Bal Thackeray – does he deserve the respect and praise?

Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab

Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab
Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab | Source
Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab
Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab | Source

Bal Thackeray Brought Entire Mumbai To A Standstill When Bal Thackeray lived, he brought the entire Mumbai to a standstill at will. When he died also, he perfo

Bal Thackeray Brought Entire Mumbai To A Standstill

When Bal Thackeray lived, he brought the entire Mumbai to a standstill at will. When he died also, he performed the same act. Maharashtra government accorded a State funeral to him even though he never held any government post. Central government and all the political leaders saluted him as one man to show their respect. What has he really done to earn this respect?

Hatred Against Many Sections Of People

Bal Thackeray preached hatred. He openly incited violence against sections of people like Muslims, South Indians, Biharis, Gujaratis and others. Violence and hatred were his powerful weapons. He built-up cadres in his party Shiv Sena who would do anything for him. His words were saintly and he was a God for his innumerable followers. He did not mind the inconvenience the general public were put into in a vast city like Mumbai while executing his plans.

Shiv Sena Government Was The Most Corrupt

Shiv Sena got an opportunity to run the Maharashtra government once. Did Bal Thackeray bring any beneficial schemes for the Maharashtra people? No. He ran the most corrupt government of the century. Business people were openly asked to pay ransom amount. Right from government service recruitment to organising festivals, there was corruption everywhere. People of Maharashtra were so much fed up with corruption of Shiv Sena that they threw out the government with disgust. They never gave another chance to Bal Thackeray.

Thackeray Praised Adolf Hitler

Bal Thackeray followed anti-people policies throughout his life. He never did any good to them. He openly adored Adolf Hitler and wanted to be a dictator like him in his life. He suppressed dissent in his party and in his State. He wanted a visa system to be introduced for people visiting Mumbai. He clamoured for the sons-of-the-soil policy. He wanted Indians from other states to be driven out of Mumbai. Everybody hated him to the core. But he did not care. In his personal life also he was very egoistic. He thrust upon his opinions on others.

Vajpayee Said Islam Was The Superior Religion In The World

There is a saying that a man is neither 100% good nor 100% bad. Inspite of many bad things associated with Bal Thackeray in his public and personal lives, there was a good thing also with him. Bal Thackeray did not mince words in condemning the policies of the Congress and other political parties in appeasing the minorities. In India, every political leader wants the Muslim votes and appeases them to the core. Even the BJP is no exception to this. When Atal Behari Vajpayee became the Prime Minister, he raised the subsidy for the Haj pilgrimage undertaken by the Muslims. He was asked why he preferred Muslims over other religions. Vajpayee replied that even though there are many religions in India, Islam is the most superior and therefore he was raising the Haj subsidy. If a BJP Prime Minister is favouring Muslims, you can understand how much favour the Congress and other parties would have done to the Muslims and other minorities. But Bal Thackeray condemned the subsidy to the Muslims for their religious pilgrimage.

Hindus Are Discriminated In India

When more than hundred Hindus were killed in Godhra train mishap when they were attacked inside their train compartment by the surging Muslims, nobody talked about it as they feared that is will bring a backlash to them from the Muslim community. Everybody condemned the massacre of the Muslims in return retaliation by the Hindus in 2002 in Gujarat. When nobody was coming forward to condemning the Muslims for killing the Hindus in Godhra, Bal Thackeray came forward and condemned it. When Bal Thackeray talked about welfare of Hindus in an election speech, the Election Commission debarred him from voting for six years. But when other politicians from Karunanidhi to Mulayam Singh Yadav talk about welfare of Muslims, the Election Commission does not mind and does not award any punishment to them. Treating Hindu community as second class citizen is still going on in India.

Bal Thackeray Worked Hard For Unification Of Hindus

Bal Thackeray wanted to fight out this trend through his own methods. His methods were cruel. But his intention was praiseworthy. Bal Thackeray wanted to bring a semblance of unity among the Hindus for their own welfare. He achieved it to a limited extent in Maharashtra State. He could not copy this model to other parts of India as Shiv Sena was influential only within Maharashtra.

Thackeray Demanded Death Sentence For Kasab

When Kasab, the terrorist from Pakistan killed many innocent people in Mumbai in 2008, no political leader demanded a death sentence for Kasab for his dastardly action for fear of losing the Muslim votes. But Bal Thackeray boldly demanded a death punishment for Kasab.

I Salute Thackeray For What He Has Done For The Hindus

If Hindus want to stop from being treated as second class citizens in India, the only way to achieve it is to follow the footsteps of Bal Thackeray. Bal Thackeray devoted his entire life for the welfare of Hindus. If Hindus have some pride still left in them, it is because of the relentless efforts of Bal Thackeray. I am proud to be a Hindu and I salute Bal Thackeray for what he has done to the Hindu community even though his methods were unacceptable to one and all

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pramodgokhale profile image

pramodgokhale 4 years ago from Pune( India)

Bal Thackeray was our Icon and one in century produced. he saved Maharashtrians form onslaught of non Maharashtrains and built confidence in Marathi peole.

Corrupt people and governments are in every state of India and Shivsena government was not alone to be corrupt.

North indian states are worst performing and lack progressive mindset , no social refroms , kashiram and Mayavati they learned from Mahrashtra's reforms and tried to implement and united Dalits in north India.

mahrastra and marathi community have a background as a rebelion mindset, which others lare lacking.They fought against Moguls, Birtish empire.Balasaheb realised that congress trying to depose Marathi peole from Mumbai, he revolted against local and central governments

marathi people were expecting such Messiah to protect them and rebuild new Maharashtra, with dominant position among all Indian states.

What Akhilesh Yadav CM of UP doing now a days? poor governance has spoiled UP and people of UP are known as goons.

thank you Sir,

pramod gokhale

gaganbhatia profile image

gaganbhatia 4 years ago from Kanpur, India

Mr. Pramod gokhale, I agree that all state govt.s are full of corruption. Mr. Bal thackrey was indeed a wonderful man, but the worst thing he did was to declare that no UP or Bihar person can work in Maharashtra. He is no one to decide that where a Indian can work in India. Not only that, his party works attacked the UP & Bihar people in Mumbai. I dont think that Mr. Akhilesh Yadav or any other person or political party has done it in India. So why should I respect him. If you think like a Marathi, you will find all this rubbish. But, just think like a Human, Does he deserves respect?

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to pramodgokhale

Thank you for your comments. I more or less agree with your views on Bal Thackeray and the Marathi people. Still I feel that Shiv Sena, when it got an opportunity to rule Maharashtra, could have been different from other political parties and given a corruption free administration.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I have replied to your comments

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