Are you in control of your thoughts?

The question posed in the headline of this hub,has probably been answered rather quickly by anyone who read it,that's why I followed with the second question.Even though there are influences sociologically,that seek to coerce conscious thought,being aware of these influences is the reason I am confident that my thoughts are my own,having an introverted personality almost ensures that I have thoughts even about my thoughts themselves.You can be aware of these subtle(sometimes not so subtle) influences even if you succumb to them but I think that knowing certain things ensures that your decision was your own.Hence you had a choice and it wasn't simply an illusion of choice.

Even with the abundance of information available in our technologically advanced society,I found the pictures and videos coming out of Mexico recently,of people wearing surgical face masks or articles on empty churches,businesses and other places of gathering rather troubling and most elucidating in respect to the power in the hands of the distributors of information and wizards of public relations.For example,40,000 people die in automobile accidents every year,yet find myself in traffic everyday and it's rare that the highways are empty.Where I want to go into great detail here,is the power of information itself.

During the 90's an average of 36,000 people died from influenza each year and that statistic was never mentioned during the intense coverage of the Swine Flu.With every form of information dispenser focused on the swine flu from radio,television and even here on this oracle we call the Internet,the panic engulfed the entire Mexican populace.I cannot doubt the validity of the claims that the swine flu has the potential to be a pandemic,I am not a scientist,biologist or a physician.However my introverted personality causes me to ingest information and wash it down with a grain of salt.The figurative grain of salt being my resulting research.I am a staunch advocate for civil liberty,my own and my families and beneath the 24 hour coverage and breaking H1N1 updates,the men behind the curtain were passing draconian legislation with little resistance and mostly zero resistance.All because of an outbreak of the flu that could be avoided by....wait for it....washing your hands,covering your mouths when you cough and avoiding close contact with people displaying symptoms.Most of our mothers taught us these things and if we were lucky they baked really delicious cookies too!What was the Wizard of Oz cooking up behind the curtain of impending doom?

Please allow me to reverse a typical recently broad-casted scenario,Imagine you are watching the lined up programming of your favorite 24 hour news channel and the following happened:

C.N.D.N (Communicable Disease News Network)

On scene reporter (sans face mask of course)

Dr.Doom:....I'm standing here in the city square in Mexico City,Mexico and it's sheer pandemonium (as people casually stroll by wearing face masks) every pharmacy has run out of face masks and hand sanitizer ...blah blah,blah

Talking Head(In studio):...I have to interrupt you for a moment Dr.Doom for this breaking H1N1 virus update from Boston Massachusetts

Talking Head:...There you have it folks,the government is moving quickly to contain this situation.Please stay tuned for Dr.Gloom followed by Chicken Little,who will be joining me shortly,in studio and now back to Dr.Doom live in Mexico City.

With the exception(that I know of) of Brit Hume from Fox News there hasn't been any mention of the exaggerated coverage of this outbreak.

According to the A.M.C.A(American Mosquito Control Association) over a million people die worldwide from mosquito borne diseases every year.At the time of that news report in the video clip above the total number of deaths from the H1N1 virus in America was a whopping,one,(or in light of this hub)and that was a Mexican citizen visiting relatives in Texas.It was a child that died and my heart goes out to his parents and family,I am sure from their perspective the H1N1 virus is a harsh reality.The point I'm trying to make here is that the narrator in the news clip mentioned that the bill had been languishing in the state legislator for quite sometime(several years after failing numerous times) before passing unanimously under the guise of imminent necessity during this wave of the flu(propaganda).

This wave seems to be a tsunami but you're already surfing so let's surf this one out.The alternative is to make your way back to the safety of your hotel room,like everyone else but what you may not know is that Sigmund Frued already littered the halls with banana peels on the ground and you may end up doing the Freudian slip into an Orwellian slide right smack into a Brave New World and that may be more dangerous than even a mosquito bite.


