Can North Korea Nuke USA?

North Korean threat against USA and Japan

North Korean threat against USA and Japan
North Korean threat against USA and Japan | Source

North Korean Crisis

Fox Will Pretend To Be the Kind of Forest

North Korea is threatening to nuke USA. Is it possible for this tiny hermit country to destroy the world’s only superpower? Is it possible for an ant to trouble a huge elephant? Normally it is not possible. But if the ant enters the elephant’s ears, then it might prove to be troublesome for the big creature. North Korea’s strategy is based on threat perception than its actual execution. It knows that once the first nuclear bomb is fired at USA, it will be wiped out of the world map. A fox can pretend to be the king of forest by merely threatening other animals. A lion does not threaten; it finishes off other animals whenever it wants.

Kim Is No Fool

Barking dogs seldom bite and biting dogs seldom bark. North Korea is on verge of an unprecedented economic and food crisis. It is unable to feed its population and there is a growing resentment among its people which might turn against the government at any time once a spark is ignited. The new leader Kim understands this and is no fool. He is educated in Switzerland and understands the Western culture and mind. He knows that the American drones can finish off any North Korean target in minutes. Therefore it is unlikely that he will make any foolish overtures which might provoke USA and the Western countries.

China Supplied Nuclear Weapons to North Korea

What then are the real intentions of North Korea and what is likely to happen? I think it will be naïve to examine the intentions of North Korea in the present day crisis situation. One should understand that North Korea is only a puppet regime at the hands of China. It was China which helped North Korea acquire the nuclear weapons and missiles. Chinese engineers constructed the infrastructure in North Korea to host these missiles and nuclear plants. China’s intention is that one day North Korea might make use of these nuclear weapons against USA and its arch enemy Japan. In that situation, China can wash off its hands and pretend innocence.

China Can Become a Superpower Only If USA Is Destroyed

China feels that it can become both an economic and military superpower in the world if only if USA is destroyed beyond the point of immediate recovery. But at the same time it will be too costly for China to directly fight USA and drop nukes against it.
Therefore it needs a puppet which can perform these dangerous actions. Imagine North Korea dropping a nuclear bomb in California which kills around a million people. Immediately all the countries in the world including China will condemn the action. If North Korea drops a dozen nuclear bombs in different places in USA before getting destroyed by retaliatory action by USA, then China’s purpose is done. USA may take decades to recover from the holocaust and in the meanwhile China can capture its neighbours like India, Singapore, and South Korea etc and extend its frontiers in the world. It can even invade Australia. China is waiting for such an opportunity.
Whether it will get it now in the present day situation is not sure but ultimately that is its goal.


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