets or the Yankee Stadium. I thought the money was supposed to be used to help these banks give out loans and keep the cash flow to local businesses, but I have not seen any of this being done.

      If you read the article on the bill that, Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri is trying to push through, that states that each of the banks, and Wall Street who received a bailout fund from the government, should pay back to the tax payors, $400,000 every year . We should get Obama, Biden, and Congress to support this bill.

      Our tax money is being spent for the wrong reasons and now it's time to pay that money back. As citizens we pay back what we owe on loans or credit cards, and the amount of interest added onto the balance. I think this should also apply to the banks and Wall Street.

      So, as a final thought and trying to fight back the nausea I feel right now. We should also get the attention of our own state senators on this by calling or emailing our concern on the waste being spent from the tax payors. I thought that the $700 billion bailout fund was to help increase the cash flow to customers and small business owners and not the greed on Wall Street. I don't understand how Obama, Biden, and Congress can pass another $900 billion stimulus package throught. When this is also happening right here. I want this country to pick itself up, continue forward, and not journey back to where we came from.

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christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 7 years ago from colorado springs

These morons just don't get it. You can't be in the negative and give yourself bonuses and expensive trips and parties. Imagine if I owned an expensive car (like a Bently) and asked my friends and family for a loan and then take that money to Vegas and gamble it all away and party with it. My advice to those idiots; SELL THE BENTLY! Use that money to get your businesses out of the red. How come us tax payers weren't given the right to say no to this madness?

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