Edward Bernays,the father of public relations

 Edward Bernays was also the nephew of Sigmund Frued and he applied his uncles theories on collectivism beautifully in propaganda and later for commercial interest.With the addition of polls and surveys(collectivism) and the validity of a title Dr.Doom Dr.Gloom,even though the "Dr." bringing you the information is a paid employee of the C.D.N.N,collectiviely the provided data is taken without the proverbial grain of salt.Unfortunately it's true even if the information is of utmost importance to your future,liberty or well being.

See how Camels agree with your throat.The commercial is funny 60 years later but imagine the impact it had in 1949 and I see a similarity to how my grandchildren may watch a swine flu commercial and the way I feel when i watch this one from 1976

Yes,we've been down this road before,the difference this time is the advancements we've made in the scientific development of marketing,advertising,public relations and propaganda.There are now marketing companies that use M.R.I.(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)to gauge the impact a potential ad will have on the mind of tit's targeted audience.Leading the charge towards advertising that impacts different areas of your brain without your knowledge,is MindSign Neuromarketing.Here is a clip showing the brain of a 26 year old male while he's watching a news story on the Swine flu on C.N.N.(Thanks for breaking my Fruedian slip if you caught it in this paragraph,the power of words...gotta love em.I caught my typo during proof reading but it was simply too delicious for me to delete.) 

There have been many pandemics,that have killed hundreds of millions of people throughout human history.There is a rational argument to be made for preparations by governments,however at the time of this writing the flu is no longer front page news and laws have been passed or re-written that have the potential to impact our daily lives dramatically.Most of these laws are vague in the definition of a pandemic and it is left up to W.H.O.(World Health Organisation) or the C.D.C(Center for Disease Control) to determine when to enact them.If their reaction to this latest outbreak was any indication of future results then it bothers me.W.H.O. raised the pandemic threat level to 5 out of a possible 6.If you'd like to see exactly how the rules have changed visit the C.D.C.'s website and they have the protocols for every state.Here is a warning from Aldous Huxley the author of A Brave New World from an interview with Mike Wallace.In the first part of the video Mr.Wallace can be seen smoking a cigarette,I wonder if it was a Camel)It's worth listening to his views on propaganda and politics,in my humble opinion.

 One of Edward Bernay's most dramatic experiments was to persuade women to smoke.It is explained in the full length version of the clip on Bernays seen at the beginning of this hub.One of Mr. Bernays first clients was George Hill the president of the American Tobacco Corporation and the rest is history."You've come a long way baby"was a popular ad campaign in the 70's for the cigarette brand Virginia Slims.TheMindlessBrute has to ask himself " A long way,In which direction?"If you'd like to learn more on these "Torches of Freedom" it begins around 2:45

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Cellar Door profile image

Cellar Door 7 years ago from South East UK

Ahmen brother, say it like it is, very informative!!


James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This is an awesome page! The videos of Bernays are priceless—every American should see them. And the best of all is Huxley. Fine work here. Thanks for illuminating us.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

CD thank you for reading all of this I know it's much and I really enjoyed your hubs.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


thanks for your input and I'm hooked on Huxley he was a rare human being!Your hubs have caused quite a stir great job holding the line brother.

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

I've always known that there was total crap behind the consumerism heaven. You did an amazing job proving it. We are really screwed if we let this keep control over us. Thanks for writing this.....I hope everyone on hubpages reads it.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Thank you for taking the time to go through it,if enough people did we'd give a new meaning to "Freedom Torches" in my opinion.

Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

Fantastic hub Brute - can I call you that for short, or would you prefer Mindless? I read and listened to every video - and will pass this around (with your link of course).

Whenever I hear people spouting they have free will I laugh. Because until people really see, REALLY SEE, they are not making choices based on freedom.  I wonder if people in this generation could separate a want from a need.  This current space of time is a major time window to address our most basic fundamental truths as humans.  Right in front of our faces is the result of endless desires that send countries to their knees.  And like Tom said, we are really screwed if we don't turn this around.

Thumbs up.

