Armenian Genocide (1915 – 1918). List of Genocides of the 20th Century


Pre Genocide: Deportation of the Turkish Armenians

At the beginning of World War 1, in 1915 the Muslim Ottoman Empire of Turkey regarded the established Armenian minority in the country as a threat, due to their wealth, growing presence, the fact that they considered them infidels and due to a small amount of their community siding with the Invading Russians.

Armenians, men, women, the elderly and children were forced into convoys known now as “death marches” with the supposed intention of being deported. They travelled for days on end through deserts and past mountain ranges without necessary living supplies.

Genocide Begins

While in these convoys, Turkish tribes and bandits began opening fire on the Armenian convoys, with the help of armed groups deployed by the Turkish government. The Armenians were powerless to do anything and were forced to continue with the convoy through the threat of beating or death.

The deportation of the Armenians was really just a method of genocide, as the convoys were starved from water and food as well as murdered systematically.

450,000 Armenians died while being transported through the Deir ez Zor desert of what is now todaySyria.

Other deaths of Armenians included mass burnings, where Armenians were taken from their houses and villages and burned together.

Drowning was another major method of death, where thousands of women and children were taken out into theBlack Seaand thrown overboard to drown.

Poison and Drug overdose were also used to dispose of the Armenians, with Morphine and toxic gas being used.

The survivors were sent to Concentration Camps where they later died. The total death toll of the Armenians inTurkeyis thought to be from a staggering 1 Million to 1.5 Million.

Post Genocide, Genocide Not Recognized?

To this day the Turkish government has not recognised their crimes as genocide and refuse to make any sort of apology to the Armenian people and survivors. Supposedly the Turkish government had no intentions of genocide and the deaths were just a result of war.

The Armenians and the Armenian diaspora, till today, demand that the Turkish government acknowledge their crimes and make a public apology.


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Papken Hartunian 5 years ago

The undisputed fact by the Republic of Turkey is that Armenians were deported under the supposedly protection of the Ottoman Empire. In fact the government passed a law to this effect and was ratified by the Sultan, head of the Ottoman Empire. It is also undisputed fact that most of these deportees were vanished and murdered.

Based upon the statute of Genocide, the deportations as such is considered Genocide.

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