Banned from HubPages


OK, So I got Banned

Logged on to HubPages this morning, checked HubTivity, zeroed in on a request for help from a fellow hubber. Clicked on Reply;

Sorry, you are not allowed to make forum posts.

Contact if you have any questions.

Here's the boilerplate email that I received:

We regret to inform you that you have been banned from the HubPages
forums for a period of 3 days. This is because of personal attacks,
which are against our Terms Of Service, and make the HubPages forums a
hostile and unfriendly place. We appreciate your understanding, and
want you to know that you are not being singled out -- other people
are being banned as well.

Team HubPages

It's All Good

In my ongoing effort to by just like my mentor, Hal Licino, I will squeeze a hub or three out of this experience. I may never go back to the forums again, but I'll continue publishing hubs. That's where the cash flows.

Sharing my feelings

Perhaps I can get a paragraph from my feelings. I feel annoyed. That's about it. Sorry for the short paragraph.

Who's mad at me?

Somebody in authority at HubPages thinks I personally attacked, thereby creating hostility and/or unfriendliness in the HubPages forums. We'll probably never know who or why, so I'll speculate why and I don't care about the who. I've always made a point of avoiding name calling in my posts. I've not referred to anyone as stupid, as being from another planet, or as ignorant. I've never questioned someone's credentials. Oddly enough, I've been called stupid, I've been asked what planet I was from, and I've been called a liar in reference to my level of education (which is clearly posted in my profile).

Through it all, I never felt threatened or unsafe at any time.

If someone thinks I pooped in the sandbox, I accept that. It would be nice to know precisely how they formed that opinion, but my life goes on either way.

Feel free to leave comments here. As long as you avoid profanity, I'll gladly allow you to have your say. If I read your cussin', I'll click Deny and you'll have to try again. No one will ever be banned from my Hubs.


Where do I stand?

Call me Ishmael the Conservative, but you probably already knew that. I believe in personal freedom and small government. I believe the government has become too intrusive on our daily lives and virtually every elected official at the federal level has betrayed us.

I believe you have the human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (plagiarized, yes). That's all the government owes you. You don't have the right to free health care, free food, free housing, free school lunches, free college, free transportation, Those things don't exist anyway.

I believe that there is no nobility whatsoever in configuring the government to confiscate wealth in order to provide free stuff to someone else. Donating to charity is noble, voting yourself another citizen's money facilitates tyranny.

I believe that Liberals think they know what is best for everyone else, especially the poor. A prime example is their attitude toward Rush Limbaugh. A typical Liberal will say that Mr. Limbaugh misleads millions of people, implying that they are not smart enough to see through his supposed ruses. Their logical conclusion is that those millions desperately need Liberals to rescue them.

A Prime Example of a poor Liberal debater

Consider the case of the WHO survey that ranked the United States 37th in "Health Care". Here's the link:

Now, some unfortunate Liberal in a HubPages forum tried to use this 'fact' as an argument for socialized medicine. I researched the rankings and discovered the WHO spreadsheet serving as the basis for our poor showing. The spreadsheet contained a set of incomprehensible headings over columns of numbers with no units or any other explanation whatsoever. I politely requested an explanation from my Liberal foil. Naturally, all I received was an assertion that I should accept the numbers and respect the source. We went back and forth, me asking for clarification and they obfuscating. They simply couldn't support their position. Perhaps they felt unsafe and threatened, I dunno.

Fair warning; I'll do the the same thing to you if you put that silly survey in my face. I'm not hostile, just anal.

No Freedom of Speech Here

This sandbox belongs to the good folks at HubPages Incorporated. We are not hubbing in a democracy. There's a Hubtator and he/she makes the HubRules. We Hubbers are crucial but not irreplaceable.

Be completely pragmatic. Calculate your value to the Hub collective. Multiply your monthly earnings by .67. Roughly, you contribute that much to the bottom HubLine. I have no idea if the KingHubber considers this when he/she issues a HubBan. I would!

