Capital Punishment / The Death Penalty is wrong and should be abolished!

Against Capital Punishment/Death Penalty

Capital punishment is the highest form of human rights denial. It is the legally planned premeditated and heartless killing of a human being by the judiciary system and government all in the name of justice.  This act is barbaric and violates human right to life.  It is wicked, inhuman, and devalues human existence.  It is a cruel and degrading punishment, and therefore should cannot be justified in any form.

Capital punishment, which is also known as the "death penalty," is the pre-meditated and legally arranged execution of a person(s) by a government as a consequent for the crime committed by the legally convicted fellow(s).

The first recorded capital punishment laws dates as far back as to the eighteenth century B.C during the reign of King Hammurabi of Babylon. He codified capital punishments for 25 different crimes. In addition, in the seventh century B.C, the only punishment for any crime was death and it came in the forms of impalement, beatings, drowning, crucifixion, burning and many more.

 In other centuries, like in the reign of King Henry the VIII; as many as over 50,000 people were executed based on capital/death punishments. Some of the very popular methods of execution then were through burning, beheading, hanging, drawing and quartering. At that time, the capital punishment applied to offenses like marrying a Jew, treason, and not confessing to a crime. Overtime, this capital punishment/death penalty became widely spread. However, the campaign for its abolition also began worldwide through an essay on crimes and punishment, in 1767 by Cesare Beccaria.

The ills of capital punishment/death penalty cannot be over emphasized, and against this backdrop, I strongly insist that imposing capital punishments/ the death penalty on human life is wrong and should be abolished irrespective of the crime, the nature and personality of the offender, or the execution method employed. Capital punishment /death penalty violates the right to life and is repugnant to natural justice.

From all angles viewed, Capital Punishment/the death penalty is barbaric and remains a problem to the world at large as long as it exists. It should be opposed and abolished not just for its cruel treatment on guilty convicts, but because it also justifies the act of killing to defend others.

Countless reasons abound why capital punishment/ the death penalty is wrong, immortal, and should not be encourage and one of such reasons include; the many times our legal systems have made mistakes executing innocent citizens they wrongly claimed to have been guilty. Facts show that since 1973 in the US, 95 people have been set free from death rows because they were overtime discovered to have been wrongly convicted.

Other summed up reasons for the abolishment of capital punishment/ death penalty includes;

. It devalues human dignity; nothing can justify the act of taking a life to save another or as a payback for an unlawful murder committed. Capital punishment creates a tragic illusion that justifies murder for a murder already committed.

. It denials basic right; capital punishments is the ultimate denial of human right. It violates a person’s right to life both by law and by nature. You do not give life so you should not take life. It is inhuman and disturbing.

. Legal errors: Several times, there have been errors in the legal system, whereby someone is vindicated from a murder after been sentenced. So imagine if that person had already been executed for a crime they did not commit; how unfair would the law be?

. The incessant unfair judgment of the law; the incessant unfair or sometimes unnecessary judgment of the judiciary system is also becoming a problem in our society as there have been cases where a person who murdered based on mental abnormalities was given the capital punishment instead of been remanded to a psychiatrist home.

. Capital punishment do not allow for deterrence. It lacks deterrence. Punishments ordinarily are meant to teach lessons and make people learn from their deeds but with capital punishment/ death penalty, such lessons or corrections are not learnt or allowed which is very unfair.

. It prolongs uncertainty; Going through the torturous delays of appealing and pleading for months and years for a capital punishment is unjust.

. It justifies circumstances with Murder. Capital punishment/death penalty gives a tragic illusion to the circumstance that you protect life by taking life. It excuses state murder as being necessary                                

.  It has a negative effect on the society because it lowers the value of human life. Death penalty is dehumanizing. It shows no respect for human life and so should be abolished.

Sometimes I think the law acts unfairly in its tit-for-tat ideology of justice because if the state finds it justified to murder the murderer, then it should also rape the rapist and in addition burn the house of the arsonist. This way, we can then all say that the system is fair, and imposes equal level of punishment to every offender.

Although news has it that a large number of countries and states have abolished capital punishment/the death penalty from there system, but many other countries to include totalitarian governments still practice it.

Crimes that carry the capital punishment/death penalty differ from one country to the other but popularly known crimes include treason, theft, murder and drug trafficking especially in china. The method of execution for capital punishment includes; Lethal Injection, Electrocution, Hanging, gas chamber, and firing squad.

From an in-depth research in 2009, it was discovered that although many countries have abolished the capital punishment/death penalty in there practice and law, 58 countries still practice this barbaric act. In addition, eighteen of these countries in 2009 alone have executed 714 people convicted but this number does not add up to the thousands of people executed by China, as they are rated highest in capital punishment execution.

In addition, many countries have also abolished the death penalty on juvenile offenders as recommended by United Nations convention on the right of the child and those of other established international treaties and agreement, even though there is indications that seven countries still practice capital punishment on juvenile offenders.

In summary, it is absurd to think that you have to kill people to prove to people that killing people is wrong! How ironic is the capital punishment?  It really should be abolished! you do not kill people to make points to other people, rather I will recommend that the government should sought for other educational prison ways to reprimand these law offenders rather than kill them. Killing in every sense is wrong no matter how, when and who does the killing. Therefore In view of this, it is recommended that the crusade on total abolition of capital punishment/death penalty be extended to the many countries that still practice this barbaric inhumanity to man.


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