Revised Blond Haired and Blue-Eyed Trayvon Martin

17 year old Trayvon Martin (left), 28 year old George Zimmerman, Trayvon's murderer (right)
17 year old Trayvon Martin (left), 28 year old George Zimmerman, Trayvon's murderer (right) | Source

Sanford, Florida: The Unhappiest Place in the World

Imagine Trayvon saying this to Zimmerman

When you look at me: What do you see?

Am I not innocent until proven guilty?

Why must I be your enemy?

Portion of anonymous poem left on the doorstep where Amadou Diallo was killed, as provided by U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer – Driving While Black: Highways, Shopping Malls, Taxicabs, Sidewalks – What To Do If You Are A Victim of Racial Profiling by Kenneth Meeks


I spend a lot of time on Facebook looking at fan pages for interesting news items. My inner librarian is always clamoring for information and trying to stay abreast of current events. I am a news-a-holic. Blame it on my mother. While growing up she miraculously had dinner on the table everyday between 5:00 and 5:15 pm after having worked all day. She, my father and I would have dinner, and then she’d have her bath and be ready for the evening news at 6:00. Yes, she was able to have her dinner and bath all done before 6:00 – definitely no later than 6:15. She always took short baths because, in her words, she was “not going to wash all the Black off.” So this may explain why I am a news junkie.

Then there was my Uncle Bud, my mother’s younger brother who lived in Virginia. There was an implicit understanding between my mother and him that neither would call nor accept phone calls between the hours of 6:00 and 7:00 pm because as Uncle Bud reasoned, “how could anyone not watch the news?” He always said that he made no calls between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm and if he received a telephone call during those hours, it had to be someone who did not watch the news or they wouldn’t be calling him at that hour and that being the case, he didn’t want to talk them anyway. A thirst for news and information runs in the family blood.

Times have changed and many of us, including myself, get our news quite differently from my mother and my Uncle Bud. We don’t have to be slaves to the television between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm to get our news. We can get up-to-the-hour news coverage twenty-four hours a day. I get my news mostly from Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, HLN, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Michael Baisden Show and from the local radio (Foxy 107/104, 97.1 WQMG, 102 JAMZ, WTVD-Durham/Raleigh, WXII Winston-Salem, and television stations which I can watch as early as 4:30 am as I’m a raging insomniac.

Contrary to prevailing opinion, although I do spend a lot of time on Facebook, I am not trolling for online dates, shouting people out or telling all of my business a la “I’m at the club now, y’all, getting my dance on!”, or “I just bought a forty and some Newports and the party has begun!”, or “I’m watching this fine brother walk by and he just smiled at me so stay tuned!” Well, I do have moments when I lapse into silliness like the time I was taking my pretend brother, Brad, to work early one morning this past summer. We passed a farm and the cows were all in a line and I posted on my wall that the cows were doing the “Cupid Shuffle.” My mom’s sister and Facebook friend, 'Ain’t' Jackie (as I call her) promptly called my mother and told her that I wasn’t out looking for work as I had claimed, but that I was spending time on Facebook being silly. Needless to say, 'Ain’t' Jackie has been defriended. She ain’t my friend no more! But truth be told, I am usually browsing news sites and re-posting onto my wall, those stories that are of some relevance and importance to me that I think others may find interesting and important as well.

Honestly, there are sooooo very many news stories out there and so much to become outraged about, that I’ve learned to carefully choose my battles. I choose to focus on those issues which I think my like-minded friends would find interesting and I pass along the information using the SHARE button on facebook. Most recently my newsfeeds have been filled with information about the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke situation and Rush’s non-apology to Sandra Fluke, I decided that I wasn’t going to involve myself in that stupidity. Rush called this young woman a ‘prostitute’ and a ‘slut’. Then after public outrage and the loss of several sponsors, Rush offered to Ms. Fluke, a non-apology. He apologized for his choice of words but did not apologize for calling her moral character into question. It’s as if he is saying, “I should have used different words. Maybe I should have called you a “ho” or a ‘streetwalker’ instead of calling you a ‘slut’ or ‘prostitute.’ I apologize for my choice of words but in my mind, Ms. Fluke, you are still a slut.” Regardless of which words he chose, he slandered this young woman and insulted her character and made no real apology for that.