This is worth it's own group on Facebook and with enough networking it may have an impact. Are you game? I've put this hub in my status so it's a start.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Jewels, Yes,you can call me whatever you'd like.Thank you for passing this hub around.It's extremely difficult for people to separate a want from a need,your observations of this post are dead on and it seems that your intuitions were correct.It's this forgotten,or better yet repressed knowledge that has led to our current situation and it's unbelievable to me to watch it happen world wide and in real time.I singled out the news media in this one but I will include television and hollywood in the next showing examples of my thesis and how society is shaped through these subtle manipulations. I was writing a dissertation on the subject but I've spent very little time working on it since joining hubpages.This is an amazing forum for real sociological observations from across the globe and across ideologies,I've been a fly on the wall on many hubs and everyone has a sense of "something" being wrong.When presented with the truth albeit "brutal" it is enlightening.Plato summed it up beautifully in the "Allegory of The Cave" and Aristotle supported it with his observations on rhetoric.

Yes I am game but I don't have a Facebook.Is it possible to start one as themindlessbrute?Or do I have to be myself.I am not afraid of my opinions but I have seen enough corruption even in my city government.My city manager had to step down recently and there are two seats up for re-election in 2010.I intend to run for one of those seats and If I may use a chess analogy here I like to stay several moves ahead of my opponent even though the two city commissioners don't know we're playing a game yet.But I am game to do something now.I want nothing more than for my children to be free,not a false perception but in reality.

Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

You can use a pseudo name I believe.  The group can be named anything and your FB name is the administrator of the group, so you are behind the scenes anyway.

It's one thing to know the propoganda, another to change your own actions to it. Which perhaps means a change back to grassroots values and ethics.   It's a very powerful drug - the whole desire hook.  Getting people to turn off their TV? 

Awareness is the first thing. Deconstruction of the controls of a meme would be second in my book. Then conscious awareness of your actions toward them after you KNOW you know the difference.  And considering how controlled we are this is a very hard task.

One thing that concerns me about conspiracy theories and propaganda stories is that it also hooks passions.  Nothing like a good bit of 'he said/ she said' in the whole mix.  Great to be informed, it's another to have the strength of will to be an individual and go against what has become the norm.

If you were to start a group on this, of course discussion ensues, then this must become a factor in it:  "How is the individual going to make changes in their own lives?"  That's a question the individual must ask the individual.  Because the consistent outward blame game doesn't work very well.  Is very easy to say "Look, this is what they have done to us."  I'm guessing many a social worker has entered the realm of those in power and been engulfed by red tape. So much so their initial ideals got lost along with it. Not that entering the realms of power should be avoided, just be aware of what games are played within that hierarchy and whether you can really have an impact.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


Powerful insights and perceptions well elucidated again.BTW-Do you know how to disable the approval of comments to a hub?I agree with your thoughts on discussion and sticking to only the facts.I want to show you something,I have been editing my dissertation into a video it is now 1:26 minutes long.The video editing is complete and now I am working on the narration and script.My intention was to upload it to multiple video sharing sights,then link it to a blog that I've set up for further research and discussion.I have shown a preview of this video to a handful of great thinkers and gained even more valuable insights from them.

I've crossed paths with many interesting souls in my journey thus far and through these encounters I have had opportunities to break bread with the aristocrats and a handful of political elites.Is there a way to send you a private email through hubpages?It may be my Mercury in Scorpio,that likes privacy but I'd like you to be part of the group of people that will preview the final copy of the dissertation and I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Jewels profile image

Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

Yes, you can access my personal mail via hubpages. Go to my profile or one of my hubs and press Contact Jewels I'm also skypable.

john guilfoyle profile image

john guilfoyle 7 years ago

wow...awesome hub!!!!!!!recently I have been investigating Bernays myself.

damn!!!i caught the freudian slip and had hoped that I could display my cleverness by alerting u but u r one step ahead of me..I respect

I am a great fan of aldous huxley...I wonder if u have checked him out?

i am inept at manipulating a computer but I can c that ur more than apt at garnering info...

