Capitalism The Fascist Greed Machine

And The Reason This Happens?

Summary / Introduction

This essay is about factual information that sets a precedence for concern. The essay provides a glimpse at who is responsible for the economic failure of the world market place. The piece cites two sources of fact that provide evidence to the allegation claimed here, that some Capitalists and Politicians are operating in collusion; and in the process of this fraud they have bred a fascist virus that plagues the world markets with economic chaos.

This negative obsession for power generated by the capitalist greed we find in the market place has plagued humanity since its inception and has proven to be the source of all human downfall.

It is hard to imagine a world without greed, and it sure would not harm humanity if it tried to be less greedy and more cognizant of its soul and what its true purpose for being actually is... It seems that most do not know why they are here; if one looks around the world at the affairs of the day and notices the mess that is made of our lives due to the pandering of money, it is obvious there is a systemic problem... "Oh! what a tangled web we weavewhen first we practice to deceive." as - Sir Walter Scott wrote in his book (Marmion,1808) about the Battle of Flodden Field (1513)...

The chaos of the markets resulted from the meltdown of the incompetent / fraudulent economic operations listed in the article. The corporations and city failures are a product of businesses' use of investment resources without providing adequate records of return on investment, so the workers, the consumers and tax collection took the hit for their marketplace plunder and blunder... In other words, industry and the markets did not provide full disclosure of investment liquidity, so, when they failed, due to insider trading and profit taking, workers and government investors had no idea they were taking unsustainable loses on their investments ...

The operating governments and businesses of the world have proven not to be very trustworthy nor competent, and continue to go down the well worn path of the selfish behavior that propagates the corruption that comes with the behavioral greed that prompts bad business practices...

The track record I am about to show you will demonstrate how the people that have designed and operated the process, system and procedural aspects of business and government have made gross errors by creating hugh loop holes which caused the decline of the economy. These gross errors prove their efforts fall short of an adequate job, in fact by the record of the types of failures they have never operated their affairs honestly nor with any level of ethics, morals and integrity.

The economic mistakes that have been made, have only added to the pile of repeated mismanagement, graft and corruption. Look down the page for the list of some of the Incompetent Economic Operations that plagued and infected the financial system of the dollar with mismanagement...

Introductory, 101 Economics proves, capitalism promotes false assumptions - that money has worth, when in fact it has no worth in and of itself - it represents resource assets as goods and services; but the powers that be fail to track the resource assets of goods and services it represents. The most important thing to focus on here is that money is a token for what it represents; money in and of itself has no worth, but citizens have been taught to think this is the way it works, by those who are deceiving them.

People have to come to understand that when the worth of money diminishes it means that the money in circulation does not represent something of worth, the reason for this is, because those who create the money do not have an appropriate system in place to discover these oversights and close the gap in the theft of the integrity of the money-token.

Those selling the capitalist process do not want to monitor the worth of money as it should be monitored, because this is where the shell game, the bait and switch of the money token worth takes place.

If the money distribution process was performed correctly in terms of tracking the worth of real property and services, "RESOURCE MANAGEMENT," then each dollar of currency would represent the balanced resources of goods and services. This is not happening, because this is where the scam of capitalist fascism greed takes place...

I am the messenger of this bad news; but I am hopeful that the people of the world might grasp this urgent need to come to the aide of their fellow humans and demand that this nonsense of special interest stop. Corporate groups of corporatism, the tripartism that splinters the focus of all common objectives has created this economic virus that has become a plague. It is necessary to stop the spread of this plague and begin the job that needs to be done - "The sharing of the earth's resources without destroying it in the process," this is imperative, if the human race is to have a chance to be around to pursue and occupy new territory in space...

It needs to be forever in the minds of the people that, "Earth is Our MotherShip not a garbage scow,and that better thought must be used to manage her deck"...

