By Whose Measurement?

Depending upon what the message is from any politician will depend on whether many people are paying attention or not. Measurements are either qualitative or quantitative types of weighing what you believe. Now days I'm seeing much of the quantity type things affecting people without their weighing the quality of their decisions. An example would be whether to believe that the government needs to be your nanny or whether you are capable of standing on your own two feet and taking responsibility for you and yours.

Barack Obama is one of those types that no matter what actual facts are presented he's not liable to sway from his talking points. Whether that is a function of his narcissistic personality disorder or the pathological liar part of his inner self remains a mystery. The sad part of what we are witnessing is that this president, other than incessantly talking about his job, doesn't do very well what we pay him to do. Or for that matter elected him to do. He talks the talk but his walk leaves much to be desired.

What should frighten anyone is that the guy may actually believe what his teleprompter is telling him to say. Case in point is his appearance at the Obama Pep Rally in Colorado recently. I had heard him say this before, in disbelief I might add, but he stood there once again insisting that "by almost every measure, we're better off than we were when I took office. By almost every measure!" Well Mr. Pretend President most people are now catching on that your measuring cup and ours are different by a long stretch, not a short one.

You, Barack and Moochelle Obama, are probably better off now that you're continually vacationing, fund raising and golfing on our dime but it's our dime and not yours that you need to be paying attention to and aren't. He seems to be on point with Herman Goebbels about repeating the same lie often enough. But is he trying to convince himself or the beleaguered American tax payer? What amazes me the most when I researched videos to find the one presented here is how many time he made the statement about being better off over his term despite the facts saying otherwise.

He Is A Bit Delusional With This Nonsense

He speaks of the economy but must have missed the report about the GDP contracting at a 2.9% rate during the first quarter of 2014. Recession here we come again if it was ever over in the first place with all the smoke and mirrors this guy employs to cover his incompetence. Economic growth is a vital factor in attempting to deal with the problem our enormous federal deficit, which has doubled under his governance, but don't expect it any time soon with his efforts to grow, not shrink, the size of the federal bureaucracy and regulations to dictate to you your every move. We need to create wealth in this nation Obama, not more red tape and endless regulations.

The fact is that under Obama we need at least a 4% growth rate and his average of 2% isn't cutting the mustard to make any progress in expanding like we need to expand. Whoops about how magnificent he is once again!

The first graphic I used illustrates how well off we all are now battling poverty under Obama's astute leadership. Lets throw in the measurement of the use of food stamps too. When Obama assumed office there were 32 million users of EBT benefits. today it has ballooned to 50 million people. Isn't the correct measurement of increased prosperity in this country that those numbers go down rather than up? Am I missing something here? Is a 45% increase in this area an improvement?

Lets get more people dependent upon Big Brother and the Democrats so that they can garner more bennie voters. Remember all those "illegal alien" refugees arriving on our southern border? Guess what they are given when they get here?

Here's a FACT he fails to mention.

He ran those gums in that video about job creation and unemployment figures so lets take a look at the FACTS rather than Obama spin. The labor participation rate at the beginning of the recession was 66% when Obama took office. It now stands at 62.8%. That is one of those employment numbers Obama avoids like the plague. It's a number that one wants to see increase, not decrease as it has. That's the smoke and mirrors part of what Obama's Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) is presenting as we see an unemployment rate drop. It is an artificial drop in the rate my fellow working Americans.

For you younger folks who got sucked into the Obama snake oil routine two thirds of that drop in the labor participation rate is being borne on your backs, whether you got that college degree or not. Graduating from college and living in Mom's basement isn't my idea of an increase in your being better off and I'm sure Mom and Dad would agree with me.

More S & M concerning job creation too. S&M meaning smoke and mirrors and not the infliction/acceptance of pain. It could apply though when you think about it. Even today, which is a fact Obama avoids, we still lack 400,000 jobs from where we stood when the recession started. That's better off is it? the problem is that Obama, and many of my fellow Americans, don't have a firm grasp of economic ups and downs. because Obama says something doesn't make it true by any stretch of your imagination. I think you know that by now or at least hope you do.

The administration technically claimed that the recession Obama speaks of was over about five years ago. That is a technicality, nothing more and nothing less. Reputable economists will tell you that a steep recession (we were in one at the time) is normally followed by a steep recovery. It isn't happening that way so ask yourself why not. Your answer lies in realizing that this administration is anti-growth policy and more big government policy. They think the federal government creates jobs to this very day.

