Birthplace of George W Bush

Connecticut apologizes. So does Yale.

So does Reagan


"A moment I've been dreading. George brought his ne're-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida; the one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I'll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they'll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work."

From the REAGAN DIARIES...this entry is dated May 17, 1986.

NOTE: I'm informed that the above quote that is circulating in Cyberspace did not appear in any "Reagan Diary." It appeared in a Michael Kinsley article in The New Republic in which Kinsley imagined what Reagan's reaction to young George W. Bush would have been. Althought the quote cannot be attributed to Reagan, there is a great element of truth in it! Reagan might well have thought the thoughts attributed to him by Kinsley.


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Iðunn 10 years ago

they should :p

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 10 years ago Author

You can be pretty dumb and still get into Yale if your father and grandfather were Yalies and U.S. Senators. Yale should apologize, too.

Iðunn 10 years ago

: )

Bob Miller 9 years ago

The Moral Majority elected and re-elected a man who epitomizes the word Christian. With the blood of thousands on his hands, the missaporation of billions of tax dollars and a tongue that has told one needless lie after another, George W. Bush arrogantly parades around apparently proud of the fact that he has become the second most hated man to live in the last two hundred years. He appears unconcerned about tossing away a unique opportunity to represent America at her best instead of at her very worse. I cannot hate Bush for pitying him. And as bad as all of this is; Richard Cheney is worse. Cheney's in a different league altogether than Bush; he's one vulgar, immoral, sadistic subhuman.

Van 9 years ago

Sont hold back Bob. Tell us what you really think.

Ralph Deeds 9 years ago

Thanks for the comment. You can add David Addington and John Yoo, authors of the torture findings.

Mary 9 years ago

After seeing the ridiculous letter from the idiot in Maine, I would like for him to suggest that the President return to New England to live and not pretend to be a cowboy from Texas.

Archie 8 years ago

Some land is just doomed to be hated.

Mark 8 years ago

To Mary:

Yeah, let him go back to England and be a prisoner again.

William F. Torpey profile image

William F. Torpey 8 years ago from South Valley Stream, N.Y.

My reading at HubPages has been so backed up, Ralph, that I missed this gem -- until now! Having been a resident of Connecticut for some 53 years (although I'm back home in New York now) I want to add my personal apology to that of the state. I think the world is going to have one BIG party on Jan. 21.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 8 years ago Author

Thanks Mr. Torpey.

John Johnson 5 years ago

And dont forget, to this day, May 13, 2011...There are 7 Countries that if Bush was to set foot in their country, would be arrested and tried for War Crimes. Maybe we can encourage Bush to take a Vacation?

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 5 years ago Author

Great idea!

Bill Carruth 5 years ago

I truly and sincerely feel sorry for the dolt: GWB! He was used by that sewage-bag Cheney like Mengele used other mental defectives.CHENEY - FIRST, FOREMOST AND LAST - SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH WAR CRIMES AND/OR HAVE HIS HEART MONITOR RE-FITTED WITH A BATTERY MADE IN CHINA.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 5 years ago Author

Yes, Cheney's the worst of the bunch. He and his henchmen led Bush astray (which wasn't hard to do).

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