but in case u haven't gone there yet, he died the day kennedy was assassinated...his grandfather was darwin's bullfrog and prolific...his father was also prolific....orwell was a student of aldous's when aldous taught...

it has been rumored that aldous's grandfather was an agent of the crown and groomed many of these writers with secret knowledge regarding illuminati plans...of course u can draw your own conclusions, the thought came to mind after reading your hub.....who said you can't make him think?

u dispelled that theory with your hub...yippy yahoo!!!!!!!! It is thought provoking... seems you've captured a fan...what manner of creature? hopefully a cloud dispersing dervish come down from the mountain..

I'm impressed with your sharpened sense of rhetoric and wit and look forward to further epistemic....

gotta run!!!!!!! I need to renew my poetic license!!!!!!!!!!!

peace 2 u and yours

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

john guilfoyle,

Thank you for the compliments and for catching my Freudian slip and from what I've read in your comment,you are aware of the Orwellian slide.The great Huxley family,is a lot of fun to investigate and we are living in the world inspired by H.G. Wells who was inspired by his favorite professor, Julian Huxley.You are investingating the depths of the rabbit hole on the deep end of the grassy knoll;-)I have studied the ties to the crown and you are right on track,I look forward to your perceptions as the clouds are lifted.I'm sure they will be most Illuminati-ng.

Democracy 7 years ago

Great job.... ou packed a lot of punch here, yet managed not to over do it. Thanks for sharing.

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author


You are welcome and thanks for reading.

Maraiya Storm profile image

Maraiya Storm 7 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

I just read your hub and liked it very much. I don't have time to watch the videos right now, but I am bookmarking this hub and will be coming back to it very soon to watch the videos. Funny you should mention television and the entertainment industry "enculturization," as I call it, since I am currently writing an entire hub about this particular subject, only from a more Christian-slanted viewpoint and in a much different type of writing style. We are all unique in how we express ourselves and in how we focus on certain subjects.

One day a couple of years ago I was looking up George Orwell on the Internet and came across a whole dissertation on Bernays, Freud and other such manipulator-controllers (I forget who all else was mentioned). I also watched a very fascinating, compelling, creepy television show a few years back about the very sneaky, deceptive methods that are being used in television advertisements to get us to want to buy certain products and think and feel and act in certain ways. It's horrendous, really. We are not free, we only think we are free!

Your hub initially attracted my attention with its great title. I know that most people are not in control of their own thoughts, but they think that they are. It takes a lot of waking up to become a free thinker, uninfluenced, nowadays. They've got everyone extremely brainwashed. Uggh. I could say more about being in control of your own thoughts, but I won't, since no one would believe what I say.

Talk to you again very soon....I'll give you my impressions about the videos next. I'll try to get to it tomorrow; but if I can't, I'll watch them the next day, I promise!

TheMindlessBrute profile image

TheMindlessBrute 7 years ago from Orlando,Florida Author

Storm ,

What a great comment and I will be reading your hub when you are done with it.I'm especially interested in the Christian worldview of a similar topic.Truth is a kaleidoscope which points to the same view,regardless of your worldview.My favorite philosopher is a theist Os Guiness and my favorite philosophy,existentialism was founded by the theologian Soren Kiergaard.I shall have a look at your current hubs right now.Thanks for stopping by.

Maraiya Storm profile image

Maraiya Storm 7 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

Well, I read it all, and I watched all but the last video (I will get back to it).

Good work! Thanks for informing people about these things! You have a very interesting, appealing writing style, as well.

I am realizing that I need to become familiar with Aldous Huxley's work. Maybe I read some of it in high school, as I certainly do remember his name; but I can't remember anything I read, if I did read it at all. I was familiar with George Orwell's work, however, which I guess is similar. I am absolutely fascinated by the video of Aldous Huxley and Mike Wallace. I want to watch the rest of it. I will see if I can find the remaining parts of it on You Tube.

