Baby Boomers in Today's America

Reality is Sobering

I wasn't supposed to grow old. Here I sit at 60 years of age thinking about yesterday and afraid of tomorrow. We were the generation who thought we could do it all. Free love, peace and being anti-establishment were our mantras. We believed in freedom, justice, love and kindness. We wanted all things natural and organic veggies. No Dr. Spock for us. We thought we knew it all and nobody was going to stop us. Funny, the one thing that slowed us down was ourselves, for in that selfish and free love world we lived in we thought the world would come together in peace if only they'd try harder. We were determined to make the government listen to us. Peace was possible, nobody wanted wars! Well back then it sounded so simple. We just had to make them see.

So idealistic, simplistic and so far from reality. The Vietnam war was raging and killing off our young men. I remember after the nightly news..they'd always run a list slowly of all those who had lost their lives that day. Yes we rebelled, but government and the world did not and does not see reality the same way we did. Not back then and not now. We know that now and we mourn for those younger days. We mourn for the world and most of all the loss of ideals that we fought so hard for.

How then do we cope? How much has changed and how did/do we deal with it? Many of the most fervent of activists are now our richest yuppies and embrace all we hated. Others, like me, feel lost. Those who feel we grew old too soon and wonder with fear about the changes in the world and in our own lives and health.

I wasn't prepared for life after college. Scholastically I was,but I kept a nostalgia for the way things were that revisits me frequently and brings with it a feeling of sadness. It is sad to grow old. For that I was ill prepared. It's hard to deal with a future you cannot control. At least for me it is. Now I rely on my children more that I had ever hoped to. I find myself sitting with mind wandering all too often. It's a time of life when the end is much closer than the beginning. Where our mortality catches up to us and all we can do is try to endure the sadness and fear it can bring at times.

I have been thinking that I have no right to feel so sad about the past having past. We were one hell of a strong generation and continue to shape the world in many ways.What we need now is a hobby. How about teaching the younger generations to live like there is no tomorrow.. to follow their dreams and fight for what's right? Help them find a sense of purpose and lets hope they don't become like the yuppies our hippies have become, for it is not money nor status that makes a person. It is following their convictions, doing the right thing and maybe... just maybe... they can bring the peace to the world that we fought so hard for.

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Wow nicely put

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