Capitalism- Greed, Wealth, The Rich and The Banks...Our Future....Our Choice!

The Evils Of Capitalism

I don't know about you but I am getting so tired of hearing about "The Evils of Capitalism". Whether it's on TV, through written articles, or from the "professional protesters" running around the world destroying private property while railing against "The Evils of Capitalism". it is all getting a bit overwhelming. The headlines scream about the cruelty of capitalism, the evils of capitalism and, my favorite, the corruption of capitalism. If you believe the headlines then we are all doomed unless we can bring down this evil system. After all if we don't, we are told, capitalism will destroy us all. Is this true? Is destruction from the evil entity, aka capitalism, inevitable? Is our society doomed by the super rich who would [gasp!!] use capitalism for there own selfish purposes? Are the traditional supporters of capitalism, those dreaded conservatives, about to unleash untold horrors upon an unwitting public who are unaware of the evil that is soon to befall them? Maybe it's time to inject some good old common sense into this issue.

First of all Capitalism is not destroying us....we are doing a fine job of that all by ourselves. Capitalism is just being used as an excuse that some, without a lot of understanding of our Political and Financial systems, point to as the "enemy of the people" I still can't figure out what people they're talking about but we need to blame something...right? Why not the very system that made this country the most successful , wealthy, powerful and by far and away the leading nation in history.

The rallying point those who would destroy our system are using is "fairness". We need to destroy capitalism, they say, in order to give more to the poor and punish the rich and of course we can't forget those "evil wall street bankers" and after we do that that then our system will be "fair"! Take from the rich and give to the poor also known as "wealth redistribution". Is that the path America should or will take? Do you want to share some of your wealth with your neighbor or conversely have him share part of his with you? If this is so then that is the discussion we should be having nationally. If that is the choice of the country then so be it but who gets to decide who will give up what? Who will control the "new" system? Would you give that responsibility to your government.... your banker....The Fed maybe....or perhaps your neighbor? If you chose your neighbor to influence this new system of fairness would it depend on whether he was rich or poor or would you trust his judgement and his interpretation of "fairness" on the division of wealth.......namely yours or his? Interesting it not?

Did you know that even the poor, in a capitalistic society, would be considered wealthy when compared to, other systems, in the rest of the world. Capitalism allows many of our poor to pay no taxes yet still own cars, homes, travel, and acquire possessions that most of the world's poor could never even dream of. Capitalism also allows something else very important to occur.....All of us whether rich or poor have the opportunity to reach and attain success as far as our hard work and efforts can carry us. There are countless examples of people born into poverty succeeding because of their own efforts and hard work. That is the essence of Capitalism....effort it always should and while it does not guarantee equal results it does allow for equal opportunity...WE, each of us, make the difference. Don't worry about what the other guy is doing... pay attention to your own efforts.

Attacking the system which supports every facet of YOUR lifestyle and allows you to succeed or fail on your own merits is typical when you think about it. We are, after all, a whining, selfish, and ungrateful bunch and perhaps a system collapse might just be the thing to teach us a valuable lesson. Perhaps we need to learn to appreciate what we have. If we only understood how easily this nation could be brought to it's knees.

How much more idiotic and misguided does it have to get before the "supporters" of these professional protesters realize that even they, the protesters, require the benefits of "Capitalism" in order finance their activities. How ridiculous are things becoming these days when you realize that these same protesters, in order to fly around the world financing and organizing protests against capitalism, are in fact users and defacto supporters of the very system they are protesting against? How foolish have we, as a society, become?

I will not attempt to write a book here on Capitalism there are enough of those out. What I would like you, the reader, to do is educate yourself. Sit in front of your computer some night and do your own research. Find out for yourself why you "believe" the way you do. Do the research and see if what you believe is "true" or is it political spin that has been sold to you as truth. Find out where capitalism come's from and how it is tied to democracy. Ask questions of the protesters like where do they get their financing for their activities and who are they trying to save with their protests. Listen to their answers and don't take them at face value. Investigate their motives and see if they fit within your own belief system. Research them for yourself so you can make an informed judgement about the pros and cons of this issue.

Who partakes in capitalism........we ALL do!!!!!. Our life styles are financed with capitalism. Our social programs, like welfare, medicare, medicaid, pensions and on and on are made possible because of capitalism. In fact capitalism drives the economic engine that provides wealth and jobs for the citizens who then pay the taxes that are collected to fund all our social programs. We have the highest standard of living in the world because of capitalism. Anyone who has investments, of ANY KIND, including your 401k or mutual funds are card carrying supporters and members of the Capitalistic society. You and your children's future retirements and quality of life depends on the capitalist system.

