Bahrain Belongs to Iran!

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Against the regime
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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in discussions about forming a European-like union to oppose their enemy, Iran. Iran is furious about this because Iran considers Bahrain part of Iran, much like China considers Taiwan part of China.

Bahrain was under British control from 1935 -1948, after 1948, rebellions against the British rose and Bahrain was in a limbo colony state. Most people today do not know this. In 1957, Iran annexed it as its 14th province. When this happened, the British began to import thousands of Arab workers to make it less-Iranian. It was not until 1965, the British tried to determine where international borders were and Iran and the West debated over Bahrain. In 1971, the Shah of Iran was forced to accept Bahrain’s independence due to Western pressure, mainly from the British. In 1979, after the Iranian revolution, Iran tried to annex it and has since never agreed to what happened. In recent months, Iran has been quietly meddling in Bahrain's social discontent raised by the majority of its citizens, which are Shiite Muslims, like in Iran. The king of Bahrain is Sunni Muslim as most of its government is and the surrounding countries. In 1981, Iran tried to force a coup and install an exiled Iranian cleric over Bahrain, this failed.

Saudi Arabia has thousands of its own troops in Bahrain to control the discontent there. It is also home to the US 5th Fleet. Bahrain has 1.2 million people squeezed into its small area, some say Saudi Arabia has already annexed the country as mutually agreed. Iran suspects this and still simmers about the whole loss. Saudi Arabia also fears that Iran has the potential to mobilize and incite pro-democracy upheaval among the large Saudi Shiite population living in the country’s oil-rich Eastern Province region. If this were successful, oil supplies could become targets.

Thus, like China over Taiwan, Iran simmers about Bahrain. If there is ever a war or conflict in this area, Iran will no doubt try to once again take Bahrain or render it useless by destroying its oil producing capacity.

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MG Singh profile image

MG Singh 4 years ago from Singapore

The situation in the Middle East is an American creation. Only if they had not supported the Shah and now that obscurantist regime Saudi Arabia things would have not been as bad. I am pretty sure the USA has cooked its own goose. Good post Perrya.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Maybe...but Persia\Iran and much of the Middle East was not American before, during, or after WW2, it was British. It was not until the late 50's did America become heavily involved.

Jameela mohanna 3 years ago

Bahrain was annexed (taken by force) by Iran from Saudi Arabia

the 1654 map clearly shows that Bahrain (Dilmun) was part of the Province Bahrain in Saudi Arabia- Claims to be Iranian in any way are a mirage you should get your facts straight before commenting and posting inaccurate information about my

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

according to some, it is open to dispute.

jameela mohanna 3 years ago

You dispute (not some but you) a map that is readily available also showing that Qatar was part of the province of Bahrain in the 17th century and way before so you can continue to vilify the Kingdom of Bahrain - how much do you get paid to write this kind of trash on Bahrain - It is disputed only by brainwashed foreigners who have never been or lived here - only copied and pasted trash written by troublemakers who want to bring the county in the fold of the bloodsoaked list of annexed area's of Iran, a country that educated them (including scholarships abroad) feeds them and houses them for mere peanuts compared to the rest of the world. Have you ever taken the time to speak the real people (not imported/exported Shia dissidents)who are effected by the daily barrage of Iranian paid terrorists who burn tires and throw firebombs at those who try to pass by the roadblocks who target foreign workers with homemade bombs and homemade guns targeting police and trying to kill them for nothing more that there to protect the 99% of us who would like to see them deported to Iran ? I guess not, you would get a totally different picture of the real situation when not swallowing the spoon fed slurry served up by Khawajah mushaima and their followers

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

You are certainly entitled to your own biased opinion. But, the modern history of this country is what it is. Whether Iran REALLY wants the country back or knows it will never happen because the US protects that area, is all political excuses for Iran to harass Bahrainians by the methods you mention. Be thankful the US 5th fleet is near, otherwise, Iran would probably be more daring with their missiles. Like you, the Iranians cite the history from their perspective and they think it is correct. That is just how it is. As long as Bahrain is protected by the US and Saudi military, no worries.

Fooladi 3 years ago

I guess a brief study of history makes it crystal clear that Bahrain belonged and belongs to Iran. saudis and other arab countries have no dignity and are US slaves, no doubt about it, all the world knows that without US, arab countries have nothing.

perrya profile image

perrya 3 years ago Author

not true-they have oil!

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