Rush Limbaugh has many die-hard fans and is considered the de facto leader of the GOP. I first became acquainted with Rush back in the early 1990s while completing my Bachelor’s Degree at UNC-Greensboro after transferring from Howard University. (Yeah, I know, right) I was taking a graphical, statistical economics course and most of my classmates were Rush Limbaugh fans. I’d never really listened to his show so I would tune into his program occasionally to hear what all the fuss was about. I was appalled and sickened by all of the hate and venom spewing from this man’s lips. Bill Clinton was President at that time and Hillary was working on healthcare reform. Rush frequently referred to Hillary as a femi-nazi and had nothing at all positive to say about the Clinton administration. I quickly learned to dismiss Rush Limbaugh and his rhetoric from my memory. I choose not to deal with other people’s crazy. I have my own crazy to deal with. (Think bovine “Cupid Shuffle”) I’m truly sorry Sandra Fluke had to be on the receiving end of Rush’s crazy, hateful vitriol.

One story I could not ignore, as much as I tried, was the story of Trayvon Martin, the seventeen year old baby who was senselessly murdered down in Sanford, FL by a renegade community watch captain. The story appeared on my newsfeed several times a day, every day for weeks. My heart was not ready to deal with this story.

I usually have several windows open at once while I am web surfing. On this past Monday evening, I’d scrolled past a story about Trayvon Martin as I’d done several times before. The bright, sparkling eyes of young Trayvon bordered by chubby cheeks peered at me from my computer screen. In another open window on my computer were the bright sparkling eyes of my own 18-year old, dreadlocked son who has had his own brushes with violence over the last few years.

I don’t know what it is but my son, Devin, just seems to attract trouble like mosquitoes to Bath and Body Works-scented skin on a warm summer night. Once Devin hit puberty madness just took up residence in our lives. Bullying, school expulsions, teacher insults and accusations of gang membership came home from school with him almost daily. Devin once took a pocket knife to school, unbeknownst to me, to defend himself against his bullies. He explained to me that he wasn’t going to use the knife on anyone. He had no intention of cutting anyone. He just wanted to make it clear to his bullies that they should back off.

Devin the sixth grader was a smart, polite, Principal’s list student who, along with his best friend Tyler, was being taunted by some kids at school. I was summoned to the school and “given the business” by school administrators about my son having brought the pocket knife to school. Because of the schools Zero Tolerance Policy (for indiscretions of school policy by Black children), Devin was expelled from school.

Several years later, Devin somehow came into possession of a gun and carried it around with him to defend himself against gang members who lived outside of our community. Devin himself was not a member of any gang, but living in the neighborhood where we resided, he was acquainted with gang members. Thankfully, Devin’s stepmother discovered that he was carrying a gun before any school or law enforcement authorities caught him. His father disposed of the gun in some way and I was relieved that we had, again, averted tragedy. But dang!

We literally dodged another bullet one August night in 2008 when fourteen year old Devin wanted to attend a party with some of his friends and I gave him permission to go, but thankfully my mother vetoed. “This boy is too young to go to a party like that. What will he have to look forward to doing if you let him do everything now?” Devin did not attend the party at the National Guard Armory that August night and tragically a friend of his, Ladarius, was killed that night. I often think that if my mother had not intervened, Devin would have attended that party and he may not be here with me today, as young Trayvon is not with his mother today.

My heart goes out to this heartbroken mother, Sybrina Fulton, and father, Tracy Martin, who I know are missing their son terribly. Instead of being able to fully grieve their loss at this time, Trayvon’s parents and family are involved in trying to, not only bring his killer, George Zimmerman, to justice but they are simply trying to have Zimmerman arrested and charged for killing their son - which is an indisputable fact. George Zimmerman, their son’s killer, continues to walk around free today as if he’d simply thrown stolen a pack of gum from a convenience store. “My son left Sanford, FL in a body bag while Zimmerman slept in his own bed,” said Tracy Martin.

On February 26th, George Zimmerman, the community watch volunteer at the gated community of Retreat at Twin Lakes development in Sanford, FL, which is located thirty miles from Orlando (ironically the home of Disneyworld - the happiest place in the world,), noticed young Trayvon Martin and called the police. He reported to them that he observed a “suspicious character” wearing a red hoodie, walking in the area. The police told Mr. Zimmerman to stand down and wait for police to arrive. Instead of simply waiting for the police to arrive and investigate the situation, this vigilante took matters into his own hands. Zimmerman began following Tray, as he is known to family and friends, who asked Zimmerman why he was following him. An altercation ensued between Zimmerman and Tray. Zimmerman, armed with a 9 mm pistol and Tray, carrying an innocuous pack of Skittles (Devin’s and my favorite candy, by the way) and a can of tea, was shot to death, killing the hopes and dreams of a young man who wanted to go to college and become an aviation mechanic. Zimmerman also killed the joy that I’m sure Tray gave to his parents, family and friends. Zimmerman has claimed self-defense.

