Bagh-Dads Daily.

Bagh-dads daily....throw an Afghan- over- Stan.



My camels name is Flauge,
sand colored and hardly seen,
I ride high between his humps,
in the desert night,
in robes and a hood
of black with white specks,
to blend with the stars,
I slip behind enemy lines,
and plant uncommon death,
amidst common roadside objects,
laden with explosives
that disintegrate flesh
vaporizing any near it.
By day I am one of the people,
and bask unknown in the sun,
blending with the population
By night an insurgent
seldom a killable force,
for my camels are many
and those who wear the robe
are endless minions.
We have been killing
for decades, centuries,
using weapons of stealth,
we will not be defeated,
sadly many are thrown against us,
and become fodder
in the scalding sand.
One should choose
their battles wisely,
and know their enemy
before rushing to war.
We do not race to win,
we have an eternity
to remove invaders.'
eventually the last
tolerable one will die
and then all will be
sent home.
But we will go on killing,
it is our calling.
can you not hear it,
after the explosions grow quiet,
and the flesh drips
from tall palms.

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