In my humble opinion we get quite a bit for kicking in 40% of our earnings. Having publishing priveleges on a web site with a Page Rank of 7 is no small thing. Even my reactionary left-brained ramblings get indexed by Google. Even I make a little money.

Do you disagree with me?

If you disagree with me, I am happy to hear you out. I'll not call you names. You probably won't feel safe arguing with me because I'll dismantle your points with facts and figures. My experience on HubPages is that no Liberal can hang with me.

No hostility intended.

Sorry, but that's been my experience. Eventually they all get frustrated and resort to ad hominem attacks or anecdotal evidence. They argue with emotion, not logic. They can't support their positions rationally. That's why Air America went bankrupt anyway. Liberal politics don't stand up to public debate.

Follow Up

My ban ended almost a week ago. I've resisted the urge to participate in the forums since my reinstatement. I don't miss it all that much; somewhere there's a liberal who can treat with me, but probably not on HubPages. ;)

The forums are

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jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

Well Nicomp I spend a few hours reading through the forum to see what happened, and the last place you showed up was in the 1st Woman President. There was no profanity, there was no maliciousness, it was a civil discussion with the other person running out of steam. I have spoken to other Hubbers in the past who experienced this, and you are right in saying, that this is a privately owned company, and who ever they choose to support is their right. See you in a couple days. Chin Up, and all that stuff.

ralwus 7 years ago

Right now I am just thankful we are not getting all the government we are paying for. Didn't your daddy ever teach you not to discuss religion or politics in the house among friends or guests? LOL I don't know what happened but this is what, the second time in about a month now? Maybe stay away from those threads for a month or so. Ahh, who am I kiddin', you love it.

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

nicomp...first, change your nom de most definetly are not a nincompoop...I have followed your commentary in the various forums and you always respond with lucidity, intelligence, factual statements, and clarity, mixed with a lot of humor...I love reading the liberals as they do a slow boil and balk at any pretence of intelligent discourse...Don't leave the forums...your presence is refreshing and at time illuminating...Larry

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Wow Wow Wow. Thanks for the great feedback!

A Texan 7 years ago

As a fellow former Bannee, I applaud your efforts in the forums to try and bring fact to such convoluted reasoning, having said that I personally like slinging crap at the other monkeys! Come on back after the 3 days and start all over, wouldn't be as much fun without you!

The Old Firm profile image

The Old Firm 7 years ago from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand

Just adding my support to this hub so that I too can be tagged as a malcontent and added to Hub Santa's naughty book.

By the way, I disagree with some of your views on welfare. I think that no-one should be left to starve, or homeless, or sick. Regrettably, in the present economy (and most recent ones) there are not enough jobs to go round, and a form of state support - welfare if you wish - is required.

The altruism of voluntary donations is a pleasant thought, but the truth of many of them as that they're made for tax concessions, and in times of hardship, such as now, such generosity is notably absent.

I could carry on over this matter with some feeling, but I have to go in a few minutes to receive an assisted medical examination so I may get a small supplement for my government pension. This may offend your principles, however as I've paid into these schemes compulsorily all my adult life, (and still am) I feel it's my right to try and get a little of my investment back.

Best wishes,

The Ornery old Fart. profile image 7 years ago

I can't imagine you being hostile or unfriendly Nicomp! Is there an appeal process you can go through?

On the topic of government support, having worked with intellectually disabled adults and seen the hardship some ageing parents go through, I believe there is a place for welfare. I also experienced, however, first-hand how so-called government funded do-good institutions can become self-fulfilling and lose sight of their mission and for whom they're resources were created in the first place.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@The Old Firm: I agree that no one should be left to starve or go homeless if they are unable to care for themselves.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author Thanks for the kind words. I emailed the head Hubbers as to why I was banned, but they have not responded. I am much more concerned why my hubs are not being indexed.

dave 7 years ago

A truly enjoyable post!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Thanks, Dave! Your site rocks. Love the domain name.

