Can Obama Still Be the President in 2016 and Beyond?

Can President Barack Obama count on becoming President of the United States of America again in 2016? After all, that would be against the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, right?

The 22nd Amendment states that an American president can only serve two terms in office. It was put in effect after the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only American elected to be President for four terms. After Roosevelt died during his final term, the 22nd amendment was proposed to limit the power of an individual president, which many believed to be in tune with the ideals of American democracy.

President Barack Obama and Martial Law

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama | Source

Despite the 22nd Amendment, it is possible for Obama to stay in office. Obama has signed more executive orders than any other American president in history. One of those is Executive Order 13603, which he signed on March 16, 2012. EO 13603 also goes by the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order. it gives the President power over many things in case of an emergency. For example, if there is an earthquake, the president would have the power to decide how much food people could buy and be given power over civil transport and the military.

Under Executive Order 13603, Barack Obama can also stay in office as President of the United States if an emergency occurs. If Obama declares martial law in the event of an emergency, then he can stay in office as long as he wishes.

Under martial law no election is needed, and political power is handed over to the executive branch and the military, rather than being shared among a balance of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches as laid out in the Constitution.

This Has Happened Before

This is not the first time that the United States government has tried to circumvent the 22nd Amendment. The most recent proposition came from Congress, in the form of H.J. Resolution 15 to repeal the 22nd Amendment, proposed by Democratic Representative Jose E. Serrano of New York.

If passed by both houses of Congress, and ratified by three-fourths of state legislatures, H.J Resolution 15 would allow anyone to be president for as long as possible. However, this person would still have to be elected every four years.

Rep. Serrano has not only done this for Obama, but proposed the same Resolution under the administrations of former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Both both times it failed. Al told, Serrano has attempted to repeal the 22nd amendment nine times,. However, none of these proposals have even ever gotten close to being voted on by Congress.

What Will Obama Do in 2016?

Obama is on a slippery slope, and seems to be going downhill pretty fast. He has made some pretty serious mistakes and has not been able to hide them. Here are a few:

  1. Benghazi - To be honest, there so many different versions of this one, it's hard to tell which ones are true. Still, a few things are clear. The United States' Ambassador the United Nations has stated that the attack was part of a street protest, not a terrorist attack. That is not true. It was a terrorist attack. The truth was not told to the citizens of the United States until it was exposed through an investigation led by Republican members of Congress.
  2. The IRS - The Internal Revenue Service has been targeting conservative political groups. The IRS stated that the high-level officials knew nothing about it, and blamed it on low-level employees who oversee the taxes of most Americans. It was only after being investigated that a high-level IRS official apologized for it.
  3. Phone Tapping - The Associated Press had their phone records taken by the US Department of Justice. That is interesting: Why would the Department of Justice want their phone records? It seems unlikely that the AP is trying to hide the identity of terrorists. So, why is the Department of Justice targeting them?

To Sum It All Up...

Based on these egregious actions by the executive branch under the Obama Administration, many people feel that Obama is going to declare martial law in order to stay in power for as long as possible, beginning in 2016.

If Obama was able to run for President in 2016 would you vote for him?

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billybuc profile image

billybuc 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

Interesting discussion but I don't think there is a chance it will happen, and quite frankly I don't want it to happen. I am quite happy with the Constitution the way it is.

Happy 4th of July, Michele!

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thanks for your comment Bill. I don't think it will happen either. Just decided to write this today.

Happy 4th of July!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 3 years ago from US

What about the theory the US planned a kidnapping on Stevens with no intent for him to be killed so they could trade a certain hostage they wanted freed for him? Then they would want no rescue or guns, so that is why they said hold back (or whatever they said) but since men went to defend Stevens anyway and started shooting it broke out into a bloody battle with Stevens being killed. Who took Stevens to the hospital? His killers? Why?

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Pollyannalana I don't know. They will never tell us the truth. No matter how hard we try, they will never tell us the truth.

