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Many conservatives claim to be Christian yet follow the philosophy of Ayn Rand, an avowed atheist.In fact this is the same philosophy promoted by the Church of Satan.follow link if you want to confirm this fact.

If you claim to be a Christian and you follow the philosophy of Ayn Rand, this is for you and it is a challenge, can you justify following an atheist philosophy and still be a Christian?

Weigh these words from the Bible next to the words from Ayn Rand and justify your so-called Christianity

Matthew 25:41-45
41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.

44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

45 ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

Ayn Rand, prominent Atheist and author of Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead is the cultural goddess of the political right. A partial list of the adherents of Ayn Rand’s philosophy includes

Rush Limbaugh, http://www.randex.org/index.php/weblog/auth/UnVzaCBMaW1iYXVnaA

Clarence Thomas and other conservative icons: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/post/what-ayn-rand-says-about-paul-ryan/2012/08/13/fd40d574-e56d-11e1-8741-940e3f6dbf48_blog.html

Paul Ryan, “I grew up reading Ayn Rand and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are and what my beliefs are. It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff.”http://www.atlassociety.org/ele/blog/2012/04/30/paul-ryan-and-ayn-rands-ideas-hot-seat-again

Sean Hannity, "Atlas has shrugged" http://forums.4aynrandfans.com/index.php?showtopic=10077

Alan Greenspan, "Parasites who persistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should." http://www.politicalruminations.com/2010/12/morning-quote-alan-greenspan-on-ayn-rands-atlas-shrugged.html

Ron Paul, "In 2007, he told Dartmouth students that “she had a lot of influence on me,” but he has also criticized her take on religion andChristianity as seeming “so cold.”" http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0412/75667.html
Rand Paul, , Jim Jordan, Steve Moore, John Campbell, and many others.

Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.), gives his interns copies of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged."

Campbell told Steve Bensen, of the Washington Monthly that the response to President Obama's economic policies reminded him of what happened in the 51-year-old novel.” The achievers, the people who create all the things that benefit rest of us, are going on strike. I'm seeing, at a small level, a kind of protest from the people who create jobs, the people who create wealth, who are pulling back from their ambitions because they see how they'll be punished for them." Apparently, Rep Campbell knows some people that are “going Galt”

Have you seen someone with a t-shirt with the logo “Going Galt?” Galt is a protagonist and hero in Atlas Shrugged and he withdrew his productive endeavors from society, he didn’t cut back, he went on strike. How many movers and shakers have you seen that withdrew from business? Are there groups of people who are so heavily taxed that they simply withdraw? Show me the evidence.

Campbell sees these actions as a response by the wealthy, the worthy people in Rand’s mind, to the Obama plan to raise their taxes to the level of a 39.6% top rate, the same rate as we had under Clinton when there was a budget surplus and full employment. At the end of the Great Depression, under FDR, the top rate was around 80%. By president Reagan’s first term, it was 50%. Now, it’s 36% and the capital gains tax is a mere 15%. Capital gains is a large part of the income for the wealthiest Americans, just ask Warren Buffet who pays a lower percentage of his income as taxes than the average worker.

Do you think that Rand returned all that conservative love from fans like Ronald Reagan? In her own words from Rand’s final public speech, “Sanction of the Victims,” delivered November 21, 1981:

"In conclusion, let me touch briefly on another question often asked me: What do I think of President Reagan? The best answer to give would be: But I don’t think of him—and the more I see, the less I think. I did not vote for him (or for anyone else) and events seem to justify me. The appalling disgrace of his administration is his connection with the so-called “Moral Majority” and sundry other TV religionists, who are struggling—apparently with his approval—to take us back to the Middle Ages, via the unconstitutional union of religion and politics.".

Paul Ryan for President? Ryan lives in an Ayn Rand world

Ayn Rand and Followers

Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan
Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan
Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh
Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court
Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court
California Rep John Campbell
California Rep John Campbell

Ayn Rand on Religion "I am against God"

Ayn Rand in her own words

In the following texts, the words printed in italics are direct quotes from Ayn Rand. Rand promotes a philosophy of “rational self interest” and “objectivity” as a means of promoting the growth of civilization. Putting yourself first promotes economic efficiency. Any altruism or helping your neighbor has to be based on what is in it for me. This reasoning is behind many of the worst aspects of capitalism. Should I curb pollution now when the benefits go to future generations? Not if that means that I make less money now. Why should my taxes be used to feed the poor when all they are is a bunch of “parasites ?” If I see you being mugged, why should I get involved? I might get hurt and there is no profit in that at all. Welcome to “Objectivity,” and the philosophy of the right wing.

