Peace and love constitute joy or happiness.

With a brother helping
my cause; for I have an
inclination for peace.
To me, war is naturally
aberrant; even senseless.

For if there must be
conflict, it is usually from
within; an internalized
fear or hatred that is
permitted to fester.

A true brother's heart
must be free from jealousy
and bitterness toward
his own kin; or there will
be constant disagreement....

....that is where basic strife,
disgust and lack of respect
emanate between siblings,
let alone complete strangers,
who hardly know each other.

Yet, you and I are kin, and so
my cause is just. It is one leading
to harmony, understanding and
love; so that there will never
be bloodshed (war) among us.

Brother to brother; there will be
tranquility, more so to share,
instead of bickering and fights;
those are elements of division
to destroy any good relationship.


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