A Positive Perspective

The Mindset of Negativity

The Capitalist Greed Machine

Rich Beggars' Panhandling Sheet - List Of Incompetent Economic Operations:

History of U.S. Gov’t Bailouts U.S. calculated in 2008 dollars. U.S. government bailouts of U.S. corporations (and one city).

1. Penn Central - Railroad In May 1970 - $3.2 billion

2. Lockheed - In August 1971- $1.4 billion

3. Franklin National Bank - In 1974 - $7.8 billion

4. New York City - In 1975 - $9.4 billion

5. Chrysler - In 1980 - $4.0 billion

6. Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company - In 1984 - $9.5 billion

7. Savings & Loan - In 1989. - $293.3 billion

8. Airline Industry - In 2001 - $18.6 billion

9. Bear Stearns & JP Morgan Chase - In 2008 - $30 billion

10.Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac - In 2008 - $400 billion

11.American International Group (A.I.G.) - In 2008 - $180 billion

12.Auto Industry - In 2008 - $25 billion

13.Troubled Asset Relief Program - In 2008 - $700 billion

14.Citigroup - In 2008 - $280 billion

15.Bank of America - In 2009 - $142.2 billion

Is it not funny how the Capitalist riffraff are so derogatory, of the poor, the immigrants, and the unemployed they created. The fact is, they are the one's that caused the economic failure of their capitalism scheme of slavery by their egotistical manipulation, usury and corrupt advantage taking...

For all intent and purpose, "the capitalist system that is in place" is a failed system, and this is due to the mismanagement, incompetents, fraud and corruption that takes place within industry and the government by the executives that propagate this system of fascist greed.

Here is a clue that will help figure out who the culprits are: Charley Reese made this statement over and over for awhile in the news, that "One hundred senators, 435 congressmen, one president and nine Supreme Court justices — 545 human beings out of the 235 million — are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country."

Here are a couple of questions that beg to be asked:

"How fraudulent and corrupt are those who persist with the rhetoric, that Capitalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread?"


"Who are the scammers, that want the public to believe in Capitalism's worth as a system of operation, when capitalism is simply a process that needs a protected system and procedure to be of any use what so ever?"

The answer to these questions is part of the history of our government system, how it was created and dismantled by the special interest, the users that adopted the fascist ideology, that manipulates the world markets for their ends. It is a sorted affair of egos; special interest thinks their goals, objectives and plans are more significant than humanitarian goals, objective and plans. The special interest of the world, those who seek anything but humanitarian goals fall short of the mark that targets righteous behavior, so much so that they focus on evil endeavors...

Let's look at the understanding, that capital is a wealth and asset expression; then capitalism at best is a sovereign process within a democratic form of a functioning republic; capitalism is not a system, it is a process expression. A democracy is a system form and a republic is the procedure needed for a civil sovereign capital process. This expression of how the process should be just shows that capitalism is not the correct means for wealth distribution; but that democratic reasoning is the means, and that republic distribution is the way to share wealth and worth. Financing business is not the position of a legitimate government. Business in a truly sovereign system is the means to finance government; and if business can not accomplish that goal, objective and plan, then the business does not have value, wealth or worth to the people...

The current process of pseudo-capitalism, has created a system of pseudo-democracy and pseudo-republics that provides for fraudulent endeavors of mismanagement, usury and corruption by low life individuals that are disrespecting the people of the United States. This is the negative aspect of greed, it is what mismanagement does to free markets, to trade agreements, and to representation when government fails to be a true process, system and procedure of the people, for the people by the people...

They Do A Lousy Job & Their Over Payed Too!!!

Salary of retired US Presidents ............$180,000yr FOR LIFE This is stupid!
Salary of House/Senate .............$174,000yr FOR LIFE This is stupid!
Salary of Speaker of the House ............$223,500yr FOR LIFE This is stupid!
Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders ...$193,400yr FOR LIFE This is stupid!
Salary of a teacher ............. $55,350yr Average NOT FOR LIFE
Salary of Soldier deployed in Afghanistan ........... $38,000yr Average NOT FOR LIFE
I think we found where the cuts should be made!
If you agree... RE-POST
“You cannot get the water to clear up Until you get the pigs out of the creek.”

