Child Labor

It is not your baby, but any mothers...
It is not your baby, but any mothers...
This child can't bear this weight
This child can't bear this weight
When they cry, we ignore them
When they cry, we ignore them
Child labor
Child labor


Though labor is sacred, child is a crime. People, who employ and engage them in different jobs, take full advantage of their minor age and their helplessness. It is seen that minor children are engaged house servants or maid servants and to work till late and night. They neither get handsome pay nor recreation. Rather they are always dealt with harsh abuse and reproof. Housewives find pleasure in punishing them mercilessly for silly mistakes. They are not given proper food and clothes. They shiver in winter and suffer from malnutrition. They are not given proper food and clothes. They shiver in winter and suffer from malnutrition. They grow up simply to become sick and to drag a miserable life. This inhuman process should not be allowed to continue further. We should not be allowed to continue further. We should find out ways and means to stop this dirty practice of child labor so that those distressed children get opportunity to grow up as worthy citizen.

Child labour is a great problem not only in our country but also all over the world. Employing children as works is a threat to us. It needs to be abolished.

When a child is employed for work leaving his normal way of life is called a child laborer. According to the UN charter on child rights, a man who is still under eighteen is a child. It is a matter of great sorrow that a large number of children are engaged with heavy labor all over the world.

The problems of child labor are acute in third world countries. Here the larger portion of population lives under poverty line. When the parents fail to manage their livelihood, they send their children to work for earning money or bread. So poverty is the main cause of child labor.

In our country there are about five cores of children. Among them about 50,00000 are working as child laborer. About 55% of them are engaged with heavy labor and risky work. And a large number of our child laborers are under fourteen. About 4,00,000 children are engaged with work of house-hold. It is calculated that after five years the number of child laborers would exceed 1 core in our country.

Our child laborers are neglected in many ways. They work hard but get a little. The child laborers are the victims of the victims of aggression and physical punishment of their employers. Sometimes they are severely tortured and become maimed for life-time. Sometimes they are the killed or burnt by the employers.

Last Scream

At an age when a child should go to school for education, he is go to garage or to a mill or factory. Sometimes they go to roads as a rickshaw puller. Sometimes they work in the fields as a farmer. But it is unethical and unexpected. So child labor should be abolished in order to give our children a happy, progressive and optimum life-style.

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Dollartanvir profile image

Dollartanvir 5 years ago from Bangladesh

Dear, its really hurt to read your hub, but its very true. thanks for your touch about our child

-DEATH $TRIKER- 4 years ago

this article is amazing

-Death $triker-

farah khan 4 years ago

if child labour is crime..........

then why teacher gaves us homework.......................

akshara 3 years ago

yes, we do not want in our country any child do work at the age of 14

richa 3 years ago

child labour is a big crime. stop doing child labour

Sambit Sukumar swain 3 years ago

Child labour should be prevented as it is their age of going to school

rather than working in some private sector . They should be avoided with

all that facilities that other children are getting. Their parent should be

aware of their bright future .

karishma 2 years ago

sooooooooo sad

aysha 2 years ago

i am satisfied with this article and i feel so bad about child labour in our country ,it can make our country the disguisting country in the world and my emotions about seeing the pictures of the lovely childrens ,i cant explain it in words.............................soooo sooooooo sooooooooo sad

miley 2 years ago

child labour is a big crime

xddrtdrtd 23 months ago


naidu rsk 21 months ago

as per today's news (15.05.2015) children can be used for their home business. how far it is justified. children is children. where is good life? if hey used them for their home business. How far is it justified?

naidu, 94465599

Lohitha S 19 months ago

Say no to child labor but say yes to education

Trisha 17 months ago

Child labour is a great barrier to the growth of the children physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. All classes of people should come forward to ensure them a normal life.

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