BABRI MASJID verdict coming tomorrow....

BABRI MASJID demolition and verdict ....
What i believe is that the demolition of Babri Masjid was "planned" by kar sewaks. After demolition, riots occured in Mumbai and other parts of India. L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi and others provoked hindus and kar sevaks to take revenge from muslims. And these foolish people killed muslim men, beat women, raped them, destroyed their homes, offices and livelihood.

L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi and other members responsible for this should be hanged or should be handed extreme form of punishment by court.

Now the revenge thing was on the mind of muslims. A man named Tiger Memon's office was torched in mumbai because he was a muslim. He was innocent and had nothing to do with the riots.He then planned the mumbai bomb blasts, was successful in his aim and fled away from india. But Yakub Memon, the younger brother of Tiger Memon, was sentenced to death. Three other Family members have been given Life Imprisonment. Tiger is still absconding and is wanted by the court for hearing of mumbai bomb blasts.

The irony is that no action was taken against L.K. Advani, M.M. Joshi and other members responsible for masjid demolition and riots but the court was brutal against Tiger and his family members. Was it because Tiger was not a politician and moreover he was a muslim???? The court was so biased but nobody ever raised a question against the court decisions.

I would conclude by saying that "IF" the court finds L.K. Advani and others guilty and punishes them, same form of punishment should be applicable for Tiger Memon and if the court dont find them guilty, then the court should also REJECT the case against Tiger Memon and his cos. from Mumbai Bomb Blasts.

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mandar 6 years ago

nice rossi... gud beginning... and keep it up....

saptarishi 6 years ago

absolutely,,,i second that,,why are the people divided in the name of god,,,GOD MADE MAN ,,,MAN MADE RELIGIONS,,,THERE IS ONE GOD,,HE DOESNT WANT FIGHT,,HE WANTS HARMONY,,,,,instead we fight,,,there should be a temple as well as a mosque at the disputed site.......advani and memo both should be punished,,,,,


ravi 6 years ago

absolutely true. i completely agree with u. good work vishal.

saket71 profile image

saket71 6 years ago from Delhi, India

You write well, I always said, try to get facts on your side when you write and present it as needed and as much needed, but essentially make sure you have them when you need it. There are two quick points, Tiger Memon and LK Advani can not be equated, battery is going down mine and my laptops, will write more on it, second riots that time went unhindered for two months, because, they could. Maximum deaths in Mumbai, ruled by Cricketing food minister, who smiles when people die of hunger, who cultivated shiv sena to counter BJP, sad that they found each other.

KUMAR RAHUL 6 years ago

ur blog has d degree of relativism.......unbiased nd logic driven.....gudd work buddy....

Shweta Sinha 6 years ago

Its all politics dear... dirty politics....

nd millions of poor, lazy and stupid ppl are affected....

abhilash 6 years ago

gud gojng bhaijaan....i cn only say ggr888888

profile image

Uma07 6 years ago

The community clashes between Muslims and Hindus seem to have become quite frequent,which I think is a sad situation in our country.It's been there for ages or else Md Ali Jinnah wouldn't have opted for a completely different nation which was conceded.

Akhilesh 6 years ago

well i say that demolishing babri masjid was a very good decision taken by hindus...what babar did when he was in power.he demolished ram when hindus are in power we returned u a favour.n dont compare hindus wid muslims..we never cheer for pakistan during cricket.we never go for jihad or support terrorists by saying them mujahids..nt only ayodhya verdict even what happened in gujarat was a good lesson for muslims..they burnt a whole bogie full of karsewaks just because of a cup of tea..if u dont know anything about hindus or BJP party then better dont post these stuffs..not only ayodhya even tajmahal n many more monuments are built on hindu taj mahal on tejo mahalaya..And whats happening in india with muslims is nothing in front of what's happening to hindus in pak..hindus dont even have ryt to vote in pak..they have second citizenship status..should we also treat muslims the same way..guess then only people lyk u will keep ur ass shut...

vishal.rossi profile image

vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland Author

well mr. akhilesh

things which hindus are facing in pak is real shame and i condemn it.....and burning coach of train full of kar sewaks was also not acceptable....but if u hv watched news few months ago, modi was charged for causing communal voilence in gujrat...maybe the train was lit bcaz of politicians order who wanted an issue...i dont want to comment further bcaz i dont know much about the facts....

now coming to 2nd part

do 1 thing....go and search people like you and start killing muslims...the community which survives till last will be the winner....u hv guts in ur ass na,then do it asshole....

irresponsible, stupid and good for nothing people like you who give first priority to religion are targets of politicians and you people are the biggest to this world....

and if taj mahal was also built on mandir, why dont u demolish it too....i know that u people wont do that bcaz its one of the 7 wonders of the world

Md Hamed 6 years ago

Dear Akhilesh, good to share your views on this blog, atleast you will get to know yourself.