Obamacare is another disaster which I will save for another day. Let me leave you with this FACT though concerning his enrollment smoke and mirrors act. Let me break it to you easy. A new Health and Human Services (HHS) Inspector General report just released has revealed that this administration has yet to determine whether 1,295,571 of the over 8 million enrollees in the last Obamacare enrollment go around are U.S. citizens lawfully in our country and eligible for enrollment. They're also called no pays. Whoops!

On that I wish you a good day and the beginning of another week where Obama is closer to becoming bad history.

As always,

The Frog Prince

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Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 2 years ago from Rural Arizona

Obama relies on few, if any, of his worshipers ever checking on the numbers he likes to throw at us. Most of the time these numbers are either made up, worthless, or just plain lies.

We also have to listen to his numbers and look hard at percentages.

For example: 90% of our citizens are not starving. That looks like a pretty favorable number until you think about the 10% that are starving.

The fact is almost every reported number from this administration is distorted in some way.

But as you point out the teleprompter he reads is his entire though process. If it is on the teleprompter it must be true.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

Yeah Obama is a LIAR...been a liar probably from birth and would never have been "selected" to run for anything by the Democrat Party unless he had displayed a history of lying because that is the primary requirement to be a Democrat nominee and only requirement to be promoted to leadership of that party. But don't kid yourself. Obama is just the inevitable result of an elected government that has forsaken the constitution and become a haven for career politicians who put their personal aspirations and financial success far above the oath they swear to "the people".

The elected officials of this republic have worked together like a private club for decades, manipulating the truth, changing statistical measures of the economy, inflation, unemployment, poverty, social security, welfare name it to the extent that none of the official government measures actually report what they are suppose to measure and are tweaked and altered to present a deceptive conclusion. Just look at unemployment - 6.3 % what a joke? Yet the media headlines that number without any in depth analysis to claim we are doing better?

The road to where we are now with Obama has been paved for years by politicians of his ilk from both parties. Actually for this process along with the concerted dumbing down of America through the media and the public education system to evolve into the reality of a President Obama and the epitome of all that is wrong with government is no surprise at all.

"By whose measurement?" you ask. Who cares, it no longer matters.

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 2 years ago from Rural Arizona

I heard a thing on the radio today that it was against the law for a slave owner to teach any of his slaves to read. The ability of a slave to read and learn would have been harmful to all of the slave owners and those who thought slavery was OK.

The problem is that nobody notified those at the head of our educational system that it is no longer illegal to teach students to read. Perhaps that is why we have so many high school graduates that can barely read and write?

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Go see the new movie America Mike.

Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 2 years ago from Rural Arizona

Funny you should suggest that Movie Jim. It is on my list of things to do this week.

stanfrommarietta profile image

stanfrommarietta 2 years ago

The schools have stopped teaching children cursive handwriting. Typing may be another skill to go by the by as children learn the hunt and peck system on tiny keyboards on the smartphones. And Twitter stops people learning how to write long, elaborate arguments, which means they do not develop the skill to deal with complex topics and problems. Many are not learning to program computers. So, they use word processors, Wikipedia, machine translation, speech to writing programs like iPhone's Siri, so they don't even need to know how to write to a computer. Just ask Siri, and she'll find the answer for you on the Web. She'll also write your text messages for you to send. Eventually we will get brain implants of little tiny computers and huge databases and extra memory. But we will all be hooked together in one large colony of Cyborg's under direction of the iCloud.

Stu 2 years ago

Since every piece of gold Obama touches turns into tin, I have to assume Obama is, in a way, performing well, at least as measured by his own yardstick. I can only conclude that the total breakdown of our economic, social, military, and geopolitical systems will leave us with a panicked population, which will have people begging for a solution, just as the Germans were during the jobless and hyperinflationary years of the Wiemar period. To Hitler this chaos was a gift he craftily took advantage of to obtain power and "fundamentally transform" Germany and most of Europe. Obama is being more proactive, creating the very chaos that gives rise to the gift. I believe what we are seeing is the implementation of Cloward-Piven on a scale so large very few can it's there. Just as seeing an atom requires an electron microscope, you can't see a galaxy without a massive ultra narrow angle telescope. It's only the "normal" size things we easily see and recognize. Put simply, the horrific breadth of Obama's attack on our system creates a cloak over the strategy. Yes, everyone can see the results in real time, but they can't discern the cause of them. We'll keep hearing things like "Obama is stupid;" "George Bush did it;" "House GOP's are obstructionists;" etc. But in truth, I believe strongly that the etiology of the results we are seeing is a PLAN to collapse our entire Constitutional Republican system and replace it with transnational socialism. The idea is to get the masses into so much fear they actually beg for it, to their own ultimate serfdom.

Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 2 years ago from San Diego California

It's nice to bash Obama and I bash him too but I think the recession belongs to both mainstream policies, although Obama's taxation policies certainly haven't helped it.

tsadjatko profile image

tsadjatko 2 years ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

The "recession"? You mean the "recession" that was caused by decades of liberal policies? There was not one conservative government policy you can point to that remotely contributed to the 2008 recession, possibly because there were no conservative government policies that were in effect. If you talk to a liberal, conservatism isn't mainstream, it is extreme!

If you mean the two mainstream parties, they don't include conservatism as the establishment Republicans aren't conservative, so with that in mind there is only one mainstream party and that is liberalism which has both Democrat and Republican operatives and is the only "policy" to blame.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

Mel I don't take what I wrote here as "bashing Obama." What I did above is correct his lying ways to the American people. He has doubled the national debt while at the same time bringing in record amounts of revenue to piss down the hole. Those revenues equate to our money not the Dems or the Repubs. I am an Independent so the party garbage never washes with me. Both of those parties are now controlled by corrupt, business as usual pick pockets who have no interest in listening to We, the People after any election. The smoke and mirrors of the federal government needs to stop no matter who controls what. This is our nation. We are not subjects or servants. Period.

stanfrommarietta profile image

stanfrommarietta 2 years ago

The recession was not caused by government policies. It was caused by the private sector, principally the banking/housing sector. And it was predicted by economists like Minsky who said that when the economy, which was inherently instable, but maintained under control by constant regulation, continued to run well without recessions or excessive inflations, then people would begin to relax the regulations, thinking they were a thing of the past. Then as they relaxed lending practices, and encouraged banks to loosen up and insure that minorities were able to get home loans, the banks took that as license to engage in what amounted to fraud. They took mortgages, sliced and diced them up into little pieces and combined them at random from all over the country in mortgage backed securities. In this way the banks could make subprime loans, quickly sell them collateralized debt obligations and mortgage backed securities and leave their holders high and dry when the housing market collapsed. People would engage in Ponzi kind of behavior, buying houses they knew would go up in price, and then they'd sell them and look around for more to buy and briefly hold and sell. It looked like easy way to make a fortune. Then when home prices obviously became too high, and people could not afford to pay their mortgages, the whole scheme collapsed, bringing down the major banks who were all in this up to their armpits. So, you may blame it all on liberal policies, but what you are thinking of was not what caused it, but weak and feeble enforcing of regulation by government and beliefs that banks could both engage in risky ventures and be sober managers of loans and savings.

The Frog Prince profile image

The Frog Prince 2 years ago from Arlington, TX Author

stan what many people don't understand is that economies run through cyclical ups and downs. The housing problem was generated by Bill Clinton at the end of his administration starting in 1998 when they dreamed up an idea that everyone needs to own a home which is a pipe dream. Not everyone can afford to own a home. So off that policy went and it take 10 years for a major economic policy, and that was one, to come full force onto an economy as large as ours. That crisis hit us full in the face in 2008 so do the math.

The Frog

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 2 years ago

Obama is completely dysfunctional. He can't even hide his contempt for this nation anymore. He no longer can muster up any enthusiasm for what he says. He is bored with the whole deal and it is showing. He came here to "fundamentally" destroy our nation, a nation he appears to hate. He is succeeding and for the life of me I can't understand where Congress is, despite the fact that I think they are so used to doing nothing that they just can't act. History will treat this part of our story very badly. We all sat around while Rome burned.... Up, interesting, useful and awesome, Frog Prince.

profile image

retief2000 2 years ago

Dr. Thomas Sowell clearly identifies government policy as the culprit in the Housing Crisis.

stanfrommarietta profile image

stanfrommarietta 2 years ago

Frog, that is hardly the whole story. Clinton didn't tell the banks to slice and dice their mortgages into little pieces and combine them into securities known as collateral debt obligations CDO's. But it was a way the banks could pass the risk onto someone else and leave it with those they sold the securities to. Furthermore those holding the securities did not hold the mortgages and when the house owners defaulted on their loans, they couldn't recover their losses by repossession because they didn't hold the mortgages. So, the banks engaged in fraud and came out smelling like a rose. Governments like Iceland nearly collapsed from having bought these securities as safe investments. So, you can't attribute most of the problems with the housing market as due just to Clinton's pressure to banks to open up loans in black neighborhoods. It was a time of Ponzi-like frenzy. House prices kept rising, and people would buy and flip their

houses in hopes of getting more for them, at which point they would take the proceeds and buy another house, believing it was going to rise in price too. But in the end, people defaulted on their loans and no one could buy their homes at higher prices. In fact their prices began to fall. And a lot of upside-downers were left owing more than their house was worth.

This wasn't anything Clinton envisaged.

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