Are the latecomer Obama supporters really sheep?

Dear Texas and Ohio - Save Us!!!

Social behavior norms show that we often imitate others' actions when making choices with limited information about what's best. What is at stake in this situation is that imitators' uninformative choices are trumped by real data. The real data is actually very little data. Data that does not provide much of a record at all for Barack Obama's 'community activism'. Obama's 'community' Hyde Park, is actually one of the most affluent districts in Chicago, set among mansions on beautifully manicured lawns.

There are many resources to obtain information about Obama's record or lack-thereof than this article has sufficient time to provide. What this article seeks to do is raise questions. It seeks to raise questions quick and raise a sign to STOP!, take a breathe for the voters of Texas and Ohio. The voters there have the time to stop and think before they make the same mistakes as the masses in other states. They have time to ponder whether this 'Obamamania' truly makes sense or if it has just taken on a life of its own.

There was a late twenty-something LA Times contributor (and Obama supporter) on the news the other day admitting that it has become a bit of a cult and Obama could never fulfill such high expectations. What was most disturbing though was that he said "if you had to choose a cult to be part of though, this one sure is fun.". Is this what the most important US election in many of our lives is about? Fun? TEXAS and OHIO - is this the kind of bandwagon you want to jump aboard?

Too many people just like that man-boy are becoming sheep. They are feeding right into the hands of the SHEEPHERDERS behind this wagon ride. A large percentage of usually apathetic voters are supporting Obama simply because they think it is fun to be a part of this giant club. Many of them admitting there is no way Obama can deliver what he promises speech after speech! Are these the people who should be making such serious decisions on behalf of the entire country?

Of course, there are supporters who truly believe in Obama more so than the young, white male looking for something 'fun' to do. OPRAH WINFREY made her first political endorsement of her career; most likely in the years to come, it will also be recognized as the biggest mistake of her illustrious and epic career. Nevermind that Oprah enthusiastically embraced a male, 50% white, 50% African-American candidate, who sells himself on the coattails of Hillary Clinton's similar policies. She disregarded the legacy of all of her past messages which inspired millions.

Oprah, a role-model for women spanning the entire globe, chose him over the 1st American female presidential candidate, when she could have done the right thing and not chosen to endorse any candidate at all. Her choice was a slap in the face to all of the women who live as second and third-class citizens around the world. Winfrey's choice was such an irresponsible misstep and so hypocritical to the entire foundation of her career that the fallout may eventually become something her career will never quite recover from. Her legacy is forever damaged and she will no longer be the hero she once was to so many young girls and women.

All of this to endorse a black man who has no record of doing anything even remotely substantial for the black communities of Illinois and no real connection to the black community at large? And she chose to say this not about race or gender. But how can it not be when Obama, himself, continually enforces the notion that he and Hillary are actually very similar? If they are so similar, does one think Oprah still would have endorsed Obama if he were 100% white?

Voters need to get their heads out of the grass and start thinking for themselves. Start asking questions; the right questions are a good place to start. Many of you will be surprised and disapointed at many of the answers.

Hopefully, Texas and Ohio have the intelligence and insight to rise above the herds of sheep circling them at the moment. Please pass this message along to help them save us!

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Alex 8 years ago

Ponderize - I couldn't have said it any better myself. People are becoming pawns of their own destiny these days! I've forwarded to all of my friends in family in various parts of Texas. Just wish I knew a few folks in Ohio too!

jormins profile image

jormins 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

Have you ever been to Hyde Park or the south side of Chicago? 55th street is a suburb??? Not quite, try the south side of Chicago which is not a place anyone in their right mind would want to go in and help unless they really wanted to make a difference. Its ironic you say Obama voters are basically uninformed sheep, however the polls show the uneducated and uninformed vote for Hillary (or Bill in many cases), the college educated and informed vote for Obama although now he has been chipping away heavily at her base so that't not entirely true as it was before.

But basically the difference is the majority of Clinton voters for instance don't watch the debates, whereas the majority of Obama voters do. As this hub proves most of Hillary supporters do not know all the information and assume what they don't know.

Ponderize profile image

Ponderize 8 years ago from California Author

Jormins, you are right and I corrected the mistake of writing 'suburb' when I meant to write 'district. But I have to ask you - where are you getting such generalizations about 'the majority of Clinton voters don't watch the debates'? That is absolute nonsense that you must have heard from some source that has no proof of a valid source.