North Wind profile image

North Wind 3 years ago from The World (for now)

Very interesting facts here, Michele. I did not know that a president could do that. I am not an American but the fact that a president does have the power to do that is a bit troubling. I suppose, it does not matter what type of government you profess to be, if the leader wants ultimate power badly enough he can try his best to get it.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you for your comment North Wind. Some people believe he will do it, and some believe he will not;. We will just have to wait and see..

MsDora profile image

MsDora 3 years ago from The Caribbean

Michele, I appreciate this article for sharing discussions I had not heard before. I wouldn't get fearful about something that is not likely to happen. Fear can do a lot of harm. Be prayerful!

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you MsDora I don't think a lot of people read my hubs. So, this hub won't cause a lot of fear. He does not have this amount of power. Presidents have signed many Executive Orders. And as I wrote above the 22nd amendment, is not going to be changed. There is no way, it can be changed without all the process it has to go through.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I was not aware of the repeal attempts for the 22nd amendment. The hub is informative and your perspective is interesting. I voted this hub up for content.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Rodric29 Thank you very much for you comment. I appreciate it very much.

alocsin profile image

alocsin 3 years ago from Orange County, CA

Although I'm favorably disposed to Obama, I hope he doesn't run for president a third time. It's wise to only have two-termers, so we can inject new blood into the presidency. Voting this Up and Interesting.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

alocsin, true, that is why the 22nd amendment was put in place. But Presidents do have the right to declare marshal law if some like world war is happening. Not that I think it will happen. But, since the internet has grown so large, you can look up anything and see so much. Some even say Obama is the beast. To me that is crazy!

Credence2 profile image

Credence2 3 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

Michele, except for some catastrophe, he will be the President in 2016. I support the 22nd amendment and Mr. Obama second term ends Jan 20, 2017....

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Credence2 Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it very much.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Actually, what I meant was " Can Obama Stay President 2016 and beyond." I think I need to change the title.

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 3 years ago

I have heard others voice this concern, I only hope and pray that we will see a new president take office when the times comes.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

teaches12345 I pray also, that we see a new president when the next election time comes. Thank you very much for your comment.

God bless you.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 3 years ago from Dallas, Texas

Interesting that someone can pass an Executive Order that gives them the power to stay in office. Something to think about for sure.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you very much for your comment and for thinking about it. I pray more people do. And that more people vote, it worries me that people do not vote. I see our rights being taken away bit, bit.

Deborah Brooks profile image

Deborah Brooks 3 years ago from Brownsville,TX

wow Michelle I pray to our Lord god that this does not happen.. It would be a nightmare.. I don't think it could happen but who knows. I love your hubs they are very thought processed..


I haven't been around in a while ,, life is crazy..

hope to be around for a while



wayne barrett profile image

wayne barrett 3 years ago from Clearwater Florida

Not to say it couldn't happen in the future, but at this time I believe the American people are too strong to allow it to happen. There would be another Brutus!

ziyena profile image

ziyena 3 years ago from Southern Colorado


Efficient Admin profile image

Efficient Admin 3 years ago from Charlotte, NC

It's always a possibility he will declare martial law just to stay in office.

Another worry is who is going to run for President in 2016 -- will there be any good ones running? Obama did not have any "real" competition in my opinion the last two times he got elected. I don't like having to choose between two evils but that seems to be the pattern last few years. We need to continuously pray for each other and our leaders too.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thank you so much for sharing Debbie, and I am very happy to see you

God bless you

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

You are right, it would be another Brutus. But, they got rid of him, didn't they? Would they get rid of Obama the same way? If they tried then it would be like Revelation. That would very frightening.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

ziyena Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Efficient Admin I agree with you. We do need to pray for each other, and our leaders.

God bless you.

montecristo profile image

montecristo 3 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

Interesting article. What you don't know can hurt you. Information is power. Thanks for sharing.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

montecristo You are very correct, what you don't know can hurt you.

I couldn't have said it better. Information is power.