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DAWNEMARS profile image

DAWNEMARS 4 years ago from The Edge of a Forest in Europe

Very interesting read this hub. Greed is responsible for much. Yet only the future will tell how they view this time in history which we live in. I hope we are going to reach a turning point soon. Perhaps we have already reached it now. Strange view of socialism some people have here. Well, I suppose there was also: "national socialism" and if that was'nt facist then: I am a polar bear! Dearest Marx! Great hub.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Look, veritorogue, number one capitalism is a process not a system.

If your read the essay it says that… Look and see where I wrote:

B) Defining Capitalism

1) Capitalism is simply wealth economics that can be a positive or negative process depending on the system it is embedded in and the procedure that controls it.

What I am talking about here is - that capitalism is out of control, because there is so much greed associated with manipulating the money stream that it has tipped the scale - this is what I am talking about.

Capitalism is just a token representing assets; but when it is manipulated like a token in a shell game, this cheating makes for a corrupt process, it is a fraudulent system that lets this misuse occur because it creates improper rule and procedures...

It is not that capitalism is bad in and of itself; it is that the capital process, of a fraudulent system, diseased with greed, infects the rules of a practical fair economic procedures and makes them corrupt with its greed disease. This is the malevolent capitalism that is produced by fascist greed, this is the culprit I am speaking of…

Oh, yea - there is nothing Marxist about this theory, concept or principle... Your use of the "ismatic" the Marxist moniker is a poor ploy and does not change the fact that Capitalism is a shame, in the way it is implemented...

veritorogue profile image

veritorogue 4 years ago from Arizona

Stopping capitalism is preposterous. It can't be stopped. It is like forbidding sex. A selfless society is a farce that requires cultlike blindness to the truth...I am best working towards my own interests. My interests include taking care of my family, my community and my nation. Happiness is only possible when Liberty is inalienable. The society of the Marxist's dreams is a very sad place.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Whoa! rlaframboise, you went from you were going to respond to the question to, "they did," what does that mean? Let me help, Corporations do not share their wealth with the worker nor the consumer and rarely with investors that are not part of the croneyism associated with the scamming that is taking place…

The reason I say this is in the essay, there is public record that is readily available that identifies the corruption… Look it is common knowledge that corporations have pulled their money off the table until they get the same free ride they have had in the pass. Their incompetence caused the problem and they want to be exonerated and rewarded, now that is gall… Why does the worker and their pensions have to take the hit for the scamming of the corporate CEOs? Why has social security funded government when it was to be a resource for the working class?

Your rationalization for promoting capitalism as is has major flaws… I have written a formula for service based capitalism that would run rings around profit based capitalism, it would run off all the riffraff that putrefy the product of the workers efforts...

If providing goods and services is the saving grace of corporations, why do they engineer for obsolescence and not for longevity? Why do so many businesses fail that are owned by the same people? The scamming of the business world is common knowledge, it has bred the atmosphere of greed that is so pervasive, prevalent and touted as needed to attract innovative minds - this I whole heartedly believe is a bad joke...

Your proposed aspect of human nature is a straw-man - yes humans do things for themselves that does not mean that their greed should run ramped to corruption of the system that suppose to be in place to create equality, equity and parity… If someone's acts out of a selfish motive and greed this is corruption of the endeavor intent by its lack of ethics, morals and integrity, simple as that… Greed is taken to be such a complacent selfishness that it has become an accepted intent of corporate mentality that lacks conscience and a soul…

The aboriginals did not spoil and soil the place they lived like modern societies with their toxic waste and polluting stench and plagues… The indians did not fail, the terrorist were to cunning and ruthless for the comprehension of their civil mentality. The Indians did not have the evil capacity to keep pace with the savage greed that overwhelmed them…

Darwin's theory was based on natural forces of selection not the human nature's greedy behavior; but the energy and nature of the universe will reckon with the stupidity of humanity as it destroys it for its folly - The meek shall inherit the earth...

