Buddha was born in Nepal, Not in India.

Buddha was born in Nepal, Not in India.

Economic competition among the European nations led to the founding of commercial companies in England. In 1600 the east India Company, founded. British Raj started it’s colonies power to the land of Indian continent. For 300 to 400 years Indian people have to work as a slave for British. And British need more and more mineral and human resource for their colonies power. On August 15 1947 India become an independent nation. Nepal as a Himalayan country has its own history and geographic situation.   

    Most of the world believes Buddha was born in Kapilvasta, Nepal. Dr. Anton A. Fuhrer discovered Lumbibi Ashoka pillar on December 1, 1896. He saw the pillar standing nine feet above the ground. And which he later excavated and found the Ashokan inscription ’10 feet below the surface and 6 feet above the base ‘9. Buddhist influence are evident in culture of Nepal because Buddha was born in Nepal. It has strong buddist background and has plyed role in  spread of Buddhism to Tibet. Nepalese princess Bhrikuti played a significant role in development of Buddhism in Tibet and far East. Tibetan Buddist architecture has long been influenced by Nepalese artists and sculptors like Araniko. The Shakya  Clans later moved to kathmandu Valley and helped established Buddhism there. During Kirant era Buddha is believed to have visited kathmandu valley during the reign of Kirat King Jitedasti. Emperor Ashoka from india put a pillar at Lumbini the birthplace of the Buddha in the 2nd century BC. Nepal is an independent Kingdom that lies 500 miles along the Himalayas. It is surrounded by China and India. Buddhism in nepal dates from the birth of Siddharta Gautama himself. 

However, some Indian government agency making baseless statement that he was born in Orissa. But currently india is making a fake place similar to Lumbini to show that Buddha was born in India. Now Indian claim that founder of buddhism who was born 2,500 years ago in India. India is spreading wrong information about Buddha birth place to attract millions of tourist in India. The fact that India has been remains and in all probability will continue to be the greatest external influence on Nepali politics. According to whistle blowing site Wikileaks disclosure which referred to a US government cable that India had provided financial incentives to Nepal Maoists to gain their favor worked counter productive another serious allegation followed by a former high ranking Nepal Army official, Bibek Shah, that India had trained Nepal maoists combatants in their barracks has now come to the fore. At where India had provided similar trainings to Tamil rebels of Srilanka, MuktiBahini of Bangladesh and Khampa rebles of Tibet at the same place known as establishment -22 in Chakratr of Deheredun. India has wide boader dispute with Nepal, China, Pakistan. Bhutan situated between the Asian superpowers India and China, the isolated Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan has bilateral relation with India But it has no any diplomatic relation with China because of Indian dominance. India totally influenced in it's foreign policy and homeland security. India unequal relation with it's boarder country, defiantly trace China in south Asia to equalized the Geo-politics power of India. Nepal has better relation with China than India, and no any border  dispute.

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sinhasagar000 4 years ago

this is possible that Buddha was born in Nepal but as an Indian i want to assure u all readers that no country-hostile powers are being trained in India..Even India is also suffering that problem..India is always ready to help his neighbours politicaly and economically..

enlightened 4 years ago

Buddha, ( Sanskrit: “awakened one”) clan name (Sanskrit) Gautama or (Pali) Gotama, personal name (Sanskrit) Siddhartha or (Pali) Siddhatta (born c. 6th–4th century bce, Lumbini, near Kapilavastu, Shakya republic, Kosala kingdom, which was one 0f 16 kingdoms in northern India at the time of his birth.

MotherNepal 4 years ago

India can't change the true history of Buddha birth place.

Alex jung 4 years ago

Awesome post of buddha,

Prem Guragain 4 years ago

Please sign the petition to promote: Buddha was born in Nepal & Mt. Everest is in Nepal.

Here is the link to the petition:


ShaNTACHITTA 4 years ago

Nepali People are saying "Only Buddha was born in Nepal,not in India" But Not follow Buddha`s Dhamma .And doing Hindu culture program ...................

Gpzayn3 3 years ago

OMG who the hell thinks that buddha was born in india,is india spreading all those rumor just for publicity."Shame on India".......

And I can that surely say that buddha was born in nepal.well,india should learn something from nepal,,,,, well at least learn to say the truth."INDIA SUCKS"...!!!...

crzygp 3 years ago

Recently I went to NEPAL and also been to LUMBINI where BUDDHA was born.It is EXACTLY in NEPAL.It doesn't even exist near *india*.And it has each and every proof that proofs "BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL" including BUDDHA'S foot print,ashoka's pillar etc.But after some miles there comes the *FAKE* lumbini made by bloody fake indians just for publicity.And to proof it as a real lumbini they tried to make it similar as possible but unfortunately it looks really fake without the ashoka's pillar and buddha's foot print which india doesn't have.And it is illegal so I hope India is gonna regret on their deed.MY LAST SUGGESTION FOR YOU GUYS IS NEVER VISIT INDIA :/ IT IS A BLOODY FAKE COUNTRY.