Interview with Mike Wallace


This philosophy leads to nothing less than mass murder. When you deny food to someone that cannot support him or herself, you condemn that person to starvation, but what is in it for me? Democrats have just stopped the Republican spending bill that would cut the Women Infants and Children program, which offers food aid and educational support for low-income mothers and their children, by $868 million, a 13 percent cut from current spending. This Objectivist philosophy holds its own very well when compared to Nazism and the Final Solution, only the worthy survive. If you are unemployed, or handicapped, or otherwise deemed unworthy, you are a parasite , unworthy of any help. Most of us, or at least I hope most of us still support a mixed form of Capitalism which regulates the excesses of Capitalists and provides a safety net for any and all of us in times of need.


What is evil?

In the interview with Mike Wallace, Wallace asked, “You say you do not like the altruism with which we live” . . . “I would say I don’t like, is too weak a word, I consider it evil.”” You are out to destroy, almost every edifice of our contemporary American way of life, our Judeo-Christian religion, our modified, government regulated capitalism, our rule by the majority will, other reviews have said that you scorn churches and the concept of God, are these accurate criticisms?” Uh yes!”

“Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”
“Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.”
Obviously Jesus had not read Ayn Rand, I wonder if He would have called the poor parasites, but, this is Conservative philosophy. Throw your Bible away and follow Ayn Rand and you too can be a true Conservative.

William Buckley

Objective Reality

Rand promoted a philosophy of “objective reality ” (her words) “reality exists in an objective reality” “man needs a rational morality”. “Man...has to hold reason as an absolute” “his highest moral purpose is the achievement of his own happiness” “Each man must live as an end in himself and follow his own rational self interest.” Wallace; “Christ, every other important moral leader in man’s history has taught us that we should love one another, why is this kind of love, in your mind, immoral?” “it is immoral if it is a love placed above oneself, it is more than immoral, it is impossible!” “You love only, those who deserve it. ” Wallace; “If a man is weak, or a woman is weak, then he is beyond love?” “He certainly does not deserve it” “If a man wants love he should correct his weaknesses” Wallace; “There are very few of us in this world, who by your standards are worthy of love?” “Unfortunately yes, but it is open to everybody, to make themselves worthy of it and that is all my morality offers them.”

From Ayn Rand’s Message to America, in her own words on Conservatives; “They are claiming that freedom, Capitalism and America are based on faith in God. Politically such a claim contradicts the fundamental principles of the United State, in America; religion is a private matter and must not be brought into political issues. Intellectually, to rest one’s case on faith is to concede that reason is on the side of one’s enemies” “The plea to preserve tradition, as such, appeals to the worst elements in man and rejects the best, it appeals to fear, cowardice, conservative self doubt, and rejects creativeness, originality, independence, self reliance.

Then we have from the Church of Satan web site:
bjectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, is an acknowledged source for some of the Satanic philosophy as outlined in The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. Ayn Rand was a brilliant and insightful author and philosopher and her best-selling novels Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead continue to attract deserved attention for a new generation of readers. I am a strong admirer of Ayn Rand but I am an even stronger admirer of Anton LaVey for the vital differences between the philosophies of Objectivism and Satanism."

Stephen Colbert

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Great Hub ChefsRef. Her philosophy is truly evil and her adherents take it as a religion. Yes she was an atheist but she has become an almost religious icon. Her philosophy basing actions on only maximizing one's own happiness is horrible. Any politicians that openly adhere to this should be shown to the public for what they are.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx HS

I have to wonder how many of the right wing actually know what evil they follow as a philosophy. Hope this changes someone's mind

Society wouldn't exist if it were founded on this evil

craig nr 5 years ago

The reactionary right need someone to justify their extremist policies and actions , with adolph , mao , stalin , etal dead and discredited.......Rand fortunately did not rise to the political heights where she could not only be dead , but completely discredited , until she is we have to endure the "fools on the hill" and off ..........

If jesus hadn't risen he'd be turning over in his grave , right now.......Considering all those that mislead while leading , following a rand type of philosophy , as more still knock on that objectivist door..........

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx Craig

people are unfortunately, led by right wing demagogs without looking into the basis of their evil philosophy. Paul Ryan being a follower says it all, the wealthy do not want to share with the parasites. Leaders like these led to the Third Reich, so, can it happen here? Will it happen here?

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 5 years ago

I had noted the same thing and have pointed it out on a few occasions. In the current political climate with the president sporting rank Keynesianism, I think conservatives are picking up whatever intellectual weapons that work and are using them. Sure, Rand was an atheist and Orwell was a socialist, but conservatives tend to find both useful. Perhaps the same rationale might explain why Hillary Clinton drags religion out and promotes it from time to time. Consider it a blunt instrument. But perhaps the times call for a measure of pragmatism. The president is in way over his incompetent head and is sending the economy to the basement. Perhaps a measure of panic is in order. Grab the most convenient weapon and attack!