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Dear Nicomp,

Getting banned from the forums isn't so bad if it means you write more hubs. Great hub!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@breakfastpop: I agree. I may never go back to the forums anyway. Hopefully this will be more profitable if my hubs ever get indexed.

Aya Katz profile image

Aya Katz 7 years ago from The Ozarks

Nicomp, I wonder if there is any way to get the Hubpage staff to give you a link to the exact spot where you supposedly violated the terms of service. That at least would give you some idea what to avoid saying!

cally2 profile image

cally2 7 years ago from Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Nicomp, I don't always agree with your points,especially around health care. But that's probably because I have lived all of my life in places where there is some form of government sponsored health care and despite its problems it seems to work for most countries. Having said that, you have the right to your opinions. To be denied the opportunity to express them as you see fit (provided you are within the bounds of civility) is clearly wrong. If, as seems possible, you have been banned from the forums because your opinions do not concur with the Hubmeister's, there is clearly something wrong in the hubworld. Keep hubbing, your fans will read you here.

magdielqr profile image

magdielqr 7 years ago

Excellent article

Mark Knowles profile image

Mark Knowles 7 years ago

Aww Too bad - I can see you are confused and upset, but I am pretty sure you got banned for being an annoying troll. LOL

I was banned for responding to one of the other trolls who also appears to be banned now.

LiamBean profile image

LiamBean 7 years ago from Los Angeles, Calilfornia

Are you sure you weren't banned for misinformation and BS? Cause you are pretty good at telling half truths and outright lies too.

Colebabie profile image

Colebabie 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

Although logic is obviously important in a discussion, it would be quite boring and pointless without emotion. I may be what you call a "liberal" but I haven't resorted to attacks or empty evidence. Chin up, we'll see you back soon. In the mean time, just keep writing good hubs :)

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

It is all about who complains to the staff. I had a Hub removed completely one day out of the clear blue, AFTER it had been up a month and had 500 views and 100 comments, 97 of which were positive. I got no explanation other than I had violated TOS. I had a photo of an aborted baby on there; I removed it; and voila! My Hub was back on line. It seems the Lefties specialize in whining—no surprise, right? I guess the bottom line was it's OK to do it but not to see it. uh huh

Friendlyword profile image

Friendlyword 7 years ago from

I not sure but I think we talked a few times. I'm one of those emotional liberals you talk about. I'll argue with you whether or not my arguments are logical. But I think banning people is wrong. This is the first blog I ever joined. I thought this was the one place you had freedom to express yourself. I did not get banned yet. I gonna to be as careful as I can be, and still try to express myself. It's a shame, I had sooooo much fun P ing off people. Welcome back!!! Hope we argue soon.

Friendlyword profile image

Friendlyword 7 years ago from

"Are you sure you weren't banned for misinformation and BS? Cause you are pretty good at telling half truths and outright lies too."

Nah... that's not it. All of them would have been banned by now.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Friendlyword: We'd all be banned, except LimaBean. :)

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Update: I've been reinstated to publishing privileges in the forums. Still no word from the HubGods as to why I was banned: no response to any of my email inquiries has been forthcoming.

I'm just a harmless little fuzzball.

megs78 profile image

megs78 7 years ago from quebec


nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@megs78: good one!

megs78 profile image

megs78 7 years ago from quebec

:)...I tried to leave just a smiley face, but Hubpages advised me that "your comment is rather short" so here you go...:)

jits 7 years ago

i have been banned because i have made many mistakes and also used many website in it

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 7 years ago from Arizona

Being banned for 3 days.... I find the premise quite funny and seemingly childish on their part, join me in a laugh!

It has resulted in you gaining at least 1 more reader as I enjoy someone that can get under the skin of the powers that be, or maybe it was just a whiner that squeaked so loud in their ear they used you for grease?LOL

Great approach, keep up the good work.