When a parent loses a child, their brain replays all the sweet (and sometimes not so sweet) memories that have been recorded through the years. Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are remembering Tray’s favorite foods, favorite television shows, movies and music. They are remembering what made Tray laugh, or cry, or what made him angry. They’re remembering his relationship with his friends, schoolmates, and teachers. They’re remembering what Tray did to make them laugh or cry or make them angry or sad.

I’m reminded of my own son, pre-dreadlocks and pre- voice change, when he’d crawl into my lap as I sat in the rocking chair at night and ask me to “wock” him to sleep. This actually went on until he was about ten years old and I could barely hold him any longer as I could sit in his lap – he’d grown so big. My son and I have our own secret language. We often make up names for common things. Feet are ‘feekies.’ A found coin on the street is a ‘lucky day’. When I’m angry and wrinkles appear in the area between my eyebrows, he’ll ask “Mommy, why do you have your 'mean things' on?” When I look into the mirror, I see my son’s face reflected back at me as he looks so much like me. Tray favors his mother, Sybrina Fulton and I’m sure she sees his face, as well, when she looks in the mirror. I’m sure Sybrina and Tracy have similar memories of Tray. I’m sure it has to be difficult for Sybrina and Tracy to look around their respective homes and no longer see Tray coming through the door – maybe sometimes past his curfew; no longer hearing his laugher; no longer arguing with him as do the parents of any teen-ager.

To add insult to injury, not only was Tray murdered, but the police offer this family no closure by allowing Zimmerman, his murderer to walk around free. It has been reported that the shooting and the alleged argument can be heard on the 911 tape* of the call, but the police refuse to release the tape for public evaluation, which begs the question: Are they hiding something?

Additionally, Zimmerman has a troubled past. Neighbors of this gated community patrolled by Zimmerman complained at homeowner’s association meetings about his being overly aggressive. One such meeting was attended by Sanford’s Chief of Police, Bill Lee, who now seems to be suffering from amnesia in regards to the complaints about Zimmerman at this meeting. (Question is still begging)

According to Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon’s family, a suit has been filed against the Sanford Police Department to have the 911 tapes released. It has been reported that the tapes contain evidence of Zimmerman making comments about Trayvon’s race (racial profiling) and saying he was not going to let Trayvon get away, because “they always get away.” It has been reported that Zimmerman has made at least 50 calls to the police department in the past year.

Police initially told Tray’s family that Zimmerman said he acted in self-defense. Apparently, Florida is one of twenty-one states in the country that allows one to defend oneself without reprisal, using The Stand Your Ground Law, when one feels threatened. Most states require one to retreat if one feels threatened. The Stand Your Ground Law allows one to pursue a person if there is a perceived threat. Zimmerman may be able to claim defense because of this Stand Your Ground Law. Witnesses say Zimmerman was the aggressor and appeared intoxicated, according to ABC News. The police have asserted that Zimmerman has a “squeaky-clean” criminal past. However, public records show that Zimmerman was arrested in Orange County, FL in 2005 on charges of resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer. Those charges were later dropped. (Please, baby, please!)

In an interview aired on the nationally syndicated Michael Baisden Show on March 14, Benjamin Crump, the family attorney for Tray said suit has been filed with the US Justice Department to have the 911 tapes* released. The 911 tapes* would reveal three things according to Crump: (1) why did Zimmerman think Tray was a suspicious person, (2) why Zimmerman disregarded police instruction, and (3) why this 28 year old, 200 pound man would attack a 17 year old; 140 pound unarmed kid with a bag of skittles and a canned iced tea.

Police Chief Lee has said that he doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Zimmerman. (Oh, baby…) Arriving on the scene within 60 seconds of shooting, police found Martin’s 140-pound body lying face-down in a patch of grass, less than 100 feet away from his father’s home. Tray lived with his mother, Sybrina Fulton, in Miami, FL and was visiting his father in Sanford when he went out to the store – never to return.

