Barack Obama: "Change We Don't Believe In"

I will admit that I didn’t vote for the man, but I will also admit that I was curious about the future of our Country under his command. He was definitely a smart man and knew how to talk to the masses. His ideas were different and his “Change We can Believe in” motto definitely raised some eyebrows. Nevertheless, it was exciting when he was elected for many reasons. Yes, the obvious one such as him being the first black president. That was a great step for our country. There was something else that most of us could not pinpoint but our instincts told us to stay away; but we were still curious. So after he was elected we waited to see how he would proceed and boy were our intuitions right.

He awarded more money to the private industry than any other President in history. He quickly put our country billions more into debt than it already was. Why bail out this company and not the next? I would be very upset if I was a business owner and my competitor was bailed out but not me. Why the preferential treatment? Well, it was probably because the competitor’s business had something to offer Obama and his cronies that your business did not. AIG was bailed out with billions of our tax dollars while many other large businesses were allowed to founder into extinction. It just didn’t make much sense until you dug a little deeper.

Why bail out AIG? It’s just an insurance company. Obama is currently pushing hard to pass National Health Care. National Health Care, if implemented fairly across the board may not be a bad idea if everyone got it. But that’s just it, everyone will not get it just as not everyone gets car insurance. It’s a law but it’s virtually impossible to enforce. We have uninsured motorists because we know that not everyone will get it. Are we going to have uninsured health care receivers? It’s going to be the middle and upper class hard working people of this country providing free health care to the lazy citizens and illegal immigrants. AIG is going to underwrite all the health care policies that will be issued by various countries and somewhere along the line, Obama, who will be out office in three years, will benefit from. He is ensuring that he and his immediate followers will be set up after they leave Washington.

I am fed up with footing the bill for drug dealers, uneducated, lazy, child having, illegal citizens. Don't get me wrong, I love children, but have them for the right reasons. If you are to receive government assistance, you need to be drug free. If your not drug free, we will help you get off of drugs. But you will not receive a dime until you’re clean. While you sit home and steal oxygen and contribute nothing to society, quit having children that we are going to pay for. It makes no sense that we reward mediocrity in this country. This country was founded by smart, strong, hard working people. Our founding fathers would be very disappointed to see what America is becoming; government dependence and rewarding the lazy. That is not the way it was intended but it is quickly spiraling out of control. Illegal immigrants need to be immediately deported. If they want to become a citizen, go through the proper channels. Come on over, American’s love hard workers and good people but follow the rules like we do.

It seems that the rules and regulations shoved down our throats just apply to the law abiding citizens of this great nation. We all follow the rules. It’s the criminals and indolent people of society that invoke these laws and they never follow them. Gun laws. We follow them, not the criminals. You are just leaving us defenseless if you ever try to take our guns.

The newest Obama brainchild is year-round schooling. The idea is not all together bad but the logic behind it may be. Obama has said that it will help to keep kids out of trouble. Whose kids? Our kids are with their parents or playing with friends. Our kids would actually go to school year round if they had to. It’s the kids' parents that could care less where they are or what they do that the law would be written for and they would not go to school. Their parents receive money from the government for each kid they pop out and realize that they can be a tick on society without going to school or working. That mentality gets passed down to the children who will not go to school and will get into more trouble because they will have no other kids to play with. The other kids will be at school. The do nothing mentality is passed down from generation to generation. There is no incentive to go to school or to try and improve or contribute anything to society at this point. These citizens continue to vote for the politicians like Obama who give them free handouts. If our politicians continue this and encourage it, our country will collapse. These poor excuses for human beings are not going to fight wars for our country. The country that sustains their life. They have no respect because they didn’t have to work for anything. I want to make it clear that I am not pinpointing any race. Every race has both good and bad people and color has no bearing.

These are just a few ideas that the Obama administration is playing around with. It’s scary to think that they are actually leading the greatest nation that ever existed. It was founded by great citizens who are the antithesis of the Obama administration. Our nation cannot prevail with this mind set and it will hopefully take longer than three years to destroy it. Hard work and respect for people and country is what makes this country so great and Barack is doing his best to see that he changes that. “Change America can believe in” huh. That is what he said and that is exactly what he is doing. I have to give him that. He said he would change America but I can assume that everyone thought it would be for the better. I guess I should have remembered what I learned in school that I should never assume. I should also remember the ones that probably voted for him didn’t spend too much time in school to learn that.

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