Great insights. Voted up.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx Bibowen

The level of hypocrisy of the political right claiming deep Christianity while promoting anti-Christian legislation is telling. I wonder if Jesus would cut food and medical care for the poor and elderly so he could cut taxes on businesses and the wealthy. The rationale that lower taxes promotes growth is a joke, taxes are at the lowest point in many years and the economy is in the toilet, where it fell during the tenure of Bush, the tax cutter,not Obama. Blaming Obama for the economy is just to ignore reality, all the Republicans can offer is to cut food and medicine. Who will be helped by having more hunger and illness?

If that is the state of Christianity in America we would be better without It.

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AKA Winston 5 years ago

Although Rand was a moron, you also cannot dismiss the impacts of Adam Smith and the Chicago School of Economics when it comes to horrific ideas that have aided and abetted the GOP and tea-baggers.

The reason Rand's most successful books espousing her philosophy were novels is due to the fact that in novels one can control the environmnet and the outcomes.

After all, the entire thing is fiction...

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx AKA

Good points, it's distressing that these ideas all work against the poor, the elderly and the ill to the benefit of the wealthy and business.

We fought a war against Fascism only to turn to fascist economic philosophy in America.

profile image

Fay Paxton 5 years ago

Great hub Chef.

If ever anything should be scary to people it's those in a leadership position follow such evil ideals. I agree with AKA Winston. What is really sad is that we're watching it all unfold right before our eye...in the name of God.


chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx Fay

I was hoping some religious conservative would comment and try to justify using this evil philosophy.

When my uncle came back from fighting in WWII, he brought home a NAZI belt buckle. The belt buckle has stamped on it "God With Us." This is the same hypocrisy being practiced right now by conservatives

PrometheusKid profile image

PrometheusKid 5 years ago from Heaven

Aka Winston Rand is not a moron if anything she is fit she understand the simple concept of, To be or not to be.

Why should Atlas carried you http://shrugitatlas.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/45... Her concept was simple and just what if Atlas shrugged? can anyone answer her question.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx prometheus

Why should Atlas carry any of us? Together we carry each other, divided, no one can carry themselves and maintain an advanced standard of living. Could you fight your own war or put out a fire in your house? OMG, we depend on socialist agencies within our own society.

Richard VanIngram profile image

Richard VanIngram 5 years ago from San Antonio, Texas

Chefref -- I've got one word for this essay & your comments: Beautiful!!!

PrometheusKid -- If you want to read a sustained series of arguments aimed against Ayn Rand's Objectivism and libertarianism, go to my Hubpage and start reading all of the essays about individualism vs. egoism, Ron Paul, libertarianism, and Glenn Beck. Afterwards, if you'd like to quote scripture -- er, I mean "Atlas Shrugged" or "The Virtue of Selfishness" or anything else from Rand -- at me, I'll gladly respond point by point. But make absolutely certain you've read everything I've written on my Hubs about ethics and politics BEFORE doing so as I am fairly certain I will have answered many of your points ahead of time and short-circuited Rand's "principles" underlying her beliefs. Remember -- according to Ayn Rand, if you accept her premises, then you must accept her conclusions; so this works the other way around: if I can show any of her conclusions are absurd or any of her premises are irrational or mistaken, I am not bound to accept her philosophy at all. Nor is anyone else.

PrometheusKid profile image

PrometheusKid 5 years ago from Heaven

What if Atlas shrugged?

Simple and gets to the point. But the anti individual will see nothing.

Richard VanIngram profile image

Richard VanIngram 5 years ago from San Antonio, Texas

PrometheusKid -- I'm not "anti-individual," I'm anti-egoist. And Atlas shrugged with it's 1,000+ pages is not simple, but it is simplistic; it could be boiled down to one sentence: Those who have much deserve every last bit of it, no luck or subterfuge is ever involved in acquisition of wealth, wealth is the whole point of existence and those with wealth and means have no responsibilities to anyone whatsoever if they don't feel like taking them on, and those who wind up poor, sick, discriminated against, or whatever, can go straight to Hell because they deserve it and the world will be better off the sooner they die and get out of the way. It's sheer materialism, egoism, and Social Darwinism, and for all the aggrandizement of the sacred ego, Rand and her followers never seem to care overmuch for actual living, breathing human beings. Unless they're rich. Or exist only in badly written, overly long romance novels.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Well said Richard

I have yet to hear from a Randian how the "lucky sperm club" (someone born into wealth) makes those people more worthy than someone born to poor parents. I guess "individualism" works better for someone with rich parents and even better for the children of royalty

PrometheusKid profile image

PrometheusKid 5 years ago from Heaven

She recognizes she has both a private life, a creative area of freedom and intelligence with its obligations, and an external life, with its obligations to recognize the inherent value of other human beings.


