Arsenic pollution

Arsenic is on of the severe problems of Bangladesh. Arsenic is very poisonous white compound of element. Arsenic polluted water causes death. This toxic element is found in tube well water. The people of the affected areas suffer from serious skin disease. The people of North Bengal are the worst sufferers of arsenic pollution. People are affected it by only when they drink it. But washing hands, clothes and bathing in this water are not injurious. An arsenic affected man loses this stamina to work, and the skin of his palm, legs and back become sore which leads to skin cancer. Arsenic is a silent killer of man. Arsenic pollution spreads in paddy, rice wheat, vegetables and medicine. So necessary steps should be taken to eradicate this problem. All the tube wells must be examined by DPHE and if arsenic is found. It should be marked with red cross. We can drink pure rain water. We can make the water of river and pond drinkable by using filter. We can also purify arsenic contaminated water in a chemical process. We along with the government should try to save ourselves from the growing menace of arsenic.

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