Capitalism did not have anything to do with the intent nor the platforms that generate it. The internet came from the military and the invention of the computer was stolen from the original enthusiast; because capitalism is just a process of exchange not a system.

The problem is this exchange process is being manipulated by a few with this fascist system that has been created to control the many, and this is the pathetic procedure of greed's intent…

The problem with social behavior is there has never been another process, system and procedure because the alpha process mentality of the pack system and gang greed has always been the procedure of the lower animals from which humans have not ventured very far…

What I am talking about in this essay is, "The need to raise humanity up so it might gain its astral back bone of conscience that it needs to transcend the physical plane…"

Thanks for the commentary, its appreciated...

rlaframboise profile image

rlaframboise 4 years ago from 1776

Ok, in response to your question "how did the resources of the earth fall into the hands of corporations without paying the people of the earth for them" I would say: they did.

Corporations do not inherently have some vast wealth that allows them to control everything. Corporations are made of people who are paid to complete specific tasks, economically speaking.

Before you think I am on some pro corporation rant let me stop you right here, I think a lot of problems are inherent in corporations the same way I think a lot of problems are inherent in government.

Corporations derive wealth from providing goods or services to people. They also employ people, this you understand right?

In response to innovation being the product of the mind, I agree, but if I invent something in my house that makes my life easier I immediately think about sharing this device with public to help them but also for a profit.

Do you not see this aspect of human nature? The innovations of my mind need to benefit myself and my community for me to pursue them, very few people have the luxury of sitting around and innovating things for the world with no incentive for themselves. It is not because they are evil, it is because they intelligent enough to realize that they can break free of the worker/employer cycle with their mind if they create a product that can lift their status above the paycheck to paycheck life and it is this drive that fuels them to innovate.

The aboriginal indians were destroyed because they were incapable as a society of competing. I respect and admire natural cultures such as the American indians and we have much to learn from them, however, western society was more fit to compete and dominate regardless of our heartfelt admiration for these natural peoples.

Did the Aborigines see their own demise? Or ours?

This is the same problem with your argument, there is evil in greed that you may want to eliminate but you and your ideals will be eliminated by the power of greed in the scheme of things if you are not capable of adapting to the greed based environment.

Perhaps I am not familiar with your work on capitalism as a system, I am also not familiar with your work on creating some sort of an efficient replacement.

Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest is also a cruel unfair basis for life to continue to advance and thrive. Perhaps you could think of some system that could replace natural selection as well to help the planet?

My point is, capitalism for all of its negatives and hardships best mirrors nature. That which opposes nature is almost always destroyed bu that which mirrors and duplicates nature.

This is simply a fact of not only biology but life in general and I hope you, in your quest, are able to fix this although history would suggest that could not be the case.

All other systems fail miserably compared to capitalism, capitalism will fail as well. What will replace it? It will certainly be more efficient and it will certainly not be anything based on aboriginal or biblical designs.

It will be based on the dog eat dog world of nature and natural adaptation and evolution.

It is a product of capitalism that you are given a platform to espouse your own beliefs on the internet for a for profit website that pays you a cut to espouse these beliefs.

Do not forget that and realize without capitalism, which has become an undesirable, dirty term, you would not even be afforded such a wide reaching platform as the one you hold.

I have to get back to writing for profit however, :).

Best of luck my well intentioned friend.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

veritorogue and Thank you for your comments, I welcome your visits

rlaframboise, You would rather it be that the workers should pay the way of corporations and make their business interest money to boot; isn't that the grand scheme of the ego?

This greed of yours has been a pestilence to humanity for far to long and its vexation has just about destroyed the earth in total. The quality of nature has been ravaged by the monolithic moronic greed that has propagated the perversions of wealth...

