Black Man In the White House!

I read that there are people who don’t like Obama to win because he is not fit to stay in the white house because he is black. They will not allow a Blackman to stay in the white house.

If I will be asked about it my answer is very easy, let him paint the house with black or brown color so he will be fit to stay and live there. What do you think Hillary Clinton?

As the days passed by there is no clear winner in this primary contest and I believed that this will be settle in Super Delegates. There are many mud slinging that happened like Obama was criticize by Clinton of having no experience and not ready to be the commander-in-chief. He is considered as raw and not ready for international crisis. Clinton on Rhode Island, Texas and Ohio while Obama won Vermont, after that Obama won Wyoming which is a small state and favor to win Mississippi with many blacks voters.

Next big challenge is Pennsylvania which has a large number of delegates, this is a big price. Here Clinton is favor and expected to win. Clinton is considering a dream team which she and Obama as vice but the later did not accept the offer because he said that he is aiming for presidency and vice president and also he said that he is leading in winning counts.

This is a bad time for democrat because McCain is already ready for the national election and he has lots of time to prepare. I hope the Democrat can settle this down and have their nominee.

If Obama win then be it.

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dafla 8 years ago

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