God bless you.

tirelesstraveler profile image

tirelesstraveler 3 years ago from California

How brave of you to broach this topic.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

tirelesstraveler and you are brave for leaving your comment

God bless you.

ComfortB profile image

ComfortB 3 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

Since you asked. I think two terms of the same president is enough. We don't need him there for a third term. And do pray and hope that nothing happens that would warrant him declaring Martial Law.

Thanks for a thought provoking hub. Voted up and interesting.

samowhamo profile image

samowhamo 3 years ago

You know I can't really explain it exactly but the more I hear about things like this the more I feel America is becoming more and more corrupt. What do you think Michele.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

ComfortB thank you for your comment. I also think that two terms is enough for any president. And also pray that Martial Law never comes into effect for him or anyone.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author


America is much more corrupt then ever. America was meant to be Free. That was the reason people came to this country. At this point in time, they perhaps they would feel like they failed.

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 3 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I think that Mitt Romney was the best choice we had to save this country, and not because I am a Mormon. He has sound principles. I am going to vote for him again if he runs even though I am not Republican. I left the party, but I did not leave the principles. I am a Moral Conservative and not a political conservative. I love some of Obama's party views, but not this Obamacare. It is law though. If he declares martial law he might incite a civil war. He has already tried to disarm us as private citizens.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Rodric29 I agree with you, even though I am not a Mormon. You are right, that Obama has tried to disarm us as private citizens, and I think he will try to do it again. I am afraid the next time will be worse.

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Interesting Hub, Michelle. I think two terms of any president is enough. It seems extremely unlikely that the 22nd amendment will ever be repealed, especially as several efforts so far have failed so miserable. Interesting issues, though. :) Theresa

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Thanks Theresa

I don't think it will happen either. Just wondering.

Ianez 3 years ago

Fear defeats more people than anything else in the world.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Ianez, thank you, but I was hoping it would help, but making helping people vote. At this point in time, I just don't know what is going to happen. I really don't.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 3 years ago

I hope they do not repeal the amendment, as a matter of fact I think the there should be a term limit to the Supreme Court Justice, no lifetime until they retire.

I don't know who I would vote for is Obama could run again, it would depend on who he would be running against. Ted Cruz for instance, this Canadian born Cuban should have never been elected to serve in any capacity.

Very good hub.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 3 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Shyron, I agree with you. Well with everything you commented on. There should be a term limit for all of them. The house, GOP, Supreme Court Justice. People need to be more involved in the actions of politicians.


Thank you so much for your comment.

didisobe 3 years ago

I believe Obama can do what he is expected to do before 2016 because he is under very high presure . He may not need much time to do them if he really wants to do .

jayherdit 2 years ago

Ok I know I'm a little late but Obama's plan is clear now he will instate M.L. he is also, become more and more like a dictator as time passes. so if a riot was to kick off and the state. Police can't controls it then the N.G. would be there too take there place and that would be the starting friends for M.L. that's happining ppl. And if u look carefully there making us push for M.L. like it's a good as ur civil servent I implore u too pay attention and be ready for what is surly to come. And Mike stay on the front its good to let the people however small ur following may be know what is going on

Cody 2 years ago

Actually the USA is not a democracy. It's a republic. People can't even report proper news anymore.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 2 years ago from US

I had forgotten this; glad to come across it again. Watching what he is doing pushing blacks into waring against police makes me think Obama is trying to stir up all the trouble he can so we have no police and then naturally that would mean martial law. He will remain president; he will confiscate all guns immediately of course and there will be fighting and killing everywhere when that happens.

His actions are finally becoming clearer; we can see his road map a little better every week it seems. Yet no one does anything to stop him?

Jeffrey Harris profile image

Jeffrey Harris 2 years ago from Albertville, Alabama

Your writing style and choice of words indicate that you are not a professional writer. An example is your first sentence: "President Barack Obama may have the possibility of becoming President of the United States of America". News flash: he's already president. Another example is the first sentence in the third paragraph: "However, it is possible for Obama to stay in office, because he signed executive orders and has been using them more THEN any other President in history". The correct word here is THAN. I'd keep going but my guess is that you really don't care what I think...