For those of you who believe the government will take care of all these things for you let me put this as succinctly as I can......WE ARE BANKRUPT!!!!!!! The government produces nothing of value and their only contribution to the economy, at this time, is negative because they spend too much. The government has already spent all the money the nation has ever had along with the next 60+ years of tax revenues as well. We are financing ourselves with treasury bonds backed by a country with 15 trillion in debt, and rising quickly, that it can NEVER repay. Does anybody else think that selling these bonds in the future might become difficult when you have to convince other nations to essentially bankroll your foolishness? What if those countries say "no thanks" we don't want anymore of your bonds! Who will finance our economy then?

Some believe the gap between the rich and poor is too great. They believe the government must step in and reduce that gap by "wealth redistribution" after all it's only fair.... right? Depends on your point of view. If you are the receiver of this largess you're going to be in favor but if you are the one who the government singles out to contribute to this "redistribution".....probably not so much. Essentially what you end up with is class warfare initiated by the government and special interest groups . The endgame of this idea will not be good. Some believe that if we just spread the wealth around that all will be wonderful and we'll live happily ever after. Unfortunately reality will be somewhat different than the "garbage" now being distributed by the so called experts, the politicians and, their masters, the special interest groups. Taking from the rich to give to the poor, or wealth redistribution, will collapse our economy and destroy this nation.

Many now say that we should increase taxes on the rich because they are not paying their fair share. Others offer the suggestion that since 50% of the population pay no taxes that this area should be addressed. What you have is a situation where 50% of the population pay the lion's share of the taxes to support the other 50% who don't pay any income taxes at all. Not a great situation for any nation to find itself in. What the various talking heads are telling you is that even though you are paying taxes to support half of the population that pays none need to step up now because you are not paying enough to support them. Interesting isn't it. Depending on your point of view, and whether you are on the receiving or giving end, this plan is regressive and unfair or completely acceptable and necessary

We are creating an entitlement society which will be our fiscal downfall. Helping the poor and needy in our society is proper and the moral thing to do and Americans are a very generous people. Giving people handouts and allowing them to use the system to their own advantage is immoral and wrong. Entitlements are the source for most of the fraud in our system. People learn very quickly how to "play" the system and what do we do about it? Fearing a backlash from the far left we simply throw more money, that we don't have, at the problem and lower the standards for accessing the program so in the end more and more people can partake of the proverbial trough. Unjustified handouts to the undeserving whether rich or poor is wrong and a ridiculous fiscal policy we cannot afford.

We provide for those of our population in real need. There are many social programs available to help and reduce the hardships on the most deserving of our society. What we cannot do is collapse our financial system to give them everything . The poor are being used by special interests as a means to an end. Their goal is to take from rich and give it to the poor then all will be well. The truth is that none of that money would find it's way to the poor. It never does and it has been tried many time in many places under the guise of "helping the poor". This is not about money or helping the poor this is about power and control. So who really benefits here and how have we arrived at this point in time?

In the US Tax Code there are about 3300 "tax loopholes"[yes 3300] that have taken decades to put in place. These loopholes, or special tax breaks, were specifically designed for the benefit of the Corporations, the super rich, and those pesky special interests groups and we cannot forget the valuable contribution "lobbyists" have made to the accumulation of these tax breaks. Very few of us will ever get the chance to access any of these "loopholes". So how did they get there and who is responsible. The enemies of the state, in this instance, are the corrupt politicians who have sold this nation out and sold themselves to the special interest groups including big business and the super rich. Through PAC money ,and other semi legal schemes, most of our politicians have been "purchased" by these elite groups and have passed special laws along with "3300" tax loopholes in order to "assist" their "real" masters. We have been completely conned by the politicians, the press, and the underground political economy which by the way is doing very well in spite of the suffering the rest of us are enduring right now.

Unfortunately, for us, the politicians have found ways to divide the people so any opposition to their schemes will be muted, at worse, and ignored, at best. Here's a little experiment for you to try yourself. The next time a political party announces a policy decision stand back and just watch how many people come out to support and oppose that decision. It doesn't matter which party is proposing the change. It's like all the politicos have to do is press the right button and millions of Americans will be out protesting against....themselves!!! and what's worse is the politicians are sitting back watching it all unfold as they exert control of each side through the corrupt media.

We have been trained to do their bidding. Does anyone else think that maybe it's time for the "people" to put an end to this manipulation and finally hold our politicians accountable for what they are doing to the country?

Whether you're a Democrat or Republican really doesn't matter....both sides are being used and manipulated by the parties. They are very good at manipulation. They have had a long time to practice their craft. What will you do the next time "they" call you out into the streets to support their side and oppose the other?