The Aboriginal Indians said this would happen, The Bible also, and now it has come to pass; that greed would decimate its world by its evil...

Let's get this straight, "Innovations are not a product of capitalism"; it is comical to propose such a farce. Innovation is the brain child of the intelligent which discover, explore and will change... Innovation and Invention is an art and science of the worker not a business entity. Innovation is accomplished by people not corporations. Corporations only serve to minimize the benefit by putting their greed hands on what would have been a benefit to humanity only to be its scourge. Innovation does not take place within any system it takes place in the mind; but it is best done when the system is not tyrannical and perverse...

Look you have not read my work to know how I perceive capitalism or you would never had made the mistake of saying I was against it. Capitalism is just the use of tokens, its the theft of the worth of these tokens that I am against.

A question for you now, is "How did the resource of the world get into the hands of the corporations without paying the people of the earth for them?"

rlaframboise profile image

rlaframboise 4 years ago from 1776

I really am concerned with your position that a business has no worth other than financing a government. I understand your passion and dislike of greed as a mechanism for human advancement, I just hope that in your analysis you also see that almost everything we have developed or invented was the product of "greed". Anytime you talk of wealth distribution you slide down a slippery slope where force must be taken against individual achievers in your noble quest to help others. Government is a necessary evil, being in bed with corporations is a huge problem but the engine of capitalism works better for innovation than any other system. It seems your premise is based on your natural dislike of capitalism and you waited to validate it by citing the recent recession. I follow your whole argument but do not see your proposed solution, perhaps I missed it. Business is not to finance government, it is to meet the specific needs of people in the most efficient manner, ultimately improving life in the community and evil or ignorant business practices ultimately result in the failure of a business unless a government decided to redistribute tax money to the failing business. Sorry for the incoherent block of text I'm on my phone.

veritorogue profile image

veritorogue 4 years ago from Arizona

Great hub. It gets to the very core of why the ideological divide is so vast today. This is pure Marx vs. Adam Smith. Both take their philosophy to unreasonable extremes. Very, very few people are capable of selflessness. profile image 4 years ago from upstate, NY

Terrific Hub! I agree that the country has become more fascist as the government has controlled more and more of the private sector by nationalizing whole industries and regulating what they don't directly control. I see the root of the problem as being an overreaching government exceeding its Constitutional limits into the private sector. This has created an environment of collusion between government and industry.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

veritorogue, A pragmatic selfless economic system is an ordered set of logical rules, that is what is implied in the essay by balance of resource goods and services, where resource is an all inclusive term...

Why is it people jump to conclusions before they make an attempt at comprehending what is said... It would be better to ask if something was not included rather than assume it was not included or for that matter that it was included which ever.

I suggest you read more of my writing before you jump to invalided conclusions...

As you say, "Acting in one's self-interest according to a clear set of rules is the most effective way to increase productivity, innovation, and prosperity." Sounds like more of the same rhetoric that has already failed.

The key here is, if you actually have interest is that when you do as you say you derive inclusive, selfless civility by default, because a clear set of rules would dictate the outcome.

veritorogue profile image

veritorogue 4 years ago from Arizona

A pragmatic selfless economic system? That doesn't even work in communes where everyone starts out voluntarily dedicated to each others welfare but when one person doesn't pull his weight but expects an even share the system completely falls apart or that person is either banished or eliminated depending on the dedication of the collective's leadership. Acting in one's self-interest according to a clear set of rules is the most effective way to increase productivity, innovation, and prosperity.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

veritorogue, Alan Wake, LHwritings, GwenNovember , Thank you one and all for the feedback...

One word about bailouts - If industry needs to be bailed out, it is apparent that they are just as ignorant as the most ignorant of the earth, they are just willing to try; but the way they try is a selfish way that misses the mark of why one should try. This is the critical point. Why do we do what we do? Is it suppose to be a selfish endeavor or is it suppose to be a selfless endeavor?

