Best Presidential Candidate Running this Year ?

We need to Vote this man for President

This Gentleman is the best candidate to run for President. I really believe that he could do as good of job as all the other candidate's that are running. If we had this gentleman as president he could solve all of our problems.He has not changed his position on issues or lied to get elected.

At least he is honest. How does that go with being a Politician? I don't know. That's probably why he has never been elected. We all need to get behind this honest individual. He is a proper roll model for the children.

Vermin Supreme


He runs every election as a Presidential Candidate in New Hampshire. Some years its a Democrat and some Years as a Republican. I think he would make a fine President. In New Hampshire it does not require signature or any thing else but $1000.00 in registration. He has been running for President since 1988. I think Obama and Romney got some serious competition this year.

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handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 2 years ago from western pennsylvania Author

Thanks FlourishAnyWay, Yes it is a great idea. Thanks for the reply.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 2 years ago from USA

Isn't America great that anyone can grow up to at least run for President?

JPB0756 profile image

JPB0756 3 years ago

Not a parody on politics, a lesson on politicians; count how many, if ANY, campaign "promises" are kept...hmmm, that's the point.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania Author

TIMETRAVELER2 Thanks for the visit. I thought Vermin is funny. He could do as good of job as anybody else.

TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

TIMETRAVELER2 4 years ago

Cute one! But then, anybody from Western PA gets my vote anyhow!

Thefatkid profile image

Thefatkid 4 years ago from America

This is really funny, entertaining thanks for a good laugh.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania Author

No offense taken why would I? I am a hard person to offend.

profile image

Brenda Durham 4 years ago

Haha handymanbill! Yes, he's consistent. It's actually a rather funny parody of politics. I hope I didn't offend you with my post. I'm just disgusted that American politics has been reduced to such a level that that man's type of sarcasm is even aired in public. Used to be, the Office of President was an honorable position. But now that the Left has snuck ineligible candidates in, it's becoming a mockery of the very serious job of leading this Nation.

handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania Author

Well i hope I am not banned from Forums. i will check that out. i just put this up to lighten the issue for fun. Thanks for stopping by. Go Steelers

Brenda thanks for stopping by to. he runs every election. At least he is consistent.


BLACKANDGOLDJACK 4 years ago from Blitzburgh area

Hey Bill, well what candidate advocates freedom of speech for all Americans?

Just wondering, because I'm banned from the HubPages forum. Read all about it in my hub Combat Veteran Banned for Defending "Thanks to God for our patriotic military personnel?"

Oh, Brenda there is banned too.

You might be next!

Take care, buddy, and go Steelers!

profile image

Brenda Durham 4 years ago

Not even as funny as the man who ran on the motto "The Rent is Too DAMN high!"

Well, this year he's certainly not running as a Republican. Maybe a Progressive or Commie. He should be running alright. Like into a desert or swamp somewhere. I wish him much progress on that. Sure does blow holes in the theory that just anybody can grow up to be fit to be President. Oh wait....Obama already blew a bunch of holes in that.

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