Rodric29 profile image

Rodric29 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

Jeffrey, I have to come to the aid of my fellow writer and one of my inspirations on hub pages. Your assertions may be correct about the things you found in THIS article, but it is not the grammar that makes here a good writer. Her works speak for themselves. Read more and give some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to help her along.

She is not afraid of it. Sorry Michele for assuming anything on your behalf in advance.

Also, what have you written Jeffrey? Maybe some of Michele's followers can return the favor and read YOUR writings.

President Obama may try if possible to make a third term. I doubt we will let him though. Unless... there is a war that suspends congress and creates martial law throughout the nation.

Michele Travis profile image

Michele Travis 2 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio Author

Hi Rodric29

I haven't been on hubpages for a very long time. I have been very sick. The brain tumors are growing slowly. But, I still thank God for having friends like you!

my_girl_sara profile image

my_girl_sara 24 months ago from Georgia


I, too, believe Obama is trying to figure out a way to stay in office another term. My suggestion is that he is allowing thugs and terrorists into this country so that some kind of crisis, real or manufactured, will make it so that he "has to" stay in office. God help us if this happens.

By the way,I originally came to your profile to see if your health was any better and judging from this comment from 4 weeks ago, it is not. Praying for your healing.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 24 months ago

I think GWB went to war in Iraq so he could stay in office. I doubt that the 22nd amendment would be overturned. Maybe in the next term.

I just saw a bar chart that shows how many orders each president has passed.

This is very interesting.

Glad you are back, hope you are improving.

Joe 22 months ago

He hasn't written more executive orders than all other Presidents, in fact he's written less than almost every President since Grover Cleveland.

Jack 22 months ago

I have a feeling Obama might declare martial law. It may be related to the whole Obama is Osama conspiracy and it could be related to Osama being the anticrhrist. There are rumors that Jesus will return in the mid 2020's or mid 2030s to defeat the antichrist (which might be Obama if he is Osama pretending to be Obama) And Jesus would save those who believe in him. It's kinda scary how this could be true and the CIA could have been orchestrating the whole thing since 9/11 which allot of conspiracy theorists say was staged by the CIA in order to put in motion these events. Maybe the CIA/U.S government thinks it's their responsibility to make predictions in the bible come true in order for Jesus to return. It also explains why America is now 75% christian. There was even a secret program called project moonbeam which was supposed to simulate signs from God as described in the bible indicating the return of Jesus.

sheryl 21 months ago

I never new much in this area untile this president and I was around a group who made comments from the start he was the anticrist I don't no if this true are not but I have been watching things since he been president and I've seen so much that I have this erery feeling that something about him and all the things That's went on is a sign of something not good and its got my attention I just hope my gut feeling wrong and I just want to see us back in a place where we all can live free loving of each other and with out so much struggles this can happen with all of us what happen to people love thy neighbor help each other do not judge but help guide stop thinking of only your self we all help each other and we Will find that the president power not so powerful after all if he don't have us all fighting and killing each other he only is powerful as we let him we just need to find away to get back to the way it was when one house burned down the town helped build it back up this is the place I pray to c b 4 MY TIME HERE ENDS GOD BLESS U ALL AND I NO GOD WILL ALWAYS HELP US WHEN WE ASK

Xpris 17 months ago

I can't believe how casual you all are about Obama possibly staying past 2016. That is what amazes me more than anything.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 17 months ago

Michele, President Obama will be President until the 2016 newly elected president is sworn into office in January of 2017.

I am happy with the term limits set for our presidents.

Sheila Lord 17 months ago

I can't believe we have 12% that said yes, how stupid can people be???

natti 16 months ago

So when do you think he will declare martial law?

reality check 16 months ago

If something happens before he is out of office that will cause him to invoke martial law you better believe that it is a plot for nwo. You also better find a deep deep hole to hide in because it will be over for mankind soon after that. Our days are numbered and it will happen one day.