A pragmatic selfless-system would produce a better means for managing goods and services, it would be an affiliation of selfless owners - as workers, consumers, and investors that would allow for a complete distribution of wealth that would let money retain worth as currency for the barter of life needs...

Failure of an economic system is due to the mismanagement of the balance of goods and services. Failure occurs because those in charge of its balance are incompetent in their efforts, goals and means for accomplishing this task...

GwenNovember 4 years ago

These billion dollar bailouts make my concerns for welfare and public assistance look like small fry. Of course they might not be and that would be a danger sign. But I took the position that these were all tax paying entities over the years, the corporation paid taxes, the share holders paid taxes and the employees paid taxes, and in foul weather, I think they should get money back from the government. Of course then there is the thing about BUT THEY ARE FAILING. Still where you can keep a union together and rethink a corporate plan, I don't see that the private sector loses in a bailout. Part of your concern might be that the money is in the governments hands and not somewhere else to begin with.

LHwritings profile image

LHwritings 4 years ago from Central Texas


World capitalism basically all went splat in 2007-2009. Out of that, American capitalism seems to have seen an opportunity to return to the Gilded Age of the late 19th century.

Yeah, there's "corporate socialism" in the sense of "socialism for the corporate rich". More precisely, it's called corporatist capitalism.

Alan Wake profile image

Alan Wake 4 years ago

the thing is, the next time there won't be enough paper in the world to bail the system out, there is just far to much debt. to big to fail has become to expensive to save.

the mother of all corrections is coming.

veritorogue profile image

veritorogue 4 years ago from Arizona

You all hit the nail right on the head. It is the pseudo-crony-capitalism that has left our nation a mess along with a culture of mediocrity and dependency that turns able bodied people into burdens to be supported by the few remaining productive people among us. An appropriately regulated free market is a critical component of Liberty but that is not our system. We have made our government so powerful and enticing to scoudrels that it has become a den of thieves colluding with corporations (GM, GE, Haliburton, Solyndra, Bank of America, etc.etc.etc.) to take advantage of and hurt the middle class. Then again we have the highest standard of living and are the most free nation to ever exist. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a twit and her inane comments about the Constitution expose her disregard for my rights. Senator Bernie Sanders is exactly the type of scumbag that you all have been ranting about. A billionaire who claims to be a socialist is just a pig in birkenstocks.

loua profile image

loua 4 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Sooner28, rlaframboise, LHwritings, tammybarnette, One and all thanks for the responses.

I appreciate all your support, your feedback is priceless, it means the piece matters. It means there is concern about improving the system that suppose to protect us from those about us that do not have the best interest of the public in mind when they do business...

Thanks, Fellow HubPagers

tammybarnette profile image

tammybarnette 4 years ago

Fantastic Hub, voted up, awesome and interesting. The love of money is the root of all evil:)

LHwritings profile image

LHwritings 4 years ago from Central Texas

Good article, useful information. I've voted this Up and Useful.

It's important to understand that the U.S. government lavishes these giveaways to corporate interests because it BELONGS to these corporate interests. BOTH major parties cultivate different voting "constituencies", but basically their core consists of the top echelons of U.S. capitalism — the so-called "1%".

Working people and the "progressive" left need a political party, but currently have none.

rlaframboise profile image

rlaframboise 4 years ago from 1776

The trouble with capitalism in America is that it isn't capitalism.

It is corporate socialism.

Let failures fail.

Let winners win.

Don't punish success and reward failure.

Problem solved.

Sooner28 4 years ago

Most of the major players in our governing institutions are in bed with corporations. The only exceptions would be Supreme Court Justices like Ruth Bader Gingsburg or Senators like Bernie Sanders.

It's also interesting that it appears as though bailouts are part of American history! I guess we should not be surprised that history repeats itself. Good hub.

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