Banning Abortion Is Immoral - "It causes pain and ends a life" - debunked


Consider this: vegetables in your kitchen were once living cells too. Though I can only imagine that you have no problem with them being slaughtered for your nourishment simply because they do not feel pain and they do not think.

Neither does a fetus when aborted. In both cases, we are dealing with groups of living cells.

You might argue that "the fetus could grow into a human"

So could an ovum; women get rid of at least one of those every month without weeping or feeling sorry for the life that could have been; men don't cry when they ejaculate billions of potential humans.

We cannot base our decisions on potential, we must base it on what we know will actually happen. Either ruin a mother's and a child's life, or have a happy mother. The choice is easy.

"Yes it would be psychologically hard to raise an unwanted child, but who are mothers to decide when to end lives?"

If you're saying this, it means you're in a much better position than a lot of people. A lot of people who do not agree with you.

What about in cases when for example, the woman has an 80% chance of dying if she would have a baby (requiring a dangerous cesarean for example). This does happen. With a ban on abortion, you allow these woman to die, for a group of cells that cannot feel pain, nor have consciousness. In what way is that moral?

Talk about not having the right to end a life? The ban ends lives by killing mothers, useful members of society.


Another point which is difficult for you to argue against is one that happens very often. In Africa, where rape is very common (1 in 2 in Cape Town), as is poverty, is it moral to reject an abortion for a woman who is struggling to feed herself, let alone another being? When it is more than likely that this woman will abandon her baby (this happens a lot) because she cannot look after it?

At that point, not only did you endanger these impoverished women's lives and put them through the pain of labour, prevent them from working and earning the small amounts they were earning, you allow the fetus to grow into something that does feel pain and let it die as a living, breathing, thinking: human.

We cannot close our eyes to the obvious consequences. A total ban on abortion is by no means moral.

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Philanthropy2012 profile image

Philanthropy2012 4 years ago from London Author

Mmm yeah my ads were disabled because it was a controversial topic, but no actual banning as of yet, I hope it survives too because there are so many people who say outright "abortion is immoral" which is of course ludicrous.

Thank you for your time and effort, looking back at this hub I can see it needs work! If it is to survive I need to re-vamp :o not Philanthropy standard at all!

Thank you again and I'll be sure to check out your hubs when I have a spare moment, you seem like an intelligent human being!

topquark profile image

topquark 4 years ago from UK

I hope this hub survives. My hubs about abortion and the underhand tactics of the pro-life movement have been censored by HubPages. It makes me wonder whether the site has an official anti-abortion policy...

Philanthropy2012 profile image

Philanthropy2012 4 years ago from London Author

Here here!

topquark profile image

topquark 4 years ago from UK

I completely agree. Banning abortion is morally indefensible. Any restriction on abortion rights is an act of violence against women. I would like to see legislators tried and sentenced for their crimes against women.

Philanthropy2012 profile image

Philanthropy2012 4 years ago from London Author

"Philanthropy, I will look at a fetus for what it is"

Considering it has no properties of a fully developed human because by definition it is "not a fully developed human" I think we're both in agreement then that a fetus is not a person at all :)

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