Are the amount of vaciations or adjournments Congress takes warranted?

Here we go again Congress is getting ready to adjourn for another vacation. I do not have a problem with our elected leaders having some time off from time to time but I do have a problem with the amount of what is considered to be vacation time exercised by Congress. It is understood the responsibilities of their positions are stressful but we have elected them to work for us not take vacations in the quantity being reported.

In the beginning of our country being an elected official in Congress was never meant to be a continual thing as it is today and granted the environment now in place does not compare to the early times of our country. Taking breaks for political activities such as conventions to nominate a candidate for President can be understood but other vacations cannot.

There are many problems which need to be resolved across the board not the least of which are our budget deficit, national security, our tax structure and immigration involving border security. The main point to be understood by the content of this article is the fact that if Congress seems to continually is on vacation they are not taking time to pass legislation to address the public’s business. It is understood that there needs to be some communication between elected officials and those they represent, sometimes in a face to face encounter. Individuals from all parties need to understand they work for us and we expect them to work not take vacations.

The present approval rating of Congress is at a low point and part of the reason may have something to do with the amount of time they spend away from Washington. Congressional activity seems to get more prioritized when vacation or adjournment time is approaching to pass legislation which the public feels needs to take place. Legislative activity should not be put in such a place for one important reason and that is the pressure to step up the process on any legislation opens the door for something to get missed in the process. Rushing legislation through should never be a part of congressional activity. Time needs to be taken to understand each piece of legislation being presented for a vote before deciding to vote for it or against it.

Another thing also takes place just before vacation time or adjournment whichever term is utilized is that other important legislation gets pushed back until they return. The information in this article is not meant to be a slam against all of our elected officials in Congress as some work hard to serve the individuals who elected them even when they are in a vacation or adjournment time period. The problem amounts to Congress not performing their responsibilities contained in the Constitution if they are on vacation.

In summary the main point of this article is that we elect individuals to be in Washington serving the interest of the country and those who elected them. The quantity of adjournments/vacations needs to be reduced to a level which allows Congress to get the job done. Granted there may be exceptions but in general the quantity should not be at the level currently in place.

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retief2000 2 years ago

I would feel safer if all 535 of them plus the President would cash their pay checks from their home states and never do a single day of work.

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Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago Author

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