I will close with this thought. President Bush was far to cozy with the Oil Companies....the same ones that receive huge tax incentives and actual financial assistance from the Government while making record profits. What do you think....coincidence? President Obama,[ for those of you who were hoping for a savior I'm sorry but all you really got was another politician], has his own "buddies" too. Remember Jeffrey Immelt...the CEO of GE....the man Obama appointed to head the Jobs Council. He's done real well too and I'm sure his friendship with the President has nothing to do with anything....right!. It seems Jeff has scored twice. Not only did GE pay no taxes on about 15 billion dollars of profit in 2010 he actually managed to get a 3.2 billion tax credit on the taxes GE didn't pay. I know it sounds complicated but the politicians are looking out for our interests so there's nothing to worry about...right! ! One more little thing about Jeffery Immelt....the head of the Presidents "Job Council"....he oversaw the transfer of tens of thousands of American jobs to.......CHINA!.... Good thing he's the head of our Job Council isn't it?

I used these two examples, and there are literally hundreds more if you want to check for yourself, to prove a point. The truth is President Bush did not enact the tax laws that favor the Oil Companies and President Obama did not enact the tax laws that favor companies like GE and allows them to pay no taxes or me!. The two men simply used the system as it current exists. Remember the 3300 tax loopholes that took decades to put in place. The immoral politicians of both parties did this for their friends, their financial supporters, and to enrich themselves directly or indirectly and they do not care what "you" think about it at all. If you put up a fuss they'll just press that "magic button" and they'll have their supporters in the press and in the streets within hours!. Is this what America has come to? Have we allowed our country to become nothing more that a piece of property to be bought and sold by politicians. Have they gone too far......or have we?

The Evils of Capitalism........I think not. It's not the system that's at fault even the Communists, the Marxists and the Socialists around the world are embracing Capitalism. The problem is greed and a warped sense of entitlement that somehow "we" deserve what the other guy has. We're in trouble people and I fear for our future if we do not stop this madness soon.

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randslam profile image

randslam 5 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

Dude, Capitalism creates where are you? What are you really saying?

Socialized capitalism works but the citizens of this society have to have an altruistic sense of give...not take.

America's issues are greed and corruption...oh, and yes, entitlement. Capitalism mixed with bad puritanical religion have created America--you tell me what the next step is--because John Maynard Keynes isn't here to create a new financial structure.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you for your comments randslam. I do appreciate them and I see your argument as very interesting.

I do, however, have a few points to make. First of all Capitalism does not "create" greed. That human condition has been around a long time. Capitalism is in it's infancy compared to greed randslam. Greed has been a driving force thoughtout human history regardless of economic or political systems. I think we would agree, however, that Capitalism rewards greed far to easily.

Socialized Capitalism is an oxymoron Randslam. It does not exist except in perpetual theory. It is a dream of some but it would be a nightmare in the real world and, in my opinion, prove to be unworkable.

You are right America's issues are greed, corruption and a sense of entitlement. I think you are wrong, however, in labeling "bad puritanical religion" as a founding pillar of America.

The next step will be very interesting to watch. Either this nation will regain it's focus and "right" itself again or it will decline very quickly. History teaches us that all great civilizations decay from within. America is under attack and the decay has begun. Will it save itself....I don't know but I hope it does and, yes, I pray it does.

Thank-you Randslam for your comments. They were thoughtful and I can see you hold strong opinions on this subject. I suspect we may disagree on some things but I always enjoy a good discussion.

randslam profile image

randslam 5 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

As you mention the "decay from within" is a huge factor, along with the family unit and cooperative business systems.

America, and the modern world, for that matter, because it isn't a "one nation" kind of problem, will have to look to population growth, economic engines, health care systems, better education methods and food production moving into the future. These are simply facts.

Socialized systems in Capitalist-based societies can work--Sweden, Canada, Denmark, etc are responsible examples that safety nets are necessary for those who fall into difficult circumstances--the issue in the US, especially, is the blood-letting of money that is flowing to programs filled with people that really should be out carrying their own weight--as opposed to feeding off of the government's handouts--and that can range from food stamps to construction companies that are overcharging domestically and abroad.

At any rate, I can respect your response and agree on many of your regards.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thanks again Randslam. You do make excellent points.

I do think that Canada bears some watching and more research. They appeared to be the only Western economy to escape the latest recession. The Canadian banking system is ranked as the best in the G-20. Taking a look at how they finance their economy is, probably my next step. The unimaginable wealth of natural resources that Canada processes "might" allow it to become the first nation in history to offer it's citizens Socialized Capitalism. I'm not convinced yet Randslam but you do have me thinking!!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 5 years ago