And I think wasted my time and money from russia to india but my nepal tour was really awesome.

akash 3 years ago

i m an indian.and i can assure u india never said buddha was born in india.i always read that he was born in lumbini,near kapivastu,which is in nepal.even in my school books have this.now second thing,for your information,nepal,pakistan,bangladesh ,all r too be consider part of india in 4 b.c..in fact,india name is also given by britishes after 1800.so it is not clear that what was the bounderies of india that time(4 b.c.).each king has it's own kingdom and bounderies. and ther is no lumbini in india so don't make post before investigating it.

crzygp 3 years ago

Well I am a historian from Russian and I travel places to get historical in formation as I have recently been in INDIA and NEPAL just few months ago.You were right as in before ages ago PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH were part of INDIA but you need to make sure that *NEPAL was never part of INDIA*and i agree that there was no bounderies at that time but NEPAL was a way bigger than it is now before INDIA captures a lot places of NEPAL and I can surely say that if Lumbini(buddha's birth place) was in NEPAL and now also it is in NEPAL.Buddha was born in NEPAL as a Nepalese Citizen but he started his Buddhism in the border of NEPAL and INDIA.So we could possibly Buddha was born in NEPAL but he started his Buddhism in border of both NEPAL and INDIA.But the only thing that I didn't liked is that the fake Lumbini that INDIA is doing.Well don't be such a publicity seeker...

akash 3 years ago

dude ,there is no fake lumbini.who told u.first try to find reality.i live in india and i even didn't read about it.and for your information,budha got enlightment in gaya and gave first speech in sarnath(kashi).and both r now in india,and thrid thing nepal was part of india many times.many nepaliese kings were relatives of hindu kings that were rulling awadh and even in mahbaratha ,there is breif discription of nepal.and just like i said before 1800 indian even existed.all provinces were ruled by different kingdoms.

crzygp 3 years ago

Well seems like you are an expert :) Keep it up sweetheart

Akash 3 years ago

:),i belong to a hindu-boudh family and live in lucknow that is near nepal(well not so far) and i really don't want our ties with nepal get destroyed becouse of rumors atleast.:)

crzygp 3 years ago

Well you seem like a really intelligent guy.Wish u luck for ur future... i don't know if i got it right or not but you seem like a historian....

Akash 3 years ago

thanks.i m a law student so basically i can't live without history and other then that i have great interest in knowing countries and world.well i kinda will move on historian line after finishing law.knowing history always so amazing.many time we read and see what is not truth but history opens those secrets.so yep i love history.:)

crzygp 3 years ago

Oh ya... forgot to tell ya there is a fake lumbini,,, don't believe so just check it out on google... i think u r the one to save your country;gud l00k


akash 3 years ago

lol.oh yeah i checked,they didn't able to show where is that fake lumbini.i saw that video too.lol.that was just joke,i have been there many time ,but there is no fake lumbini.

akash 3 years ago

and bro show me any official indian site that has agreed on the part that lumbini is in india,:)i don't need to save my country coz they r not doing anything wrong

crzygp 3 years ago

oh i m s00ry :( i thought wht it showed was real.........

sorry dude:(

Akash 3 years ago

np bro,but just think why would any country take risk of such kind,everyone know lumbini is in nepal.all visiter know this very well who visit india .

elazagg 3 years ago

Yeah I knew it, we had to learn it in our history class!!! :)

articlemachine profile image

articlemachine 3 years ago from India

I m an Indian and i know that 99.99 percent of Indians have no regard for nepalese people, we call them bahadur, chapta, misbehave with their women...and the list goes on...and i think this is the reason why our neighbors totally hate us. And because of this very behavior of ours we r treated like piece of crap in other countries too, remember what happened in Australia to indian students!! Most of us in india are hindus and whether Buddha was born in nepal china or india will not make any difference, but still so many indians r wasting their time claiming that he was born in india. What i believe is that he belonged to a yellow race, the race which indians totally dislike.

prabhu 3 years ago

human knows how to play politics

buddha 2 years ago

buddha was bron in nepal.it was once the kingdom of sakyas.gautama buddha preached his first sermon at sarnath.he say four noble truth. they are there is sorrow in life,there is a cause of this sorrow,the cause is desire,if desire is removed,sorrow can also be removed.buddha say that do not fight but people wear fight like buddha was bron my.what to do. i am from nepal bandipur.....

Gun Ace 2 years ago

yes i am also supported with ur answer that buddha was born in nepal.

samir raj karnikar 2 years ago

but still buddha was born in neoal how would idiot india is jealous of it huh

Chris Blaze 2 years ago

Buddha was Born in Nepal

ronab shres 2 years ago

Budha is the great person who was born in nepal

addicts soles mhzn {rabin] 2 years ago

yes lord buddha was born in nepal.......and liked it very much

PRAVESH 2 years ago

This was a serious matter among Nepali and indian people.There was was a huge religious fight between Nepal and India.The Government of India made a fake BIRTH PLACE of LORD BUDDHA.But the truth is that LORD BUDDHA was born in our country NEPAL...

PRAVESH 2 years ago

This was a serious matter among Nepali and indian people.There was was a huge religious fight between Nepal and India.The Government of India made a fake BIRTH PLACE of LORD BUDDHA.But the truth is that LORD BUDDHA was born in our country NEPAL...

Ik-sha 2 years ago

buddha was born in NEpal!!!!!!!!!!!

Ya i really suppot dat buddha was born in nepalllllllllll.......:)

sofka ale 2 years ago

i am a Nepalese girl. I am born in Nepal. lord Buddha is a great founder in all over the nepal and it is sure that buddha was born in nepal. But he contribute all the peace all over the world.

how can they say that buddha was born in nepal whereas there is a lot of proof that he is from nepal

these indians wants our treasure

wat a..........

BaBItA.... 2 years ago

Its TrUE that BUDDHA was BoRn iN NePaL NoT IN INDIA............

PrAsAnNa 2 years ago

its true that buddha was born in nepal .......................

Rabin Subedi 2 years ago

I found good article here.

Please look at the following two statements, they look similar and is acceptable in general use but there is some difference in between those statements while going in depth.

1. Birthplace of Buddha Lies in Nepal.

2. Buddha was born in Nepal.

- See more at: http://buddhawasborninnepal.net/

Essmeriya Chhetri 17 months ago

Hey... u foolish akash, u say u r studying law... so i m damn sure u r expert in arguing ... i m not interested with u ... The matter is that "Buddha was born in np." I thought u were pretty intelligent... bt i was wrong...

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