Blacks in America

So what does it mean to be Black in America

now that we have an African American president? How does it differ if you consider yourself "Black" versus "African-American." And, let's not leave out those of you who still use the ethnic slur "Negro" or "Nigga," because no matter how you identify yourself we're all Black Americans, that is if you have any history of African blood in you and were born in the good old U.S.-of-A. Now I know some people don't like the "N" word and for those of you who do not, we'll respectfully keep the use of the "N" word to a minimum.

Anyway, this piece is not about the "N" word or the injustice that minorities have experienced over the many years of the past, but instead it's about what it means to be Black Americans and the diversity within. Blacks have been called "Niggas" in a derogatory way and some Blacks still call each other Nigga or Negro in an affectionate way while other Blacks identify with the word "Black" as appose to "African-American." Oh, and let's not forget "Colored" which was used by many in the past before James Brown made "Black" the new self-identifier for many minorities mixed with African ancestry. However, it seems today that it is politically correct to address Black people as "African-Americans" or at least when we are being addressed as a people.

In 2008 we elected the first African-American president. The "We" include all races, creed and color. And, that's a beautiful thing that finally it appears to be a new sense of equality. But, as far as how we, black minorities view and identify with our blackness differs like any other race. And, yes we too are proud to have a Black president like the rest of Americans.

Blacks write on black subjects, teach about black history, buy and sell black products, and black memorabilia to reflect our pride. Yet, surprisingly there are people that truly don't know the black community as thinkers, activists, consumers and citizens or the diversity of our community as a people. Sure, there are government forms and employment applications still using the word "Black" for self-identification purposes but we all don't fall into one bucket and often we get lost in mainstream portrayals of Black Americans.

So, again what does it mean to be Black in America now that we have an African American president? The answer is as diverse as our people. If you want to learn more then check out some of the websites listed for a diverse perspective on Blacks in America. Also, see the Smokey Robinson video from his Def Poetry Jam appearance on "The Black American" then take a poll below and let your voice be heard.

Great African American Artist

The Black American by Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson's Music


Now that we have a Black President, do you think it's possible for any qualified minority, male or female to win and become President of the United States of America?

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