Your last paragraph summarized your article beautifully. If Washington's elite succeed, there will be no middle class. The politicians and their cohorts will rule, and the rest of us will live on a government check. We'll be assigned jobs and housing... Soviet style.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Hi Sheila...thanks for dropping by I appreciate your comments. You are absolutely right. The middle class will disappear and be totally dependent on the government if we don't stop this. This is about power and control and when the government becomes the main source of "income" to the masses.......we lose!!! profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

point2make- Great points on this awesome Hub! Many focus on the greed of corporations and capitalists but are in denial about the greed being a universal problem with most poeple. The difference is that while the system of free enterprise has a built in accountibility to check the excesses on human immorality but the government does not. Therefore greed and other vices are likely to do alot more damage in the framework of an empowered government than autonomous individual participating in mutually benificial exchanges in the free market! Regards- WBA

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Great comments WBA. I appreciate them. You are absolutely all its ugly guises lies at the heart of the problems we all face. Those who take advantage and those who are being taking advantage of are becoming blurred and getting harder to identify. Thanks again for the kind words.

baygirl33 profile image

baygirl33 5 years ago from Hamilton On.

I totally agree with what you're saying,who wouldn't in this land,with all its examples of greed and lack of sustainability?

And where does it end? Where did it start? Where is the money going? To keep our nose in others'business? To support bloated agendas in warm places when we have perfectly fine places and people to advise and teach us?We can use these relatively small places to start climbing back to our original status.

As far as Canada is concerned,we are no better.For instance why do we think we should pay Americans like Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin? Are they better,more knowledgable than anything we have? Or are they just more famous albeit dubiously so,than anyone we have?

And why does this matter?It matters because they bring in more money.And we are greedy.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you for your comments baygirl I appreciate them. Greed is certainly a driving force in our world today. There seems to be a new and harsher tone these days because greed is being accompanied by a sense of entitlement. Not only, as a society, do we want what others have...we feel we are entitled to those things whether we have earned them or not. The people are being manipulated and the situation is getting very dangerous.

Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 5 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

Too few "tags" for a detailed and forceful Hub; add some more. Amazon must have some good titles that will reinforce your concerns, why not display some?

randslam profile image

randslam 5 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

I agree with Perspycacious...edit your piece into a less chunky piece of manuscript and draw in more readership for your work...people gotta talk about what's wrong...for is US.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you Mr P for the comments and suggestions. I will take your suggestions and improve the hub. I appreciate you for taking the time to read my hub and I especially welcome the helpful hints and observations. Thanks again.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the comments randslam. I do appreciate them. You are right about "chunky" I do tend to go on a bit with these hubs. I am very passionate about what I write and I need to bring more of a focus to my work. I can see the benefit of breaking a long hub into two or three shorter ones would be beneficial to me...not to mention my hub total. Thanks again.

randslam profile image

randslam 5 years ago from Kelowna, British Columbia

just trying to help a good writer...that's what I do...teach writer "wannabes".

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thanks randslam....all assistance is greatly appreciated.

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 5 years ago from North Carolina, USA

Greed is "original equipment" for humans. Greed exists under socialism as well as capitalism and any other "ism." Capitalism tries to work with the natural tendencies of humans to want more and better things while channeling that greed into creating things that others want and need. Its not perfect, but it beats the alternatives.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

That is so true kschimmel your comments are exactly the point. Greed, in all it's guises, is "original equipment" for humans. Thank you for your opinion....I appreciate it.

bruzzbuzz profile image

bruzzbuzz 5 years ago from Texas , USA

You are so right that capitalism is not destroying us, it is us that is destroying us. It seems that most everyone feels entitled these days, entitled to things that are not theirs too. We are the most dangerous animals in the universe. Capitalism is just one of the many excuses we use to explain what we are doing. Great hub. Voted up.

point2make profile image

point2make 5 years ago Author

Thank-you bb for your comments they are appreciated. I am sorry for the delay....I somehow missed this one. You are right we are using capitalism as an excuse to hide our own actions and demands.....humanity is so transparent and predictable. thanks again.

Max 4 years ago

Capitalism -- or, more accurately, the predatory corporate capitalism that defines

and dominates our lives -- will be our death if we don't escape it. ......Over the last one hundred years, the current capitalist cabal has destroyed the minds, bodies, and souls of millions of people. Capitalism has murdered--and is continuing to murder-- world citizens in imperialist wars and economic crimes such as the prime mortgage assault, bank foreclosures, and the criminal theft of taxpayer money in the bailout of big banks and financial institutions.Capitalism is a murderous conspiracy that cannibalizes workers and gets rid of unwanted people.

point2make profile image

point2make 4 years ago Author

This is certainly an interesting reply....that's for sure. I find your premise that Capitalism is a "murderous conspiracy" a bit over the top but everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I am curious your own belief system is there any room, at all, for personal responsibility? It must be convenient and comforting for you to have such a "murderous" system to blame for all the problems of your world. I approved your response because I believe a good debate and differences of opinion can be a positive and healthy thing. I have to be honest with you that your positions leave little room for such a possibility. I do thank you for your response and, while I suspect we would have little in common for a proper discussion, I respect your right to your own opinions.

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