But the question still remains what if Atlas shrugged?

http://www.photohome.com/pictures/new-york-picture... I want to ask Rockefellar but I dont think he would like me.

Richard VanIngram profile image

Richard VanIngram 5 years ago from San Antonio, Texas

PrometheusKid -- I'll play, since you won't read my considerably fewer than 1,000 pages of essays.

"But the question still remains what if Atlas shrugged?"

The answer: There is no "Atlas" outside of fiction novels. And most of the great, creative people in history have been nothing like "Atlas."

Name a few people, real people, whom you believe to be "Atlas" and I'll talk about their shrugging.

profile image

Texasbeta 5 years ago

Good hub...I always laugh a little watching the new conservative winds spout Atlas Shrugged, while claiming their Christianity....not recognizing that the two are diametrically opposed. Then again, it isn't the only blatant irony displayed by that group lately.

wba108@yahoo.com profile image

wba108@yahoo.com 5 years ago from upstate, NY

The problem with Ayn Rand is that she separates morality and politics. The founders maintained that liberty could only be maintained with a moral or a religious people. Her philosophy is as idealistic as that of the political left, both of which failure is inevitable.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx Texasbeta, yes I think we would all be better off if conservative followers would look into what they are following. It might change some minds.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx WBA108

Any political philosophy carried to the extreme will fail. The advantage we have enjoyed in this country is that we have taken bits of many ideas and incorporated them into the whole. The conservatives would like to destroy all vestiges of governmental social programs. The result would be a giant step back to a Dickensian society of beggars and masters, where you and I will be among the beggar class.

wba108@yahoo.com profile image

wba108@yahoo.com 5 years ago from upstate, NY


It is true that conservatives want to do away with social programs but they certainly don't want starving people in the streets. If possible why shouldn't we get rid of as many social programs as we can? They're bankrupting the country, they haven't proved effective, there creating a dependancy, and increasing the size of government thereby threaten our liberties. Once these government bureaucracies are created they take on a life of their own. Why not instead try to reduce the size of government, which reduces taxes encourages private charities and increases wealth for everyone?

chefsref profile image

chefsref 5 years ago from Citra Florida Author

The absence of social programs has a long history in the world, it’s not something new. For a taste of what a wealthy country would be like without social programs, all you need to do is read Dickens’ novels. You find a world of grinding poverty next to immense wealth. There is NO evidence that donations to charity will increase to the point that it replaces the taxes that we pay collectively. There are many wealthy people in this country already and charitable donations are deductible. Where are the huge donations? Hundreds of billions are needed to cover all of the services covered now by Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Do you really believe that people are going to donate that much money?

Look at this page on Wiki for information of how social welfare affects the level of poverty in various countries around the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welfare_state

There is not a shred of evidence that eliminating social programs leads to more prosperity, there is much evidence that these programs lift people out of and prevent poverty.

Conservative America puts profit above all, and there are issues in life that should not depend on someone making a profit. Police, firefighting, military already belong to this group of socialized programs and health care should be added. Give me a reason why it should be profitable for an insurance company to deny me medical care. This happens every day in our profit driven system. The last resort is for people to use emergency rooms and we all pay those bills through higher taxes and insurance bills.

Conservatives would do well to research the topics they feel strongly about. Having opinions fed by Rush, Hannity or Olbermann reinforces ignorance and bias.

America is in the same condition as the British Empire during WWII and the Roman Empire when it fell. We are over extended around the world. Want to save money? Stop policing the planet, military expenditures are approaching a trillion dollars a year. Or, we could take the money away from retirees.

Mason 4 years ago

I think it is interesting to note here that Anton Lavey received much of his philospohy from Ayn Rand. After I finished the FH, which is a great book by the way, I recognized all of Anton Lavey's teachings in Roark's speech to the jury at his trial. It compelled me to look up if there is any strong correlation between the two writers, and it turns out I'm not the only one who notices this.

Hypocrisy is rampant in the USA.

Mark 4 years ago

I don’t know about Paul Ryan, Steve Moore, John Campbell and Jim Jordan but some of the others mentioned in the article as following Ayn Rand cannot in truth be so described. Certainly not Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Alan Greenspan and Clarence Thomas (even if the last makes his clerks read The Fountainhead). Ron Paul, yes. See

The Ayn Rand Institute vs. Ron Paul


mio cid profile image

mio cid 4 years ago from Uruguay

this is a masterpiece of a hub , that interview with William F Buckley ,perhaps the most intelligent conservative of our lifetime should make more than one Paul Ryan supporter cry.let me run to follow you voted up and everything else.

chefsref profile image

chefsref 4 years ago from Citra Florida Author

Thanx Mio

Yeah, there seems to be a level of religious fervor mixed with hypocrisy in this group

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