Madame X 7 years ago

nicomp - you are hilarious on the Forums sometimes and have made me laugh out loud way more than once! Don't you even think of leaving. They would be a lot duller without you. As for being banned, it seems sort of random to me. No one is ever allowed to learn from their mistakes in that they're never told what they did!! Kinda like mommy and daddy saying "because I said so". If they're going to "parent" us at least they could be good at it. Welcome back :)

lmmartin profile image

lmmartin 7 years ago from Alberta and Florida

Personally, I like a forum where all points of view are debated, and I'm sorry to hear your particular voice was arbitrarily removed. For whatever it's worth, I don't agree with this action.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@lmmartin: Thanks, I agree with you. I've never suggested anyone should be silenced. I've never engaged in name calling and oddly enough I've never received a response from the HubCrew as to why I was banned. Since then I've stopped posting to forums completely.

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Hi Nicomp,

I'm chuckling that Hal Licino is your role model. Does he ever post in the forums? Wouldn't that cut down on his amazing productivity? 12 hubs a 1/2 hour without spamming -- now that's a neat trick!

In all seriousness, tho, sorry you got slapped on the wrist.

Welcome back from banishment....

And for what it's worth, I have never found the delivery of your viewpoints in any way objectionable. The views themselves... well, let's just say agree to disagree:-)! Lurv ya you crazy equine creature you, MM

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia

I've just been banned from posting on forums. I thought I was following HubPages advice:

"Congratulations! You wrote a great hub that has been chosen to be put on our HubNugget Wannabe list!"

"Remember to promote your work to get lots and lots of votes. It's perfectly legitimate! Promote your Hub like crazy anywhere and everywhere that you can, just please do not place your link in the HubPages forum or the HubNuggets hub." Well, silly me, I forgot to read the last sentence and I went and did just that: placed my link in the HubPages forums!!

As to HubPages not being democratic, I think they are. If we agree to the rules, we should not break them.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Sue Adams: Bummer. At least you know why you got banned, that's a start. I still have no idea. At this point I don't care much anymore; I'm more concerned about why many of my hubs aren't getting indexed.

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 7 years ago from Andalusia

What do you mean indexed?

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Sue Adams: "Indexed" means that Google has added the page to their search engine. If that doesn't happen, everything else is moot because no one will know the page exists unless they search Hubpages for it.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Update: This page has been index by Yahoo but not by Google. Is anyone has a clue as to why, I'd love to hear from you.

akirchner profile image

akirchner 7 years ago from Central Oregon

I have my own input to add re: the forums - after being insulted to the point of (almost) quitting by some of the comments I personally received when I asked questions, I can't imagine anyone getting banned if a few people who will remain nameless did not! I have decided to never visit the forums again for that reason as I felt that some of the answers I got were totally smug and arrogant not to mention insulting to my intelligence - especially since I added the caveat that HEY - I'M NEW - if I wanted to get beaten up, I'd go back to my childhood! I am still unsure myself as to where this all goes and what is the point but I guess for now I will keep on writing and hope for the best! I do appreciate folks that have the courage to speak up, however! Audrey

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@akirchner: Thanks for writing. Sounds like you took some serious abuse.

I still don't know why I was banned. I think I called Mark Knowles a troll once or twice, but beyond that I have no idea.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 7 years ago from New England

dipping my foot in the forums, I learned very quickly to stay away. There are people there who think their shit don't stink just because they've been here longer or have more hubs than me. Anyways, I recently had a run-in with Officer Hub which I wrote about. Apparently, you also have to be careful not to hurt anyone's feelings in your own hubs. Good read nicomp.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Set's All Set: Thanks. I still haven't received an explanation for my banishment.

ryankett 7 years ago

Why is HalLacino your mentor? I was under the impression that, at least relative to the number of hubs he has published, he really doesnt earn a great deal of money.....