“He was a typical teenager. He loved life,” Tracy Martin, Tray’s father, said. “But now, all the family wants is justice.” Tracy shared a story about Tray having saved his life when he was nine years old. Pity that young Tray could not have saved his own life from this murdering vigilante and self-appointed captain of this community’s neighborhood watch.

Dan Abrams ABC News legal analyst describes what he believes are the troubling facts of the case: (1) Zimmerman was told not to get out of his car or pursue the alleged suspect, but did, (2) Zimmerman’s statement that they always get away, (3) police putting words in [the witnesses’] mouths; (4) this issue is not only with George Zimmerman, but with the Sanford, FL Police Department.

Understandably the community of Sanford is outraged. As this story spreads across the country, many Blacks from communities across the nation are outraged as well, but it will take the combined efforts and outrage of Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians and everyone to become outraged and insist on Zimmerman’s arrest. This renegade could possibly get away with murder!

As a huge John Grisham fan I am reminded of the book-to-movie, A Time to Kill. I, a movie snob, read the book which contained a few minor differences from the movie. Tonya Hailey, a ten year old, Black girl, is brutally raped by two drunken white men who are a part of the good ol’ boy network in Tennessee. Beer-filled cans were hurled at Tonya’s helpless body after she had been raped, tearing the flesh from her body as the confused baby cried for mercy. Tonya was then hung from a tree with a rope around her neck and left for dead. The branch from which Tonya’s body hung snapped – sparing her life. Tonya has been beaten and mutilated so badly that she will never have children. Tonya’s rapists due to their legal connections in this small Tennessee town will possibly not be convicted of this rape.

Tonya’s father, Carl, is understandably distraught about the rape of his young daughter and he steals into the courtroom by way of a back entrance and shoots the two defendants dead at their arraignment. During Carl’s trial he claims innocence by reason of temporary insanity, because after all, what father wouldn’t have the same reaction to the rape of his daughter who will live her life with a host of physical and emotional scars? The jury is not convinced of Carl Hailey’s innocence by temporary insanity and believes his actions were premeditated, until one lone juror, a Black woman (the movie portrays this scene quite differently), and appeals to her fellow jurors. “Close your eyes and imagine the young rape victim, Tonya Hailey, as your daughter, niece, or young cousin with peaches and cream skin, blonde hair and blue eyes,” she implores them. The jury returns a verdict of not guilty, exonerating the father of young Tonya Hailey.

Perhaps some of us should close our eyes and imagine Trayvon Martin with peaches and cream skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Then, and only then, will we all begin to understand the heartache, the anguish, the pain, that so many Black parents feel when their children – our children, are gunned down senselessly. These murders happen in communities across the country every day, but rarely do we hear about it. And when we do hear about it, we feel that it’s they’re problem.

Could we possibly get the 911 tapes released* if we pictured Trayvon Martin, the young man who had aspirations to become an aviation mechanic – a young boy who wanted to repair aircraft, as a blond haired, blue-eyed young boy?

According to ABC News, the U.S. Justice Department and the Attorney General’s office are monitoring the situation. On Monday, March 26, at 5:00 pm at the Sanford, FL, City Hall, a City Commission meeting will be held. A coalition of community and political activists plan to march on Sanford, Fl at 4:00 pm before the start of this commission meeting. Organizers are ultimately hoping that Zimmerman will be indicted for this murder. “We are holding chief of police, Bill Lee responsible if the Sanford Police Department does not hold George Zimmerman responsible.”

So, Trayvon, young angel, you’re the airplane pilot now and you do the flying up in heaven. Down here on earth, the rest of us - your family, friends and an entire nation of frustrated, mad-as-hell-ain’t-gonna-take-it-no-more family of outraged citizens - will be the mechanics who will repair the malfunctioning engine of injustice that is the Sanford, FL legal system.


*The 911 police tapes were released over the weekend. Another 911 call was from a woman in the complex who was listening to a young man crying and calling for help, according to BET News. The cries were followed by a gunshot that could be heard on the recording. Amid waves of calls for an arrest to be made, law enforcement officials in the small suburb of Sanford turned the case over to the Florida State Attorney’s office. Zimmerman remains free and no charges have been filed against him. This case has received national attention.