And unfortunately, you and many others are HIGHLY mistaken on the 'educated' vote. FYI, just because someone has a college degree from University of Bumblefarm doesn't make them 'educated'. Come on, we all know college graduates who are less than educated! The FACT is that the states that already voted for Hillary are the states with the highest concentration of educated professionals in the country. The cream of the crop in medicine, science, law, etc flock to reside in states like Mass., NY, NJ, and California because they offer the best hospitals, universities, and resources in the world. These places have the highest concentration of top-notch educated professionals in the world and they voted for Hillary. So all of this 'educated, voters all voting for Obama' is just utter nonsense. Nonsense. The truly educated know better.

jormins profile image

jormins 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

The polls I have seen put it at 60 to 40, meaning 60% of Obama voters do watch the debates, only 40% of Clinton voters, I believe it was CNN but not 100% on that.

I am not a college graduate and I know a college degree doesn't always mean a more intelligent person, however in this case numerous polls have clearly shown the more educated and wealthier democrats vote for Obama.

Your article makes it sound like Obama is out in Naperville sipping tea. He was a community organizer in some of the worst neighborhoods I'd say in America. I used to deliver car parts to that area, it was ridiculous. Yes maybe his home is in a nicer area now, but that doesn't mean he has done nothing for the community. The Clinton's are millionaires but that doesn't mean they haven't done good in the past and have betrayed Arkansas.

I think you need to study some exit polls because you are mistaken in much of what you say. It has been well documented the 'Starbucks' Democrats prefer Obama and the 'Dunkin Donuts' Dems prefer Hillary, I can see one or two polls being off a little but all of them? You're starting to sound like Bill now.

Just because a voter is from New York doesn't mean they are a top-notch educated professional. That's a ridiculous thing to say. I'll help educate you, go to, go to election center, click on a state, then exit poll

California- Clinton Obama %

no H.S. Grad 80 17

H. S. Grad 60 32

some college 53 41

college grad 47 47

post grad 45 51

and this is one of the few states she has won. Please look at these polls and you'll see you are way off base. If you think CNN is wrong check MSNBC or whoever, the numbers don't lie.

Anderson 8 years ago

Jormins - I think your comments are interesting and I don't fault you for believing what you hear. But CNN is highly regarded as one of those media channels that has been biasely pushing Obama from the start. Even his campaign has admitted they've been treated very well there. And yes - I used to work with a team who helped organize exit polls - they are very difficult to gauge as accurate or not - even for the organizers! The polls are conducted in concentrated areas - usually outside large college the states that overwhelmingly voted for Obama. So yes, of course you are going to see those numbers in his favor!

I actually support Obama, but am primarily concerned with the amount of potentially false data out there - much of it coming from sources we should be able to trust. I think the journalistic integrity of our news is down the drain in this country and that - as an aspiring journalist is what concerns me. Anyway, go Obama!

jormins profile image

jormins 8 years ago from Chicago, IL


That is interesting, I have heard CNN referred to as biased by Republicans but they seem to be the best of all the networks when the raw data is pouring in, breaking it down to the districts. That is interesting though and I will keep it in mind, perhaps I'll start hitting MSNBC to get a secondary source. I'm probably biased but I have never seena bias but I can't say I'm the most objective on that subject.

As for the misinformation check out my Obama Myths hub. I've taken care of all the ridiculous myths that have come out the last couple months. I'm worried once we hit the general though we might see a slew more of them.

You make some great points about the media. I definitely will be double checking myself with a second or third source next time I write an article as I agree the data needs to be pure and factual.

Anderson 8 years ago

Jormins - thanks for hearing me out. I'm kinda used to getting slammed on these types of things, you know? Yes, the media/journalism/ulterior motives - it certainly makes it challenging for me. It is actually something I've come to enjoy more than expected - the challenge of staying objective when I so badly want to be subjective! It would be so easy for me to dive in and pull all sorts of polls or facts out of context to further support Obama...but 1) I don't think he needs that, he's a good candidate w/out it, plus enough people are doing it anyway! and 2) I'm not a true journalist if I put my feelings into the piece...that's what I keep reminding myself. Still have some school maybe I'll be cynical enough to do whatever it takes by the time I'm done!

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