Aurora Colorado; Is God Distant and Unjust?

Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.
Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

LORD, what is man, that You take knowledge of him? Or the son of man, that You are mindful of him? Psalms 144:3

I, like everyone else, am appalled by the recent murders in Aurora Colorado. The cruelty and theatrics of 24 year old James Holmes reveals what happens when a person rejects God and accepts Post Modernism and Moral Relativism. The idea that there is no God, no eternal consequences, and that humanity is nothing more than smart animals. Those who hold to this type of depraved thinking base their morality on their own their own reasoning and self centered desires. Sadly I see this mentality growing especially in our youth. It is my humble opinion that America needs to hold on tight for it’s only going to get worse

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 2 Timothy 3:3-4

I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Christian. I am doing my best to reason with a nation that has decided to abandon proven theology and seek truth else where. A nation that could very easily become like James Holmes if it continues to accept the idea that God does not exist.

Having said that; I am hearing a common thread of logic in multiple social networks being postulated by those who cling to atheistic ideas. They reason, if God exists, he is unjust, distant, and derelict in his duties. Basically they accuse Him of allowing evil to prosper. Consider the following quote from a person on Facebook. The individual was responding to the Christian view that God is slow to anger and has been withholding judgment because of his love for humanity.

“If appropriate safeguards had been set on human behavior, that allowed for (relative) personal freedom as long as it didn't harm the innocent, the world wouldn't be in the violent mess it is in and hence, there would be no need for God's wrath. As a parent, He has not acted to protect the innocent from harm and this has continued for centuries. While instructing parents to protect their children, where has He been all this time?

Sounds like a fair question. If God is all that, where is he, and why are people like James Holmes allowed to murder innocent people. Shouldn’t He zap 'em or something before they pull the trigger?


For my name's sake will I defer mine anger, and for my praise will I refrain for thee, that I cut thee not off. Isaiah 48:9

I believe that God is sovereign and the very embodiment of justice. I believe that if God were to deal with humanity's wickedness, according to what we deserved, the end would have come a long time ago. Contrary to the premise that God is unjust and distant, I see God’s love for humanity as the primary force that has kept us from destroying ourselves. Appropriate safe guards have been set, but because of humanity's sin and rebellion against God. They are not able to see or appreciate them. To be clear, I am convinced that the safety, comforts, and joys that we have in this life; all the freedom and prosperity, as little or as much as that may be, has all been God’s hand in our life, His “safe guards” as it were. The vast majority of Americans can go to bed at night without being afraid. I believe, what is, is what must be. When things like the current shooting in Colorado happen, He knows why and has taken the necessary measures to comfort His people. God is sovereign and I am not. To question his righteousness and his judgment suggests that I know better than He does. I have to ask, do you know better than God?

I ask those who are questioning their faith or those who subscribe to the quote above, to consider this perspective. Because of Mankind’s natural propensity toward evil, and his deliberate rejection of God’s authority over his life, God owes fallen man nothing; He is not obligated in anyway to care for them, defend them, or to discipline them. Humanity has rejected Him and so by all rights, God could if he so wished, reject man. Yet, because of his great love for us, he has made a way for all to be saved from the coming judgment.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

Because He Has Set His Love Upon Me

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me. Proverbs 8:17

The God critic above, described God as a lousy father. I ask my readers to understand that He is a father only to those who love him. Those who have willingly and joyfully offered their free will submitted back to Him; to those who treat God as their father, with love and respect. He is a father to those who, through obedience and admiration, show God their love for Him. With this in mind, the question becomes, is He your father?

I ask those God critics to consider the favor that God has for His children, those who love Him back. Listen to God’s words to David, That man who was after the heart of God.

(God is Speaking) Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high, because he has known My name. He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, And show him My salvation. Psalm 91:14-16

I have found this verse to be true. He has delivered me over and over again. Even so, I fully acknowledge that bad things happen to God's people every day. This is because we live in a wicked world that will eventually destroy itself. I trust God enough to know what is, is what must be. If I, or the ones I love, should meet their death in an ugly, violent way, God will be praised even unto my last breath.

In Christ


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Steve Orion profile image

Steve Orion 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Did the young man kill all those people because he thought God did not exist? Do all, most, half, or even a significant percentage of atheists go on shooting sprees? "A nation could become like this is it continues to accept the idea God does not exist." How so?

Also, when you say God's love is the only thing that's kept us from destroying ourselves, and that humans' sin has kept us from seeing these "safeguards" God has put in place, I ask: In what way has God's love saved our species and how do you know any safeguards are in place if you can't see them or appreciate them due to sin?

Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author

Steve I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this Hub and for being kind enough to engage me on this important topic. I have written a Hub called The Gettysburg Address: The Fear of God. It is dedicated to answering your first question. If you take the time to read it, please take a bit more time and follow the discussion between my self and Anton Of The North. You can find the link in the Related Hubs by Abrushing1968 link Box.

To answer your second question- I, personally can see God's "safeguards" I see his hand in my life and his provision all the time. He has, as it were, opened my eyes to his presence, provision and protection. If you have to ask what and where they are then you have proven my premise. When I take the time to list things that I, and many other like me, believe would indicate divine intervention, folks who don't believe God exists write my explanation off as superstition, coincidence, or what ever. I call this sin because the Bible teaches us that, not believing in God is sin. Hebrews chapters 3 and 4 make it clear that unbelief is rebellion. Hebrew 11:6 says that without faith it is impossible to please God. Atheists don't believe in God and so they have no hope of ever seeing his hand in their life.

1 Corinthians 2:14

But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

I hope this answers your questions

In Christ


sradie profile image

sradie 4 years ago from Palm Coast FL

Steve you are asking genuinely thoughtful and introspective questions. Fully enlightening and satisfying answers to them are available in God's Word, the Bible. However when believers try to reduce those answers to to Scriptural references, they often fall short and appear cliche. God's plan for salvation is simple and in the overall, the Bible is easy to understand. But, and this is important, when we try to apply the things God's word teaches to deep philosophical concepts and questions it becomes much more difficult. The key to gaining such understanding is the same key that unlocks and makes our personal relationships with others, vital and complete. That key is time spent getting to know someone, in this case God. If you meet a woman or a man you are interested in knowing and having relationship with you spend time with them learning their likes and dislikes and the passions that drive their behaviors and direct their lives. That's what reading and studying the Bible is about, that's what Bible teaching churches are about. Reading Aarons's recommended article and finding someone to help you understand the Bible will go a long way toward building your understanding of God and answering the deep, thought provoking questions you have asked. Good for you, keep being inquisitive and make your mind be open to learning about God. Who knows, you might just find the best thing to ever happen to your life.

drmiddlebrook profile image

drmiddlebrook 4 years ago from Texas, USA

Simply awesome, voted up. I agree, with everything. Who is smart enough (or arrogant enough) to know better than God? Anytime I read, see, or hear someone who thinks he/she has something figured out better than the Creator of Everything, I shake my head in pity while praying "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." As my great grandmother is quoted to have said, "They don't know that they don't know."

lifegate profile image

lifegate 4 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

Very nicely done, Brother! You said a lot, and all to the point. Just a side issue--Psalm 53:1 says, "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God." The text doesn't show it here, but the words "there is" is in italics which means it was not part of the original writing. The verse could be read, "The fool hath said in his heart, No God." Voted up and awesome!

teacherjoe52 profile image

teacherjoe52 4 years ago

Hi abrushing.

Yes it is true.

The further society get from God the more dammed it is.

Yes God is always there.

Great points.

God bless you.

Nikki Major profile image

Nikki Major 4 years ago

Wonderful and tought provoking

Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author

Scott thanks for adding to this hub. You gave Steve some excellent advice. I pray he follows it. You made the point that we must get to know God. I do agree. I am saddened by those folks who reject God and there by, will never come to know him. Because of their unbelief, they won't even make an effort.

Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.

God is not hiding, He is out in the open with bright colors jumping up and down shouting our names. If only everyone had eyes to see and ears to hear.

As always it is a pleasure to have you stop by.

In Christ


Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author


LOL! Indeed we don't know what we don't know. Love it. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing with me your thoughts and your Grandfather's wisdom. May we all begin to know the things that we should know? Amen?

John 1:10 He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.

In Christ


Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author


I appreciate your insight into Psalm 53:1 "The fool hath said in his heart, No God." Though it isn't scripture, I would add, the wise man has said in his heart, Know God! Amen?

I always look forward to your comments. Thanks for the encouragement and the votes.

In Christ


Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author


I took the time to read your bio. You are a Canadian Christian living in China. Are you a missionary? I understand you folks must worship in secret. You will be in my prayers bro. I am honored to have you read my stuff. Thanks for stopping by and for encouraging me in my writing.

In Christ


profile image

SirDent 4 years ago

Very well written. I had to finish it. The Love of God is so strong that He gave His own Son to die in place of each and every human being who ever lived. Glory to God!!!

Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author


I haven't heard from you in a while, hope all is well. Thanks for finishing this Hub for me. :)

God Bless


GamingCowboy profile image

GamingCowboy 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

It's a nice sentiment isn't it? That there is an invisible supreme being that watches over everyone, and will punish those who deserve it, and reward those who earn it. But think about it. I mean REALLY think about it.