The NAACP and the National Action Network have become heavily involved in protesting the shooting as well as calling for Zimmerman’s arrest. The NAACP, National Action Network (NAN), the Rev. Al Sharpton, NAN’s leader and the Michael Baisden Show family will hold a rally to call for justice in Orlando on Thursday, March 22 @7:00 p.m. at the First Shiloh Baptist Church, Sanford, FL regarding the case. Please visit Reverend Sharpton’s Facebook page, ‘Reverend Al Sharpton’ or visit, or NAACP’s website,; National Action Network’s site,; Michael Baisden Show Facebook page, ‘Baisden Live’, or ‘Reverend Al Sharpton’ Facebook page for more information.

April 11, 2012 - Trayvon Martin was senselessly gunned down 44 days ago and his killer remains free. The special prosecutor assigned to the case is still undecided about whether or not Zimmerman should be charged for this murder. (still begging) This situation has sparked dialogue on several issues regarding race, privelege, a senseless law which exonerates murderers, community watch programs, gun control and a myriad of other topics have been brought to light and are being discussed amongst and between members of all races - which is a good thing.

I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite movies which was released in theaters in 1996. Sleepers is based on a book of the same name written by Lorenze Carcarterra. (Believe it of not, I have not read this book.) This movie is chock full of hollywood heavyweights: Robert Dinero as a Catholic priest who smokes cigarettes, Brad Pitt and Dustin Hoffman as opposing attorneys, Kevin Bacon as a child-molesting security guard in a juvenile detention center, Billy Crudup as one of the molestation victims a journalist reporting on the trial, Minnie Driver as the girlfriend of the four childhood friends who were molested at the Wilkinson Home for Boys and Frank Medrano, a neighborhood store owner and sage who spoke a line in that film that I feel is so appropriate to this situation.

Medrano as Fat Mancho or Fatman as the four friends call him, says about America's legal justice system: "The street is the only thing that matters. Court is for uptown people with suits, money, lawyers with three names. If you got cash you can buy court justice. But on the street, justice has no price. She's blind where the judge sits but she's not blind out here. Out here the bitch got eyes."


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profile image

theagitator 4 years ago

I enjoyed this post.

This makes no sense. What more evidence do they need?

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Something really fishy is going on down there. I've been saying that if this were Law and Order, McCoy would have been arrested Zimmerman if for nothing else, for political expediency. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Cosmic Bus profile image

Cosmic Bus 4 years ago from Maryland

Ms. Shakur, you are truly gifted at expressing yourself, never stop. I love how detailed you are.

Crawford 4 years ago

The father of Trayvon said those voices crying for help were NOT his son's voices. That leaves us only with Zimmerman crying for help.

AL J. 4 years ago

1. When police officers arrived, George Zimmerman had a bloody nose and was bleeding from a wound on the back on his head.

2. The eyewitness who called 911 said Zimmerman who screamed for help.

3. The eyewitness also reports that Zimmerman was on the ground and Martin was on top of him beating on him.

This information was made public by a local Orlando television station on February 27th. We now have 22 days of rampant erroneous reports that omit these facts. Once you see what information the police had, it is obvious why they did not arrest him as Zimmerman could be dead today. They were simply abiding by Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which allows American not to be murdered by "good kids".

How many times have you heard the phrase “Trayvon Martin was a cheerful person,” but you had never heard the words of the eye-witness to the shooting?

The only photos circulating of Trayvon Martin are 5 years old, he looks young and boyish. At the time of his death Trayvon Martin was 6' 1" and a football player.

Even if you think Zimmerman was completely unjustified in firing his gun; ask yourself why 99% of the now thousands of articles are solely from the point of view of the grieving family without trying give a balanced account of the events.

As usual the mainstream media has gotten it wrong and refuses to correct their error.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

thank you so much for your kind words!

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

thank you for this information. there is so much information out there about this case which is a great thing. Reverend Sharpton, Michael Baisden, NAACP and others have done an outstanding job in shining the light on this travesty of justice. I plan to do a follow-up article within the week.

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 4 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Thanks for a sensitive hub. In case we all forget - there was never a time in American history that it was not savage and violent. It remains so today. Now the lynchings are legalized through the use of guns.

Too often there is a tendency of white America to dismiss my reality of the endless racism because it does not affect them so golly - it cannot be real. There lies the problem - the whitewashing of the truth and this continued pushing of his-story instead of history. How on earth can anyone believe in a honorable country that was born on the blood on native people?

