Canadian Forces

Canadian Forces Salute Badge
Canadian Forces Salute Badge

Canadian Forces Need Your Support

I was once a member of the Canadian Forces. I am going to ask you to go and send a few kind words to the troops here, they would greatly appreciate it. You do not have to be Canadian, you can be from anywhere, let's all just give them an honest Thank You for all that they do.

I was in the military for a short time but in that time I met a number of wonderful people and I will tell you that most do have the best intentions at heart. I can't say that my experiences did not affect me and I can't say that all of it was good but I would not change it. People are people wherever you go, you find all kinds, but a lot of those kinds will not join the military.

Let's go to the Highway of Heroes and see that there are many people who care and will line the route that leads the fallen home. From the website link listed about you can click on the images and watch the video that is provided. I've watched the video more than once and it brings tears to my eyes, just the like the song sung by Lee Greenwood. To see the people standing along the route helps you to realize that there are many Souls that care!

This goes out to all, not just Canada, I care for each and every person that serves their country with honour and the hope for a better tomorrow. All walks of life come out to pay their respects, if you've never watched this amazing video before you need to go and watch it now. To see those lines of people standing there in honour of the fallen is sure to bring tears to your eyes.

May the splendor of the setting sun bring you beauty and peace!
May the splendor of the setting sun bring you beauty and peace!

An Experience of a Lifetime

Would you like to participate in a life altering experience? Do you want to learn just how strong your character is and what exactly you can handle? How much can you tolerate? How far will you go, how hard will you push or allow yourself to be pushed? How easy or hard will it be for you to adapt to change? How well can you function when you are experiencing sleep deprivation?

These are just some of the questions that will be answered when you join up with the Canadian Forces. I find it is the ultimate meter stick when measuring your character, how resilient you truly are. If you are adventurous and possess a loyal/dedicated character a position in the Canadian Forces could be ideal for you.

Many opportunities are available with the Forces and I am the first to say 'With every job there come the inherent dangers', and perhaps there may be a few more real dangers than other per say office jobs. But, every day we all venture out to work, off to school or wherever it is that we go and we face risks that we do not think twice about. In the forces you work as a solid unit and others will have your back and do all that they can to help and guide you.

This is not to say that all is wonderful, no matter where you go, there will generally be issues of one sort or another... Think of it as One Large Family Unit, there will always be the problem child, or multiple problem children, but those issues are worked out over time.

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Peter Geekie profile image

Peter Geekie 3 years ago from Sittingbourne

Dear Magdelene

I have travelled to Canada many times during my working career and during my time in the Royal Navy have exercised with their ships in the North Atlantic. I have always found them of a similar nature to the UK when dealing with the wrongs and ills of the world and when the chips are down, not afraid to get stuck in.

I am pleased to confirm the Canadian armed forces to be a fine body of people and wish them good fortune.

Kind regards Peter

Magdelene profile image

Magdelene 3 years ago from Okotoks Author

Thank you for stopping by Peter and leaving some great feedback for the Canadian Forces.

Magdelene profile image

Magdelene 3 years ago from Okotoks Author

Thank you for stopping by Peter and leaving some great feedback for the Canadian Forces.

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