Buzz Kill

     I guess after the 'Buzz Kill" I felt during the Inauguration Day on Tuesday, January 20, 2009 and eating too much chilli, pizza, or whatever we had at my office party. I finally at the end of this week, felt all my energy leaving my body in drolls. The "Buzz Kill" was gone, the party was over, and I guess it was back to work for all of us, including the President Eelect, Barack Obama. I scanned the internet this week to look at all the on line newspaper's opinions, including, The Nation, Washington Post, New York Times, and The Huffington Post. Everyone of the bloggers or columnist were discussing the highs and lows of their evening. The number of Inauguration Balls or special events they had been invited too or got in because of who they were with.

The lows were of course the long lines of waiting to get into the Inauguration Ball and freezing your ass off in the process, and when you finally got in, being given a color bracelet, to show you belonged there. Than you had to stand in long lines for food or booze. The highs were watching your favorite celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson, Jamie Fox, and also Marisa Tomei enjoying parting, and listening to music celebrities such as, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, U2, and Bruce Springsteen. (If I miss any of your favorite celebrities or musicians I apology.)

I and the rest of this didn't miss all the upset, large crowds, or standing in long lines, at these special events. I stayed home and watched it on TV, but next time when our President is in another term. A large group of us from Seattle will ascend onto Washington D.C., listent to Barack Obama's inauguartion speech, try to get into some of the parties, and that includes standing in long lines freezing our assses off.

I want to see my favorite musicians like Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin, or U2 out there singing their hearts out, and try to find any celebrities in the midst of the crowd, point them out and scream with delight with my girlfriends. So, until then we need to keep up this spirit of good will and getting along with our fellow "Americans".

I guess we will watch for the ups or downs of this presidential administration, on the crisis of our trade relationship with China, Gaza and Israel's cease fire, the war in Afghanastan, healthcare, jobs, and the US economy. We need to know that our leaders are only human, learning along the way, and might make mistakes like the rest of us might do. You and I will support our administration in what will come now, tomorrow, or is happening now.

The world and our eyes are all on Barak Obama and Joe Biden, elected cabinet members,White House staff, and their officers. They have a huge job in front of them and the road ahead is going to be tough, not only by their political allies, but also their foes. It will take all our us to change, support, or assist our President, government, community and fellow constituents. If we want things to be better for all of us.


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