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@ryankett: Whatever.

ryankett 7 years ago

Indeed, whatever. Whatever that means, whatever whatever means. Your intellect leaves me dumbfounded.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

Sigh. For those of you who have a life outside HubPages, the preceding was brought to you by a hubber who fancies herself a master of dry wit. It's funny to her when she writes it. Don't take it seriously.

ryankett 7 years ago

And I love you too nicomp, I have loved you ever since you decided that I was satans spawn, whenever that was. Having a life outside of hubpages, lol thats a joke, coming from somebody who has published more hubs than me and used to post on the forums on a daily basis. My dry wit has seen me published in quite a few American magazines mate, although you dont generally consider Florida to be America of course - they are far too happy and layed back I suppose. Best wishes, Ryan xx

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@ryankett: Fine. You win. You're Hemingway, I'm Alistair Eisenschuz. Good on you!

ryankett 7 years ago

I only came on here to give your hubs and read and join your fanclub, clearly a mistake. I wont trouble you again nicomp, dont worry. You know, Hal Lacino published a hub which clearly showed that he rarely made over $10 in a day with 1000 hubs, that statement was founded on the basis of the great mans own comments. Bye.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 7 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@ryankett: bye.

maxx2010 profile image

maxx2010 6 years ago

me too the same...i was really dissapointd when all my fans where removed...they hadnt seen the good work i have done

MagicStarER profile image

MagicStarER 6 years ago from Western Kentucky

Hey! :) I don't know about your "performance" in the forums, since I don't visit them very often - I figure if I can't think of something nice to say, I better not say it. Since I often can't, I just pass on through unnoticed... Arguing with people I have never even met about topics I will never have any control over seems rather stupid to me, and is not my purpose for being on HubPages.

I have noticed, though, that you are very intolerant of others' opinions. No one likes to have someone else's ideas forced on them. We all have our own life experiences and reasons for feeling the way we do about things. This should be respected.

You are a very forceful and imposing "Conservative Republican". Limiting yourself to this inflexible mindset is detrimental to your own personal growth and development.

I am going to add a comment I just put on my own last hub here, if it's ok with you. I am not trying to be confrontational with you. I would just like to show you another way of looking at things. Instead of looking at everyone with a microscope searching for faults and differences, you should be embracing what you have in common with others.

It doesn't matter whatsoever if we are a "Republican" or a "Democrat" or a purple spotted Easter Bunny. We are all humans and Americans. We all know there is something very seriously wrong with things in our government and in our country.

We must not let political affiliations, nor opinions on isolated issues separate us. We are all Americans first! And we must start looking past our differences and beyond them, to our common interests and the preservation of our freedoms, which were fought for at such sacrifice by our ancestors. They never intended that their hard work should end up like it is.

Remember this:

Democrats love God and Jesus, the American Flag, the Constitution and Apple Pie just as much as Republicans do! Truly! STOP LETTING PETTY THINGS SEPARATE US!!! WE ARE ALL AMERICANS AND OUR FREEDOMS ARE ALMOST ALL GONE NOW.

When we are all locked up in "detention centers" aka "residential facilities", it will no longer matter which party we voted for. One is just as corrupt as the other. We will just be fellow humans in a world of hurt.

Think about it...

Now go read my hub: "Message to Law Enforcement Officials, Military, and Other Public Servants". Try to keep your mind open, and try to understand that we are not enemies, though our political affiliations might be different.

We are all in this shit together, and we will all face the same problems.

I will say here that I disagree with you on one thing. I do think that the stronger among us must look out for those who can not help themselves. Health Care should be free for everybody.

Having said that, we can agree to disagree, and sorry you got banned. My hubs get flagged all the time for silly stuff like "too many links" or "prohibited content". I had to actually delete one! Oh well, keep on truckin....

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@MagicStarER: "I have noticed, though, that you are very intolerant of others' opinions."

Nope. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. I simply point out where Liberal/Democrat/Progressive politics collapse under the weight of common sense.

