What has happened to the Country of the FREE?

This country was founded on the principle of Freedom from suppression. That is what billions of gallons of blood have paid for this concept. Lately those in the majority have been taking away freedoms of Americans because of either political or religious reasons. Recently Massachusetts passed a law to ban bake sales in the schools because of obesity problems in this country. First of all the reason this is wrong is that the government shouldn’t be regulating how we should eat because of a few narrow-minded individuals who want to everyone a size zero (for the women) or thin and muscle (men). If a person chooses to overeat they are responsible for their health and as for parents allow their children to become obese shouldn’t be a crime against them. First of all it was the local governments who eliminated PE or extracurricular activities that would allow our children the exercise they need. Instead of cutting salaries they cut programs, they care less about our children and more about their pocketbooks. Bake Sales have always been a staple in schools for fundraising for the much needed money that the districts have eliminated that would allow these activities to be funded.

The rights of those who choose to love who they do are not recognized by many states and others want a conditional amendment to make marriage only between a man and a woman. These individuals are good enough to spill their blood on the battlefield but they can’t marry who they want because a bunch of conservative religious people say it’s wrong. One of the freedoms in this country is religious and spiritual to take away this freedom we are telling GOD we know better than him. Some will use the Bible to pass judgment on these individuals, since when are they God? God is the only one who gets to pass judgment on anyone and not mortals. The loudest religious cry comes from the Catholic Church on these and women rights. They need to clean their own houses before they wade into this debate; they protect priests who perform homosexual acts on children but attack the homosexual community. Here again demonstrates the double standards between the church and society.

To talk about all the liberties that are being taken away or are trying to be taken away would take volumes of books to write. The question is are we as Americans going to allow the blood that has bought us this freedom to the blood of vain wars and dishonored dead and history? It’s an election year at both state and federal and community levels, search your heart and deicide if this is the land of the free or only for those who think alike in power.

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Virtually Bored 4 years ago from Ireland

I can tell you that as an Irish man, who has an affinity with the American people, I genuinely worry about the persistant erosion of your rights, the passing of The Patriot Act, The TSA searches, 9/11 and this fight against terror. Your constitution has been shredded while corporations are actually given legal "personage" and more rights than people. I worry about these things because it is sure to come to Europe too.

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