The demolilshon of Babri masjid was not carried away by hindus, (can't blame the entire community)infact it was carried out by some politicians to gain the political millage and the people's like you who unfortunately born as hindu, fell prey for that, just for few hundred of rupees, unemployment? Otherwise no one has time to travell all along the distances to do such an hineous crime on there own expenses, if we keep on justifying crime on the bases of crime, the whole world will become criminal.

profile image

prajjwal_88 6 years ago

hey akhilesh,

Babar demolished ram mandir more than 500 yrs back.. n guys who demolished babri masjid showed that some ppl can never develop u wanna say that ur mentality is still 500 years old? learn to live with everyone happily... n one thing that i would like to tell u that if u r such a religious person you should not hurt others by demolishing their sacred place( n this goes for babar too but i cant tell him that now!!isn't it?)...if u really think that RAM exists....would he have liked that inhuman act?? so basically the guys who demolished the masjid were hurting their god itself...!! n i m not supporting any religion here..such acts are inhuman.. whether done by hindus or muslims or christians or any other religion.

when a person is born the genes determines his mental capabilities i.e. whether he is an idiot or not..but ironically religion is not determined my the genes!! . n if u are so religious u must believe in reincarnations dont regret watever u said in ur next life in case u r born a muslim then..( ofcourse u wud not remember but still just think about it...)

.but the thing is that noone can explain things to idiots bcoz then they wud not be called idiots...hai na??so u carry on barking...

" haanthi chale bazaar kutte bhaunke hazaar"..

vishal.rossi profile image

vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland Author

awesome reply!!!!

vishal.rossi profile image

vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland Author

1 word is missing in this sentence.... that is threat

irresponsible, stupid and good for nothing people like you who give first priority to religion are targets of politicians and you people are the biggest "threat" to this world.

Tulika Sinha  6 years ago

Its Political issue,all are same BJP/Congress.

When Raj Thakre n group was spreading treat for biharis and UP peple in Maharashtra. Even being in centre Congress was silent because they wanted this to be happend so that Raj n Bal Thakre keep on fighting and Congress can rule on state level as well.

They were hardly concerned about the general public facing problems there.

26/11 was sad incident but after that none of such hitting to other state people happend in maharashtra.

Same happend in Ayodhya, For all pujaris and Swamis, pilgrims were the only sourse of income, which they can earn only if there would be so many mandirs available.

I dont support existance of any Ram Mandir there, even if this would have been true no logic of demolision arises, as per Indian law any land aquired by certion point of time and no claim has been made on it, is belong to that person/group aquired.

Neither BJP took responsibility of making Ram Mandir on the disputed land wen they were in power, because even they never wanted to loose their power.

As Abhishek said, there was Shiv mandir on the land where Taj Mahal is now. That way if you thing then u will find even your home is at smone else's land. Please u first demolish ur home then write such stupid blogs.

Taj mahal is huge sourse of Income for India, due to which lots of Indians get employment and bread for their children.

Please dont get misguided and start distroying old monuments.Not even support such criminal activities.

These old monuments are assests for us. Save these assests they are India's true recognition.

Zuber Ahmed Khan 6 years ago

yes whatever u said is totally correct. My dear I like to do friendship with people like u, who can tell the facts without any fear. India has become Hindu Rashtra, Judiciary, Police, Army, and Administration everybody is in the web of saffron elements only official declaration is to be made by the government of India. Government of India is not doing so, because her international fund and world bank fund will be censored which they are receiving for the upliftment of the minorities.

pl. catch me on

vishal.rossi profile image

vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland Author

thanks for ur comment Mr. Khan

priyanka shukla 6 years ago

thats why ppl say tht hindus dnt have unity among themselves.some one comes kills ur dearer ones still u defend thm....i guess u had never personally experienced any such acts.we should learn from the americans"u touch my vital part n dnt expect i will sit quite". mr .akhilesh pls can u share ur views regurding kashmiri pandits?

vishal.rossi profile image

vishal.rossi 6 years ago from Helsinki, Finland Author

when did i said that i am name sounds hinduish type, but that doesnt mean that i am hindu

rohit_UAE 5 years ago

Dear Readers,

mulsims,hindus,christans are all human beings,religion is created to show people the correct path,instead of destroying a worship place we should have sat down with our muslim brothers and tried to find a common path iam ashmed of what our dirty minded politicians are doing to the fabric of our country hindus are peaceloving people and broadminded ones instead of making people realise rthe language of love anf affcetion we are spreading hatred i just wonder what our polticlians are paid for doing this terrible act in our country pls for gods sake let us all live peacefully and let every indian be knwon as an indian rather than a hindu muslim or christian i just parya that one day coomon sense prevails in our society.



leo 4 years ago

gentlemen, we must know history of our country and our religion. i am not saying go and ask babur of how many hindus he killed/converted before destroying ram temple. but what the fact remains is that mosque demolition hurt the feelings of a many people but killing innocent people during bomb blasts proved that people can kill hindus at will in a country which is the only country with hindu majority. have look with country having opposite demographic ratio and you will understand. in bangladesh, there were approx 30% hindus in 1947 but today there are less than 9%. think it over before you give your righteous and humane comments. world is far from right and just.

Hindustanilion 4 years ago

May I ask ! 1) Who were maintaining and who were deployed for security of the structure ?? 2) Who can plant

hammers,sabbles,bricks,sand,cement and water in the premises ?

Can this type of structure be demolish bare handed with out mechanicle JCB or alike ?? and that to within 5 hours and cleaned the are for fresh platform constructed ???

This was preplanned by central congress Govt's help and at least 5 thousand demolition expert/workers were deployed near fence and military personal ( who were deployed to protect ) told to allowed them to demolish interpretation as they are from BJP !!!! Here Mr Advani failed to understand and tried to take pride as on his initiation BJP people has demolished it and got shucked and till now the hang cord is still on his neck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muslim people were blind folded and think congress is on their favor but its wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can show how entire process was carried out too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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