What kind of supreme being, who has the power to ease suffering, absolutely refuses to do so? What kind of God can justify allowing some people to enjoy untold riches and wealth, while simultaneously watching idly as babies starve in Africa, bombs rip apart crowds in Iraq, and thousands languish in misery and despair?

I hope this does not come across as an attack on your faith, but I strongly suggest you think about it. I look forward to having further discussions on faith with you.

sradie profile image

sradie 4 years ago from Palm Coast FL


Addressing your questions requires a lengthy discussion. I hope Aaron and you take it up together. Understanding who God is and how, in a universe God controls, the things you question come to be needs theological clarification. Here is a link to my remarks on the same subject covered here but from a little different perspective, that I think may help your understanding: (As a new contributor to HubPages, I am not sure that putting a link to my article here, is acceptable. If not, Aaron please remove it with my apologies.) If you read it maybe you can come back and discuss your concerns more with Aaron with some additional insights about the character of God.

drmiddlebrook profile image

drmiddlebrook 4 years ago from Texas, USA

@GamingCowboy. We could turn your statement around and say:

To think there is NO supreme Creator that watches over everyone, and NO Power that can punish those who deserve it and reward those who earn it. No God whose Name fits in all the "blanks" that mankind, in all his "wisdom," cannot figure out about the universe. It could be that there is no GOD GREATER THAN mankind in the universe. But think about it. I mean REALLY think about it.

Abrushing1968 profile image

Abrushing1968 4 years ago from USA- Florida Author

Gaming Cowboy:

I have been trying to get to your statement all day. I am so glad you stopped by. I always enjoy having folks with a different perspective chime in. I hope I can address you in a manner that is respectful and engaging.

Much of your statement has already been covered by this Hub. I will not take the time to restate what has already been said. However. I find that I do have some what to say to you.

First, I would like to assure you that I have indeed "thought about it" I have dedicated a copious amount of time and have produced an equal amount of literature explaining my faith and how I arrived to my understanding. I am wonder dear Gamer, have you done the same? have you "really" thought about the things you believe? I have put in the time, have you dedicated, your time, to proving your faith?

For me, and for many like me, God is more than a sentiment, or an idea. He is real and intimate and in some ways even tangible. I am not suggesting that He is like a person who you would walk up to and shake hands with. Yet I am suggesting that you can know him and learn to discern his presence. For me, He is as real as as you are. More so in fact, for I have no relationship with you.

I believe that those who died in Aurora were victims of a depraved men

who cared not what God or men think. I agree that their deaths are a tragedy and a crime has been committed. But again the crime was not God's but man's.

Science teaches us that for every action, there is a equal and opposite reaction. Christians teach this law as well, only, we call it consequence.

The idea that God punishes those who do evil and rewards those who do good has been illustrated to you over and over again through consequences. Mr. James Holmes has destroyed a great number of lives. God is and will deal with him in this life and worse of all in the life to come. He will get what he deserves.

The scary thing about people who are unable to see God's hand in their life. They are blind to his warnings and deaf to his word. Than when God does bring judgement, via poverty, poor health, or imprisonment, they learn nothing and simply write it off as well. We Christians have a saying for this. we say that they lack eyes to see with and ears to hear with. Their own unbelief has made them deaf and blind. Gamer can you see the hand of God in your life? Do you have the eyes and ears needed to discern God dealings with you?

If you wish to see God's hand of judgement consider how Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini died. These men were among the worst of humanity. Consider Asama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. None these men died in peace. Their last days were miserable, violent and/or afflicted. The interesting thing is, for a substantial part of their lives, these men thought they were getting away with their depravity; but in fact, for reason known only to God, He was storing up His wrath against them.

I wonder sir, what has been the consequences of you sins? Has it seemed that your evil deed have been ignored? If so, I hope you will consider my warning and my wisdom. God may be storing up his wrath against you as well.

Seriously think about it. I mean, seriously, think about it. :)


drmiddlebrook profile image

drmiddlebrook 4 years ago from Texas, USA

Well done, ABR. Well done. It's easy for agnostics and atheists to blame "God" or our belief in a benevolent "God" when bad things happen. It's the same principle as how it's always easiest to blame other people for your own problems when you need a scapegoat. Some of mankind hate to look in the mirror and accept that the one to blame for much of what happens is staring right back at him or her. God gave mankind "free will," and some use it in good ways, to do good, while others use it to behave badly, for evil. "Where is your God now?" They ask, hoping to bring Believers down a notch by questioning their belief in God, trying to make us feel stupid for believing. They are too "uninformed" about God to understand that our belief in Him is not predicated on the actions of any individual or even groups of individuals who, like us, are living on earth in finite bodies for a finite amount of time. Our faith does not depend on what the "created" do; but is grounded in what the Creator has already done.

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