Heather Macaluso 15 months ago

Does anyone care to comment about the recent events in Paris. .. and how our future looks today pertaining to this beautifully written article?

Bobby Sowell 14 months ago

What a scary scnero! I hope it never happens before President Trump can be sworn in? America needs a Trump to get it back post Obama. (No establishment politician can do it). We need a FDR WWII approach to defeat the enemy. They were the greatest generation for a reason and took whatever means necessary to Win!

Jam73 13 months ago

The president hasnt even passed Bush in executive orders.. logic and facts are important.

Vickie P 13 months ago

glad it can only be 2 terms to bad the same can not be said about the congress. No one should make it there life work. New people in every 2 years might bring us a better country.

profile image

Jsj817 13 months ago

Sorry, 22nd Amendment trumps an executive order.

lol 11 months ago

je suis francais et je comprend rien

profile image

PrinceAdam 10 months ago

I love the effort put into this article, but I am an AMERICAN. My rights are not limited by any constitution or bill of rights! I reserve ALL MY RIGHTS at ALL PLACES and at ALL TIMES! Who ARE you people that continue arguing semantics over "executive orders, martial law & the constitution". They have nothing to do with AMERICANS! Honestly, if you don't demand United States Notes be deposited into your accounts, then seriously, if I have to explain, stick your heads back in the sand. I'm sickened by the ignorance of my fellow countrymen!

SirDent 9 months ago

I just happened upon this article while searching for info on Martial Law. There has always been a possibility of a president declaring martial law therefore, giving him the right to suspend all elections and staying in office indefinitely.

There are stages to go through in order to implement martial law in it's fullness. The first stage was actually implemented just after 9/11. Homeland security and other agencies were created for one purpose, to spy on people whom they believe to be terrorists.

Stage two was implemented, in part, when TSA started strip searching passengers. A complete and utter violation of a person's right to privacy. Phone tapping, illegally I might add, is being done even as I write this and has been done for years.

The third stage is not quite here. Maybe it will be put into action soon, who knows? Obama, in my opinion, is the worst president this country has ever seen. I honestly believe him to be a power hungry man who tries to get what he wants, no matter the cost to others.

I realize this was written two years ago. I wonder if those who said earlier that they don't see it happening, have changed their minds.

Michelle, I hope you are doing well. I left HubPages a few weeks ago.

For the grammar cops. Refute the info, if you can.

Jana 7 months ago

What do you think about this article now after all of Obama's recent executive orders?

Daniels 5 months ago

Obama should be the president again , if not Mrs.Clinton may take the stand .


Normal Guy 5 months ago

Try proof reading before you publish. So many errors in all of these articles. And the premises are ridiculous. These articles did make me smile and feel a sense of superiority over the author.

Barabara Morton 5 months ago

I firmly believe that it would be considered and emergency situation if Trump were to be elected and therefore, President Obama should put into Martial Law to stay president.

PSW 4 months ago

I appreciate your article, but your comment that Obama has signed more executive orders than any other president is extremely erroneous just FYI

Obama 4 months ago

Obama will be missed

Michele 3 months ago



BUTCH 3 months ago

If I have a choice between Donald Trump and President Obama, I say let Obama have 4 more years. Donald Trump is a mess of a person and is unfit for the job.

www.powertime1399@yahoo,com 2 months ago

if something as a terror attack did hit this country I would like to see Obama in office

Nyarlathotep 8 weeks ago

1. Obama claims Russia interfered with the elections. (which they did not)

2. Obama just announced that he will take action against Russia (which in the minds of the GDP (generally dumb public) is now justified.

3. Obama orders something like Sanctions against Russia, expels diplomats from U.S..

4. Russia will NOT take this bait and Obama knows this!

5. AFTER the action against Russia that the whole world will see Obama THEN pulls a FALSE FLAG operation/attack on the United States and then claims that it was Russia responding to HIS so called "justified action" against Russia!"

6. "National Emergency" declared, BAM.. Obama stay in Office, becomes like Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars!

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