Black Americans VS. White Americans Who Is More Rude

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As Any Race More Rude Then The Other

I honestly do not know where to begin with this but it certainly has weighed heavy on mind. After I came up without the thought of writing about it and then I let it sit for a few days. I almost deleted the topic and something told me to not hit delete button and discuss what has been festering in me for the last week. We do not know where some are gathering their information that the Black American is more rude then the White American or the Hispanic American for that matter. We believe that rudeness or hate has been in our own White race for generations. We have seen it first hand and have seen evil in action at its finest and not only are many of us shocked and dumb-founded, we honestly become disgusted with our own White race. We realize there is tension amongst races and we will not deny that there are a handful that make it worse for others, but to base your information on someone looking at you funny, or bumping into you and not apologizing as being rude or hateful just doesn't cut it with many of us .

When we have had the experience of someone from another race bumping into me, 9 out of 10 times they apologize or vice versa for that matter. We understand that there will be those of all races that are rude and unapologetic but we do not see rude or hate more strong in one race, then in another. We see reflections of concern as they are wondering what you think of them. Since when are we a superior race? We are not and if one is speaking of a pure white race, it does not exist. We have been mixed up for generation after generation. Somehow , somewhere down the line, somebody has something in them they wish not to discuss. Why should anyone want to be ashamed? Who is better then whom? In my eyes all are equal and one is not less then the other. We eat the same way, we tie our shoes, brush our teeth, and put our pants everyday just like the next man or woman. We work our butts off to get we get. If any of us should be ashamed it should be those of us who call ourselves white. Do you realize that there are more White Americans on the government system then Blacks? Granted there are more Blacks who have children then White , but there are also more white women having abortions then black. Which side should be on birth control? Both sides should be on birth control and any other race , who chooses to have unprotected sex. This however is a completely different topic, which I do not know if we are ready to discuss. When you write comments on HubPages, do we always know who is behind the keyboard? Does color exist on HubPages? We don't see it when we move from article to article but yet others claim one race is more rude then another. If we were to poll all of the comments and arguments we can bet that a majority of rudeness is in our own back door.


Here are my thoughts. There isn't a race that is not rude, or hateful in this world. Some will bite their tongue, hide in a closet and hang out with their buddies and use words that are so vulgar a bed bug wouldn't even want to hear it. But with a majority and we did say a majority of us who do get along with one another should express our opinions and why we believe what we state. As planting a positive seed instead of a negative one makes the World a much better place to live in and isn't it our generation who has been desiring change?

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big daddy oreo 24 months ago

I think it would be more fun to be black man in a white majority area. You could be the cool black guy. All the white men want to be you all the white women want to see you. Make whiteyville a more colorful place.

Being black in a black majority area I would just be another brother.

In a white area I would feel like a special attraction. I hope that one day when I look in the mirror I will see a black man staring back at me.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 2 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

You are sincerely, a fool. I have lived among my husband's people, so please do not speak for me. His people? My people? I am appalled and disgusted that one would believe that people are different because of the skin color. Our blood runs the same color, everyone put there pants on the same way and honestly, although this is an open conversation your comment is honestly ignorant and rude.

Study history and the only reason skin color is lighter or darker, is do to the division of the continents and Melatonin. My goodness your statement does not make any sense.

big daddy oreo 2 years ago

Black skin cops could do a better job dealing with black criminals.

black skin bosses could do a better job getting more productivity out of black employees.

Black skin teachers could motivate black students.

watch the movies lean on me and coach carter. A black face authority figure in action. The white man is only one race change away!

S Leretseh profile image

S Leretseh 2 years ago

No dude. I think more white skin would help. Lookie where ALL THEM blacks choose to live once they get "theirs" (i.e.$$$). They don't seem to like to live among "dark skin" people. Even the author of this hub, who claims to hv a black husband WON'T live among her husband's people. Yeah, more white skin would definitely help matters...all over the world. Scientist right now are working on eliminating the dark pigment.

big daddy oreo 2 years ago

I think that black skin would make the average man look a lot stronger! I am surprised more people do not want black skin. I think richard simmons, pee wee herman or jon cryer would be a good example of a white man who could use some black skin in their lives.

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