MagicStarER profile image

MagicStarER 6 years ago from Western Kentucky

Sorry about the above "attack of diarrhea of the mouth", but I was suddenly struck by a HUB IN PROGRESS. You inspired me with a HUB, which, thanks to you, broke me out of apathy and writer's block, and which I wrote and it ended up doing pretty good for a few days! Thanks, nicomp!

I'm surprised I'm not banned for my "The United States Puts Babies in Prisons" and the "Message to Law Enforcement...etc" hubs. (Somebody has to do it...)

Everybody has a right to free speech and their opinions.

I have seen some otherwise intelligent people with really dumb opinions. ('Course that's just my opinion...)

Hub on! :)

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

I'm not sure how you survived the ban, the emotional toll must have been terrible. However, I see that you have almost 300 hubs in less than a year so you must know something. I'll have to keep reading...

TattoGuy 6 years ago

Oh well at least yer not a lifer like me lol !

rkhyclak profile image

rkhyclak 6 years ago from Ohio

Whew, I'm glad I'm on the same side of the arguments as you! I've only just stumbled on you writing, but am really enjoying it. Will continue to read! Thanks :)

MaritimeGem profile image

MaritimeGem 6 years ago from Gaspe Quebec Canada

Wow,, as a new Hubber I feel I have just taken a crash course in Hub etiquette but have developed a healthy fear of the forums. Great hub!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@MaritimeGem: Thanks! Have a good time hubbing.

TerriBruner profile image

TerriBruner 6 years ago from Kentucky and Tennessee

Now THAT was definately an interesting article from a man whom was sent temporarily into "Hubbernation", and came out better for it. Always, I say, a penny for you thoughts, as long as they are honest!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@TerriBruner: Thank you for writing. I love "Hubbernation"!

rgarnett profile image

rgarnett 6 years ago from KC, MO

I just started peeking my head into the forums and I can think of quite a few people who could have been banned. I can't imagine what you would have said or done to be banned. It seems the forums are a volitile place to be regardless though. Thanks for the read! :)

bgamall profile image

bgamall 6 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Let's talk about intrusive government. Many conservatives apparently don't understand separation of church and state.

And who intruded more when the housing bubble blew up and burst? Government or the banksters who were aware that the Reagan revolution allowed them to do what they please? I wish you would read my hub on our one world government, economically speaking.

And who intruded into the affairs of the middle east? George Bush. And he stole oil as McCain said it was for the oil. This is a war crime, but since the US is the most powerful country, they get away with it.

Tell me about intrusiveness.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@bgamall: I don't think you understand the separation of church and state, but I do thank you for your comments.

Charles James profile image

Charles James 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

If banning you for three days generates three hubs, it seems a good idea. HubPages and you earn directly from hubs, but both earn nothing from your forum postings.

I have the impression you are not so much unhappy about being banned for being rude, as not knowing which insult did it!

If you go around insulting folk you will sometimes receive an unexpected punch on the nose. That was it.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Charles James:

"If you go around insulting folk you will sometimes receive an unexpected punch on the nose. That was it."

No. A nose-puncher is kind enough to confront his victim. I still don't know who was unhappy with me or what set them off.

"I have the impression you are not so much unhappy about being banned for being rude, as not knowing which insult did it!"

I'm not unhappy about either. Insults are subjective. I don't think I insulted anyone. I never call anyone names, although there's a forum post asserting that I called some a 'nutjob'. Patently false, to the best of my recollection.

Charles James profile image

Charles James 6 years ago from Yorkshire, UK

Good for you! Intelligent folk like us can get people annoyed without even trying!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

FYI: I still haven't been back to the forums.

Alexander Mark profile image

Alexander Mark 5 years ago from beautiful, rainy, green Portland, Oregon

You are definitely passionate, but so far I have found nothing that warrants banning! My opinion so far is that you are overly adamant but NOT WITHOUT REASON. You have been respectful when making comments on my hubs, and it is easy to see that you create an atmosphere conducive to free speech by the quality of commenters you attract.