I appreciate President Obama's comment - 'He could have been my son' - how true. All because some low functioning white individuals have always had the right - historically - to kill black people, because they know historically - they can get away with it.

Thanks for taking the time to write this. I am so burned out from this endless savagery.


Greg 4 years ago

AL J. 2 days ago,

Liberals ignoring facts and running with the DEmocon Group Think Peer Pressure Propaganda spin of lies and deception. Self deception, how stupid and dishonest is that? "Zimmerman was on the ground being punched when he shot Trayvon Martin"

Greg 4 years ago

Any chance you could post some information about the 2 African American boys set on fire by white boys in Kansas city recently?

LauraGT profile image

LauraGT 4 years ago from MA

Thanks for sharing your take on this. It's pretty unbelievable that this is going on right now. Although, I guess if you're paying attention it's not that hard to believe.

Beyond-Politics profile image

Beyond-Politics 4 years ago from The Known Universe (

I remember having "the talk" with my own elders when I was younger. However, I think we need to shift focus to all of the other "Trayvons" who are murdered in our neighborhoods throughout America yearly.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author


I am still confused about why Zimmerman has NOT BEEN ARRESTED! I have not studied this "Stand Your Ground" law too carefully, but a life has been lost and that is being treated so cavalierly. My heart grieves for Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Such an injustice. Thank you for your comments!

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

AMEN! Thank you for your comment. This situation is bringing many issues to light. Amongst those issues is the demonization of young Black men. Be Blessed!

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Thank you for commenting. This situation is a sad commentary on our society. Please remain in prayer for Trayvon's parents and all of the soldiers out there fighting and demanding justice.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Greg, thank you for reading this hub. I've not done any research on this situation. My plate is quite full at the moment as I am attempting to write a follow-up on this particular story. So much information is coming out rather quickly and it's difficult to determine truth from fact. Please check back within a couple of weeks and I hope to have a follow-up article posted. I'd actually like to visit with Trayvon's parents and the young girl with whom Trayvon was having a telephone conversation at the time of this incident.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Thank you again for commenting. This article sounds like a "court case should be on the horizon". A dispute of facts of a criminal activity has been indicated. There is a victim and a suspect. Suspect, however, remains free. Sounds like due process should be enacted here. With due process, shouldn't there be an arraignment? What's going on here? Is Zimmerman's father that powerful? Here in the South, we say there's a dead cat on the line. What is the Dept of Justice doing? I can't believe Zimmerman is still walking around free. THERE IS NO DISPUTING THAT HE DID SHOOT TRAYVON MARTIN DEAD! A CRIME HAS STILL BEEN COMMITTED! AT THE VERY LEAST (and I disagree with this) ZIMMERMAN SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH MURDER III, JUSTIFIABLE (not!) HOMICIDE. EVEN IN JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE THERE WOULD STILL BE AN ARREST!

eternals3ptember profile image

eternals3ptember 4 years ago from Sherman Oaks (Not the Nice Part, Unfortunantly)

The stand your ground law also doesnt take away from the equal force rule. You arent legally allowed to shoot someone even if they beat you, and the tapes after the 'beating' show Zimmerman uninjured, and I dont think it was makeup... Zimmerman was Hispanic, and probably did say that racial slur but I don't think thats why he killed Trayvon... I think he was just a crazy homicidal self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, and the police have little to say

Express10 profile image

Express10 4 years ago from East Coast

Good analogy but for some who insist Zimmerman is not guilty of anything, asking them to think of this happening to their child is asking too much.

Zimmerman was within the law in calling the police and that's it. From there he stalked, even though the dispatcher told him they don't need him to follow the kid. All of the reports and the 911 calls point to the fact that somewhere along the way Zimmerman chose to initiate something with this kid despit being told he's not needed to follow. The kid probably felt threatened as he should have with some guy following him in an SUV.

Now it's coming out that he said the kid snuck up on him. How can that possibly be when he already admitted to following the kid? Apparently he isn't that good of a watch captain. It is also being reported that Zimmerman got out of his truck after being told not to follow the kid. His excuse? He needed to look at a street sign. If he really lived there, would he not know the street? Would he not be able to see the street sign? Weak excuses for a weak minded man who had annoyed police with nearly 50 calls in a year prior to this and previously assaulted an officer of the law.

I can only hope that those who think that Trayvon's death means nothing never actually feel this type of senseless pain for themselves.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Thank you Cosmic Bus. Just keep reading. I have plenty to say!

