As I Prepared My Taxes Today

I started wondering why I was going through this week long process of computing my earnings and witholdings. After all, I’m a black progressive liberal democrat therefore there could be no way that I actually owe anything to the government. Actually, I should be checking my mailbox for my monthly welfare check. Then I realized that black progressive liberal democrats tend to be fairly educated, thus the reason they can spell black progressive liberal democrat. Not only do we have jobs but we also pay taxes, a lot of taxes.

Now wait just a minute, if this is the case why is it that conservatives tend to believe that the top 10 percent of wage earners in our society are actually conservatives and that all non-taxpaying citizens are democrats? Am I a conservative and don’t know it? After all I own a business and with the income derived from that business I support my government through the payroll tax system.

So why am I not up in arms with the thought that today I will write a check above my quarterly withholding to settle my account with the government? Why am I not disgusted by the fact that the government bailed out banks, car manufacturers, and mortgage companies. Why aren’t I pissed behind the government using my hard earned money to help people that got into loans they could not afford keep their homes? The answer is complicated yet simple. I can see beyond my front yard, into this vast land we call America and even further.

I understand that without the bank bailouts my 401K and IRA would be worth little to nothing and for this I appreciate the efforts of both Presidents Bush and Obama. I realize that if the guy down the street were to lose his house the value of mine would drop even further than it has, leaving what for most people is the single biggest investment of their life to dwindle into nothingness along with their plans for a economically sound future. I also understand the domino affect a failed car industry would have on the economy of this nation, especially coming in the middle of a bursting real estate bubble. If you think you are experiencing high unemployment now, imagine what effect the closing of Chrysler and GM would have had on the US population. Plants, retailers and suppliers would have been first hit, with a trickle down affect to the transportation industry, hi tech services, and so forth, until finally the real estate market again.

As far as I can see my money has been invested wisely as it protected my neighbors and eventually me from falling into a disastrous situation. Yes, I could take a “me only” approach and whine about the fact that I may have to pay a few more dollars in order for my government to insure stability in the greatest country in the world, but why? My money could have gone to rebuild a oil rich country or to build a missile defense system to defend other governments, governments that never came to the plate to say we’ll kick in some cash to defray your cost since the project is for our protection.

I can even understand the need to reform a health care system that was the source of 60% of all bankruptcies. Talk about stealing the “American Dream”. Actually, I would say we didn’t go far enough because I realize that sick people tend to cause other people to get sick therefore if we refuse to treat anyone in this country we open ourselves up to diseases and illnesses we would not normally encounter. Oh yeah, that pesky mandate; that infringement on our constitutional rights. Ask most people who claim to have a problem with the mandate if they have insurance, if they will go without insurance and your answer will be yes, and no. They are upset that the government is mandating something they would never go without.

America is now and has always been a socialized capitalistic society. The combination of the two protects this country from failure. Now let me sign this check, get an envelope, and do what my country asks of me.

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Warren Curtis profile image

Warren Curtis 6 years ago from Buffalo, New York

Great Hub So true. Conservatives don't understand the one for all, all for one idea. Why is it they think that being American is being Selfish? Keep Hubbing.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author

Warren thanks for the comment. You hit the nail on the head, there are two schools of thought in this country "me" and "we". Conservatives tend to promote me unless its dealing with military action, then it becomes we.

I wonder how many liberal democrats have died in the middle east protecting their me philosophy?

JOE BARNETT profile image

JOE BARNETT 6 years ago

wait if you send that check you will be paying for the rights irresponsile foulups for which you made no gain' do they notice that? no! they try to scare eachother with the same phrase over and over, it's so funny watching how they work.just scattered all over the place. the republican party in texas is now trying to re-vamp the party as of yesterday with motto being "people first" but wait thats democrat, correct? thats what the right says is socialism ha ha now it's a good idea huh? they have lost it. there conversations have reached that of psycho-babble and views borderline psychopathic(knowing the difference between right and wrong).

the people that have insurance,always have insurance and will benefit by having stable premium prices, no pre-existing conditions and children can stay till 26. the people that don't have it are not complaining because they have to get it,they wanted it! so let's see, the right wants to repeal it so the people that don't have insurance can't buy it and as soon as one on the right becomes sick their premiums go through the roof. ha ha ha just what is on their minds? Is the right of sound mind?

i notice that some have put a black face as the seal to represent the democratic party.lets see 77mill democrats,26 mill adult blacks in america.doesn't add up course nothing they ever say does.these are just desperate measures to try and sway, and is pretty much standard for the right. you remember willie horton? they manipulate eachother with the race card and nothing they say,ever comes true. they remind me of chicken little "always" in constant fear of . . . something!i feel sorry for them. great hub. . . now send the check!

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author

LOL! The check was picked up by the mailman today. I'm still trying to understand the short sighted philosophy behind the conservative and tea party movements.

First - Their constitutional rights are being stripped away. How, when, and where? We are becoming socialist. How stupid can one be to think we are in any way becoming socialist. Have they not realized that neither the banks or the car industry have been taken over? Wealth Redistribution. What, redistribute wealth through taxation. Can someone tell me how that works. According to my retirement savings Obama has done very well at securing my wealth and that account has far more value than a 2.9% tax rate increase. I'm sorry but these people are so thick that it boggles the mind.

LRCBlogger profile image

LRCBlogger 6 years ago

nice hub, refreshing to see someone who actually looks at the entire picture, rather than focusing on a narrow view. To often people utilize half true talking points that they get from reading headline news and not actually news.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author


Thanks for the comment, I guess too many of us tend to live by that old saying "The grass is always greener on the other side"

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago

I hope you made your check to the IRS somewhere around thirteen trillion dollars.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author


You do realize that Americans pay the lowest taxes of any industrialized country and that most corporations actually pay little or no taxes. Your actual taxes were lower this year than they were during Reagan or Bush. All while saving the American peoples asses - no wonder we have a deficit.

OpinionDuck profile image

OpinionDuck 6 years ago


They said the same thing when they passed the Social Security Act, and when they added Medicare to the Social Security Act.

The Social Security and Medicare are Taxes and they are less beneficial than Congress and the federal government workforce receive, thanks to the taxpayers.

I don't see how you can say that the stimulus saved any of the people. It did save the financial corporations and thanks to Congress the executives all got healthy six and seven figure bonuses.

All this and thirteen trillion in debt and counting.

You might consider that neither democrat or republican is helpful to the people, and they cannot run a Congress.

We have a deficit because the government is too large and they don't cut spending. They continue to increase their size and with healthcare reform they will hire 16,000 IRS agents along with thousands of other employees to help expand the government universe.

Every unnecessary government employee is a tax liability.

Their pensions and benefits alone are a huge drain on the treasury.

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author


Do you realize that we pay the lowest tax rate of any industrialized country?

What would have happened to your savings, and retirement had the financial institutions failed? Those executives were getting those paychecks before the bailout and while they were gambling with your money "AND LOST".

The government is too big for what? A country of 300 million plus people?

Did you know that every time the top marginal rate was near or below 30% it kicked off a recession? (My next hub - "My Taxes II) and that the marginal rate was over 60% for more than 20 years, and as high as 94% (its now 35%).

irving6cunningha profile image

irving6cunningha 6 years ago

this is a good post, Oh and I thought taxes were supposed to be abolished long ago? what gives lol~

SOBF profile image

SOBF 6 years ago from New York, NY Author


Thanks for the comment

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