At Most Fear-Atmosphere.



Mankind is a blanket
covering the planet

with flesh and endless wastes, 

into the canopy of blue above.


Like a bubble of air, 

shimmers and weakens
when all underneath are
endlessly leaching flatulent gases,
toxic wastes that would dissolve
most spheres including our atmosphere.

greed even extends

metal poop chutes
into the skies,

tall pipes that emit
poisoned emissions

way up above
the lungs of man.

Ever wonder why

smokestacks are so darned high??

But gravity works,
and acid rains,
in diarhettic proportions
all over the earth and sea.

Most fish could be thermometers,
so full of mercury are they.

10 billion mufflers
unmuffled  enough

pump carbon monoxides
into the air daily.

Coal burning plants
flush endless volumes of filth
into the ozone, eroding it away.

Glaciers are melting,
huge monuments of ice
eons old dissolving,
icebergs and Arctic shelves
slip quietly into the sea.

While we all hid 

for eight years as of late
beneath the blanket of security
known as the great W.

He proclaimed that

much of it is hysteria

and that we should all relax.

Just some scientific miscalculations,

but he did promise to take steps

in the year 2012, long after he left office.

I walked a private beach last year,
and found hypodermic needles,
and U.S. Navy I.V. bags,
trash and condoms and
so much unbelievable 

debris washed up
on a beach no one frequents
except the very well-to-do.

I got black oil all over my feet,
they call it sea tar there,
and it is very hard to remove,
one must use strong detergents
and petroleum based products
to get it off of your skin.

Imagine what the fish must do,
the shell fish too,
where is their handiwipes,
their lava soaps, their skin cleansers,
and what about the inside
of these fish who ingest sea tar,
do we also ingest it,
with our sea bass dinners,
our cod, our crab meat and lobster??

We create huge landfills that
belch methane gas daily
through valves sunk deep
into the remains of society.

Why don't we simply attach
pumps to the valves and pipes
and set up gas stations to

run our  converted cars on?

M O N E Y  and G R E E D!! prevent it, 

"Make cheap fuel from garbage, Hah!"
"Let them eat smog!" they say.

Global warming is not fiction
but we will soon be fiction
if we don't rewrite the

that we collect riders on today,.

If we don't demand

changes to pollution laws
pollution will change us.

It has already created rampant tumors
in so many thousands of humans worldwide,

one may already be growing in you.
can you feel it in there,
attaching itself to you?

We need some noise pollution,
millions of voices shouting "Heck no!!"
millions of votes removing the causes,
and millions of smart minds demanding solutions.
I have begun yelling...It's your turn!


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