Can you hear them speak


Is it going to take animals speaking our language before we truly learn how to listen to what they have to say? Because facts are that most just don't get it now with animals speaking their own language, I have always believed they talk we just have to be open to hearing what they are trying to tell us and bottom line is most of us just don't want to be bothered with anything that animals are trying with all their hearts to say. They speak to us in so many ways, with their barking, tails wagging or tucked between their legs, with their eyes and body movements and even with all of this, we are still ignoring so many of their pleas for help and killing them left and right, do we need to hear them actually beg for their lives? to scream at the top of their lungs not to be beaten, eaten, boiled, raped, tortured, left to die in a nasty shelter, gassed, heart sticked, shot at, hung, skinned all while still alive, you name it we are doing it to them. We don't care if they are young or old, with puppies or not, we will abort the puppies and then turn around and kill the moms. We have no restrictions on what we will do to rid ourselves of as many animals as we can as fast as we can rid ourselves of them. Think about all the animals in shelters right now, homeless, in brothels, all of the dark places in our sick world, not understanding why they are there and being treated the way we treat them and ask yourselves are we really all fighting as hard for them as we can or should be? Why are their still states using poison gas to kill them, slowly and painfully? do you live in one of these States and if so are you writing and calling all you can as often as you can to fight for change? Do you follow the status of the No Kill movement? do you wonder like me what is taking the movement so long to move from one state to another? if you call yourself a voice for animals then are you truly asking the questions for these precious lives that need to be asked? and pushing for the answers they deserve. Oh yeah its hard, loving them and knowing we are failing so many, way to many and that is exactly why so many give up because they just cannot take how hard it is to fight for change. That will never be me, no matter how painful and hard this fight is and mind-blowing at the very thought of what humans are capable of doing to innocent beautiful creatures all over our world, I will never give up on them, knowing that as hard as it is for us we are not the ones living in the hell many of these animals are living in on a daily basis until they are put to their deaths, knowing all of this that we do to them day in and day out we will never have it as hard or painful as they do. Ignored, thought of as useless creatures with no voice, no feeling, not capable of being hurt or feeling any type of horrible pain we seem fit to inflict upon them, we will never live in the darkest corners of our world hunched in fear and hunger and pain and many never knowing anything but that. We have been given the freedom to fight for change for many that have no freedoms at all, whether child or animal, those of us that live in parts of the world where freedom rings we must ring it loudly and always strive to ring it as loud as we can for those with no freedom at all. This is how change is brought about, by standing together and being thankful for what we have and not always wanting more when we no so many have less or nothing at all. This is how it is paid forward, by truly believing that life is about giving and that by doing so you receive the biggest gift of all, something money can never buy. The gift of truly hearing what they have to say and the freedom to say it in their own language. The gift of their undying love for finally giving them all the freedom to speak in their own voice and knowing that we finally hear what they have all been dying for way to long to say, they just want to be loved and given a home and feel safe, nothing more nothing less and it can be done but only if we all fight as hard for them as each and everyone of them deserve. Not some of the time, not half the time but all of the time. Do the math, when we are loosing more than we are saving, something is terribly wrong somewhere and we must all be held accountable for we are all sharing this world together where the killing is taking place daily around us, we cannot leave it up to others to do all the of fighting, by not doing anything you have silently made the choice to be part of the problem which equals the mass killing of innocent lives all around you and not the solution which equals the working your ass off every day by calling and writing your local and state leaders and making your voice on behalf of their voice which is ignored, asking for and demanding the answers to any and all questions as to why all of this murder is acceptable and demanding that it end now. How many must continue to die in vain? Ask yourselves? then answer and do something on behalf of any animal or child whose voice is silenced by cruelty.


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