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Today is April 11, 2012 and to my knowledge, yesterday has been the first we've heard anything at all from Zimmerman himself.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Carolyn, I just wish I had the time to delve into the story more. I'd like to learn more about this law that allows one to walk away from murder. Life has been so frustrating for me lately that when someone "rattles my cage" I offer to drive them to Florida - just across the state line; just beyond the "Welcome to the Sunshine State" sign.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Al J - please don't make this political. We all are under the same Constitution. Murder is murder regardless of political affiliation.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

This situation very much proves that this country is definitely not "post-racial" as many seem to believe. However, a dialogue has been sparked and perhaps we will all will get to the point of understanding one another a little better. That's my prayer. That's my hope.

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Beyond, you're exactly right. My son who is now 18 was almost a "Trayvon" when he was almost 15. I've said several times that this murder has sparked national conversation which I'm hoping will be a turning point for this wounded, ailing country of ours. Brother, do what you need to do in your own neighborhood. Be that change you want to see in the world. Mahatma Ghandhi said that, not me. :)

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

Zimmerman was a pressure cooker ready to boil over. His friend who got his 15 minutes of fame doing the talk show rounds did Zimmerman more harm than good, in my mind. He said that Zimmerman was frustrated - clearly a "volunteer" that needed some time off the job. Just a renegade who took that volunteer neighborhood "watch" job a bit too seriously. Why was he carrying a loaded gun? Andy Griffith wouldn't even allow Barney to have bullets in his gun and Barney was a deputized law enforcement officer????

lexdicon 4 years ago

Because mass media re-introduced the concept of octoroon with the reported self-description of Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey as "one third black", I invite all to read the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the matter of PLessy v, Ferguson that dealt with the idea of white privilege, free passage, and rightful place in America.

The words of Mr. Justice Brown provide insight to the Trayvon Martin incident, “if the two races are to meet upon terms of social equity, it must be the result of natural affinities, a mutual appreciation for each other’s merits, and a voluntary consent of individuals. Legislation is powerless to eradicate racial instincts or to abolish distinctions based upon physical difference” Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 U.S. 537 (1896).

More expository still is the dissenting opinion written by Mr. Justice Harlan, “The white race deems itself to be the dominant race in this country. And so it is, in prestige, in achievements, in education, in wealth and power. So I doubt not it will continue to be for all time, if it remains true to its great heritage and holds fast to the principles of constitutional liberty.” (Id, 152). The High Court’s message to the citizenry, then, acknowledged both the inability to legislate prevailing social attitudes and bias in the principle document of the land. Free to discriminate, Americans chose to pass the legacy of race hatred to their children. The Majority and Dissenters say exactly the same thing. You will find, in history, no other Supreme Court Decision where both sides are perfectly aligned. If police can attack Nobel Prize winning Harvard professor, Louis Gates Jr. in his home with impunity, what are Trayvon Martin's chances for justice?

devin shakur profile image

devin shakur 4 years ago from THE WORLD! Author

I've read an interesting article in Newsweek Magazine several months ago about racial prejudice and our predisposition to discriminate from birth. It is from the September 14 issue of Newsweek. You may enjoy. Here is a link to article on EBSCOhost: THANKS FOR READING

Doc 4 years ago

Apparently the truth is coming out... It looks more and more like Tray was the aggressor , and didn't know Zimmerman was armed. Yeah, maybe he didn't like being followed but it doesn't mean Tray can attack anyone either. Senseless waste of a young life.

Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

If Zimmerman had obeyed authority as instructed, this could have been avoided. If he disobeyed the police and continued trailing that boy, he probably provoked him. If he did not listen to the police, what makes anyone think he would hear any innocent pleas from Trayvon? Who is to say that Trayvon did not find it necessary to defend himself? Zimmerman did not think that the police knew what they were doing! He disobeyed a command and took matters into his own hands. The police were right, not Zimmerman. Besides, what law did the boy break--being in a mostly white neighborhood, being black and suspicious because of it, wearing a hoodie? I am a senior female and have many hoodies. Boys do not carry umbrellas, and it is not unusual to see one in a hoodie in the rain.

I sympathize with Trayvon's family and Zimmerman and family. All are victims. I hope he wishes that he had listened to authority. Whether the person in question is innocent or guilty, I know the feelings of having a family member involved in a crime. It is not fun for any of the victims.

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