Like I said before, I am already pretty familiar with Bernay's, the propaganda, brainwashing, advertising, et al, and with the swine flu hoax, as well. I sure do hope they don't try to force everyone to take the swine flu shot! It's a pretty dangerous, debilitating shot. They want to weaken us more physically and mentally so that they get more control over our minds and actions. A similar difference exists with how they are vaccinating children with tons of vaccines for all kinds of potential diseases. This is not at all necessary, and these vaccinations are making a lot of kids very very ill. Some of those kids, however, seem to be pretty strong souls, as they are surviving these vaccines without getting sick from them or dying from it.

You are very interesting and knowledgeable, and I'd like to keep reading your hubs so that I can learn more from you. So, I have become your fan.

Me, I haven't ever written about any of this type of stuff; I just like to read other people's articles about it and listen to people talk about it. However, what I do write about is designed to heal people psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, which has the effect of unraveling at least some of the brainwashing. For instance, if a person has an addiction, and I can wake them up to the fact that they have an addiction and what inside of them created that addiction, then whoever wanted them to become addicted and disempowered as a result will lose their hold on that addict, once he/she gives up the addiction. Of course, some addictions are also created by the television, like cigarette addictions and all types of food cravings and addictions, including coffee addiction. And then there's sex addiction. Man, they really do want everyone to be all sexed up, don't they. I wonder why? Yes, sex sells products; but I really think there's a lot more to it than just selling products. When people can wake up to that one, then they can wake up to other truths. I know most people want lots of sex, and so they will think I'm just a goody two shoes Christian and won't listen to that one. Oh, well. The blindness continues on, and so does teen pregnancy, abortion, porn, high divorce rates, promiscuity, and never being able to find your soul mate. The powers that be, the ones in darkness, do not want us to be happy or free. They just want puppets, sheeple, zombies. They are using all kinds of methods to get us there. They basically just want mindless brutes and slaves.

Like Jewels briefly mentioned, getting back to basic ethics and moral values helps a lot, too.

Maraiya Storm profile image

Maraiya Storm 7 years ago from Prescott, Arizona

I just wrote my comment above, and I didn't realize you had made a comment before that about my other comment. So, I just now happened to see what you said!

You said, "I'm especially interested in the Christian worldview of a similar topic." That intrigues me. I will see if I can take up the challenge to be able to write about how Christianity connects with the types of things you write about.

I wasn't always a Christian, although I believed in maybe 70% of it all along. Now I believe in about 90% of it. Before I became more of a Christian, I was involved with new age and "new age Christian" churches. I've retained some of the truths I learned through those experiences, and I find that a lot of it doesn't really conflict that much with Christianity, even though people think there is a big conflict. I'm trying to change that viewpoint somehow, but without everyone on both sides of the fence getting all angry with me sending me lots of hate mail (thank God we have a choice to delete a comment if we want to, though!).

I imagine I will write a hub somewhere along down the line about the more controversial and "way out there" topics, like conspiracies, government controls, brainwashing, dark force agendas and methods, et al...but right now, that's a little too scarey for me (I mean, what would they do to me if I did write it? ... I'm being somewhat facetious here.) I am clueless what to write about such things or how to write it if I did attempt such a task. So, for now, I'll leave that up to people like you. You do a good job of it!

I'm not too up on philosophers. I read philosophy in high school and college a bit, but I forget most of it now. I mainly remember having a very positive impression of Socrates (Question Everything!!), and I wouldn't mind rereading his teachings. Back when I did read about the philosophers, I think I was too unaware and brainwashed then to be able to understand what they were saying. I remember having an avid interest in Plato and Aristotle, but I can't remember what exactly they said. Weird. I think I was just too crazy way back then to get any of it.

focus on living profile image

focus on living 5 years ago from United States

Thanks for breaking my Fruedian slip if you caught it in this paragraph,the power of words...gotta love em.I caught my typo during proof reading but it was simply too delicious for me to delete. I imagine delicious was a freudian slip as well...

Great article... thought provoking.

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