I haven't spent much time in the forums, I too easily get caught up in flame wars and with mindless rhetoric spewing liberals (I'm making a distinction from the many well meaning liberals), there is no ending an argument without hostility and lies.

You realize that the "loser" often makes the biggest noise when he has been defeated. Consider your temporary ban a badge of honor as it probably came about when a few of your fellow debaters became angry when you demanded logic and verifiable facts.

I am looking forward to well reasoned debate with you, but you do seem well informed and I'm not sure I should try!

Texasbeta 5 years ago

As a staunch liberal, I get banned almost every two weeks. It isn't political; it is punk moderators that act like 8 yr olds.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 5 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Texasbeta : Welcome!

Brinafr3sh profile image

Brinafr3sh 5 years ago from West Coast, United States

Freedom of speech is good, as long as it agrees with the Bible. What ever God says in all his commandments I echo it.

nicomp profile image

nicomp 5 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@Brinafr3sh: All freedom of speech is good.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

Nicomp, old friend, I waded through 2/3 of these posts and did not see if you ever found out about your banning, knowing that you wrote this two years ago? Did the Hubgods on Mt. Olympus give you a revelation?

Having a new persona on Hubpages, I just found out that two of my constituents have been banned. In fact, they no longer even have a Hubsite. Does Hubpages ban people permanently?

Best wishes, behave, and be well - C.J. Sledgehammer

nicomp profile image

nicomp 4 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@CJ Sledgehammer: Nope, HubFolks never did respond to my HubRequests for HubInformation. I was suspended and it turned out to be a good thing because I never went back to the forums. There's no money to be made in the forums.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

From what I hear, there's not much money to be made writing Hubs either. :0)

nicomp profile image

nicomp 4 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@CJ Sledgehammer: yes and no. The people making money aren't going to tell you. It'd be too easy to copy.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

But aren't we protected by copyright laws?

nicomp profile image

nicomp 4 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@CJ Sledgehammer: LOL. I have a hub that was completely plagiarized including text and graphics. It's rated higher in Google search results than my original. I complained furiously and finally the 'author' ran my text through an article spinner and kept my graphics. It's still up.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

So, does it help, in any way, to put the copyright disclaimer at the end of an article?

nicomp profile image

nicomp 4 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@CJ Sledgehammer: Seriously? No.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

Then, if our material is not protected, what is the point of even writing on Hubpages, if "pirates" can just come along and steal our original "works of art" and then pass them off as their own?

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nicomp 4 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

@CJ Sledgehammer: Yes, our work is not protected. If the thief publishes Google ads on their site, then Google may threaten to cut them off due to their crimes, but beyond that you can file all the DMCA complaint you like and nothing will happen.

CJ Sledgehammer 4 years ago

Thanks, Nicomp, I appreciate the tutorial. :0)

Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

Really Really? Wow. Sorry!

Vin Chauhun profile image

Vin Chauhun 4 years ago from Durban

we have all been banned somewhere....its a sign people are feeling threatened[if you are bad, i'm even worse and i haven't even started making presence known on Hubpages, i'm just gettin' started :)]

as for politics....less government is good[except we cant have a privatized heath care, if public health care was not affordable and dirt cheap, where would the poor and very low income earners get their health from[it can't be totally free ofcourse]

We can't leave everything to the market, that is why we are in this current mess, a mix of government stupidity and apathy with corporate greed

....anyway,,,,knocking a few noses outta shape...makes for exciting Hubbing...hehehe

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gmwilliams 3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

There should be NO bans in the forums. We are adults and adults are going to disagree. Disagreements often include SOME TART and STRONG verbage. If one can't tolerate such verbage, stay away from the forums. Forums are not for KIDS, but ADULTS. NEXT!

nicomp profile image

nicomp 3 years ago from Ohio, USA Author

gmwilliams: verbiage.

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