Attack On Sri Lanka Pilgrims – Will Rajapakshe Retaliate?

Rajapakshe has no national pride

Rajapakshe has  no  national  pride
Rajapakshe has no national pride | Source

Rajapakshe and the Sinhalese Will Not Retaliate Against Tamil Nadu

Attacks on Sri Lanka Tourists in Tamil Nadu

In the last two to three days, there have been many attacks on the Sri Lanka pilgrims visiting Tamil Nadu. First, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa sent a Sri Lanka school football team packing even in the midst of a match. She also suspended the Nehru Stadium officer who gave permission for the Sri Lanka school football team to play. Next her attention is likely to turn against the textile industries in Erode and Tirupur who are exporting crores of rupees worth garments to Sri Lanka. Jayalalithaa is likely to suspend the textile ministry officials for permitting these exports to Sri Lanka where the Tamils are harassed by the Rajapakshe government and the Sri Lanka military.

Jayalalithaa Is Angry Against Sri Lanka

Jayalalithaa may also act against Ashok Leyland and TVS group who export millions of dollars worth goods to Sri Lanka. This has antagonised the AIADMK workers also. When Jayalalithaa wants no trade or cultural contact with Sri Lanka, how can these companies export their products to Sri Lanka? Is it not something anti-Tamil act? These two companies are in soup in Tamil Nadu.

Jayalalithaa Wants India to Invade Sri Lanka and Liberate Eelam

Jayalalithaa and the DMK President Karunanidhi want India to cut off its diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka once for all. Jayalalithaa also wants the Indian army to invade Sri Lanka and liberate Eelam. The central government is prepared to act and send a military expedition to Sri Lanka but it is hesitating for one reason. What is this reason? Is the Sri Lanka army so strong that the Indian army may face defeat there? No, not at all. The Sri Lanka army is very weak and Indian army can run over it in no time. Then what else is the reason for the Indian government’s hesitation? The Chinese are protecting Sri Lanka from an Indian attack.

Indian Hesitation Is Due To Fear of Chinese Soldiers Stationed In Sri Lanka

Indian army is afraid to face the Chinese soldiers in Sri Lanka. If India attacks Sri Lanka, it is sure to taste defeat at the hands of the Chinese soldiers. Not only that, the Chinese soldiers may even capture a sizeable chunk of India – maybe the entire Tamil Nadu and attack it with Sri Lanka. Imagine, Tamil Nadu becoming a part of Sri Lanka.

Rajapakshe and Sinhala People Are Street Dogs

But India is sure about one thing. Rajapakshe and the Sinhala people have no sense of pride. They will go on taking abuses by Jayalalithaa and other Tamil Nadu political parties in their stride. If you kick a dog, it will come back after some time and wag its tail. Sinhala people and Rajapakshe are like street dogs. They can be kicked, abused and scolded. They will not retaliate. They will only wag their tails before Tamil Nadu again.

Rajapakshe and the Sinhalese Will Not Retaliate Against Tamil Nadu

If I were Sri Lanka President in place of Rajapakshe, I will immediately order cessation of all commercial and cultural activities with Tamil Nadu state. That will really pinch Tamil Nadu industries, trade and its people. Many people in Tamil Nadu will lose their jobs and their anger will turn against Tamil Nadu government and Jayalalithaa. But will Rajapakshe do all these things? It is something difficult to imagine. A dog has no pride and self esteem. When kicked, it will not think of retaliation. It will only think of wagging its tail again after some time. Therefore Jayalalithaa knows this very well. She can go on abusing the Sri Lankan people and its President and nothing will happen to Tamil Nadu.

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Maruthan 4 years ago

Not that Indian Army can defeat Srilanka and Chinese will never protect. They fear indian Agni 5 and nuclear missiles. Chinese wwill protect only if attacked in their main land. This is some thing different.

India needs LTTE to be killed and finished there. If they get Eelam they will ask for Tamil nadu also as part of Eelam and tomorrow a separatist movement may come to TN

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear Maruthan,

Thank you for your comments. I agree with your views. Best wishes to you

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