Casey Anthony Official Court Documents

Should Casey Anthony Get Immunity?

On Tuesday, August 26, 2008, the State Attorney's office released all 437 pages of the Discovery Documents in the Casey Anthony case.

The shocking documents reveal witness statements and information previously unreased to the public, including the arrest affidavid.

Just one day after the release of the Casey Anthony Disocvery Documents, on Wednesday, August 27, 2008, the results of air sample tests confirm that a decomposing body was indeed in the trunk of Casey Anthony's car.

According to Fox News, officials are offering Casey Anthony an immunity deal. If this report is accurate, Casey Anthony only has 24 hours to offer authorities information on the whereabouts of her child (alive or deceased) in order to accept the offer of immunity.

On August 5, 2008, state attorney Randy Means said: "We are not entertaining immunity for anyone involved with this case." It appears as if this statement in no longer valid, just three weeks later.

With the release of all of this grim information, there is not a single nugget of optimism.

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rathernotsay 8 years ago

In most pictures with the baby and her mom, she looks dispondant/scared depressed, unhappy and detatched. I look at the pics and having many years experience with families and emotional/psycological/scociological aspects and man, I do not "feel" anything from these pics that would make me say "awh, they are so sweet, or look how she looks up to her mom", nor do I see a bond other than fear from the child. In the pics when the cake or whatever is being cleaned by grandma, it looks as though she is so scared of her mom she has no reaction. I think you could easily conclude she was severely abused and I am scared for her. I feel especially deeply sorrowful because she has similar features as ones I am very close to and it makes it harder for some reason. I pray God breaks Casey down and that she falls into her own trap so this child if alive can be found. I dont even know what else to say if she is not, except - I bet she is happier in heaven than with that hag.

mother of 2 8 years ago

If you don't have anything to hide then tell the truth and take a lie detector test. The cold hearted B_ _ ch is lying. I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with her in a room. I have pictures of my baby laying in his coffin at 4 1/2 years old. She doesnt have a heart at all. I have no sympthy for what happens to her. Let her out into public population and see how long she stays quiet. Your day is coming.

mother of 2 8 years ago

If you don't have anything to hide then tell the truth and take a lie detector test. The cold hearted B_ _ ch is lying. I wish I could have 5 minutes alone with her in a room. I have pictures of my baby laying in his coffin at 4 1/2 years old. She doesnt have a heart at all. I have no sympthy for what happens to her. Let her out into public population and see how long she stays quiet. Your day is coming.

Pam 8 years ago

I agree with you guys and I really think that the Anthony's KNOW that Casey is guilty, but refuse to show it to the public or the media. That family is SO dysfunctional and clearly Casey gets her lying streak from her mother. George just always looks like he'd rather be somewhere else when Cindy is talking to the media. Cindy is another bold faced liar, sticking to and trusting her untrustworthy daughter. Can't wait til the trial gets underway. But no matter what happens, even if Casey is convicted, the Anthony's will still deny it was her.

TamaraGeil 8 years ago

Well now that they have found a body, and most likely it will be little Caylee, Casey will have to endure a trial with overwhelming evidence. I hope the death penalty is put back on the plate here because this woman murdered her baby girl and only cares about herself. She is crying because she is locked up and can't party or get more tattoos! Makes me sick.

oleana 8 years ago

Casey Anthony is a cold calculated killer, She had a motive, to be free so she can party and continue her promisqcuity,,,she is sick......she should get life and through the key away.

jennifer 8 years ago

I think it is really sad she can not accept the facts about what she did to her daughter, i have a 10 year old and I had her at 17 and it was hard and yes there where nights i wanted to go out but I did not get rid of my little girl and then lie lie lie to everyone about it my heart goes out to her parents I am sorry that u lost your grandaughter but now u might lose your daughter. All I can say is if my daughter was to kill my grand kid I could never forgive her and I hope she does get the death pentilty I am sorry but her baby was 3 years old.

imacynic2 8 years ago

Re the comment with the cake scene - if you look you can see the truth. Cake got on both Casey and Caylee during the cake scene. Cindy is working to clean up Caylee - the baby - you will see Casey doesn't wipe Caylee off - Casey is only concerned about wiping herself off - cleaning herself up.

That's how it worked - Cindy did what was best for Caylee - Casey did what was best for Casey.

vonduke 8 years ago

This whole thing has cut this country to the bone with anger,sadness, and most of all disbelief.

I have followed it from the beginning and I have this nagging fear, Casey will get off with a technicality of some sort, then the very law enforcement she despises will have to give her protection.

All there has to be is one jurior who doesn't believe she did it because her Mom was mean to her. (Cindy Anthony)In this day and age you would think every state would adopt the Texan's "Expressway to the death row" mojo.. She has been indited on 1st degree murder among other charges, and there she sits, ordering things for her amuzement while her daughter is ALONE in a cardboard box in a cooler at the morgue.

Caylee is everyones angel and she endured the worst of life in such an evil,I only hope one day she will get the justice she so dearly deserves

j russ 8 years ago

I am just beyond angry, this trash should get the death penalty. She chose to kill her daughter. Because she is self centered she didn't go to her parents, or the police, or child protection services and say "look I hate my child I don't want her anymore and if you don't take her, I will kill her." She didn't do this because she only cares about herself. She only deserves as much of a chance as she gave that innocent baby.

wanda 7 years ago

maybe the father of caylee dosen't know he is the father. and why is it such a big secrect who the real father is? is something else behide this secrect? thier is another set of grandparents out thier somewhere, and they have the right to know about caylee.

Wicca Chick 7 years ago

Give me ONE good reason why this murderess should be granted immunity...just ONE...I challenge anybody.

Sara Barton 7 years ago

Casey you deserve to suffer like your daughter did.

Joyce, Liberty KY. 7 years ago

I hope that heartless bitch dies a slow and painful death. I hope she suffers till the very end. If she does get life I hope she is repeatedly beaten and sodomized daily till someone finally puts an end to her worthless life. When the bitch dies I hope she burns in the hottest hells fire. By the way what ever happen to the electric chair instead of lethal injection.

singlemama 7 years ago

im gonna say what i think...casey is a lying self-loathing whore!!!! i hate to even imagine what her helpless child was saying and thinking as her own mother was killing her. i struggle very hard raising 2 boys alone. yes i feel like im going crazy at times, but never would i harm any child...let alone my own. to me she is guilty as hell or else she would have been searching for her kid instead of flaunting her tramp ass in the club. i dont understand how she could possibly have people still supporting her. personally i think she is doing her own attorney. all i can hope for is that little angel is up in heaven protected by God and that she has to hurt no more. casey deserves to rot in a garbage bag all alone in the woods the same way her baby did. may all of casey's dreams come true in prison because she shoulda known she was gonna get to whats coming to her. i hope somehow you read this bitch. i would beat your ass myself if i could only be within your reach. you deserve to die real real slow. your a piece of filth and a waste of a trial because you already know you are guilty and i hope you think about what you did and beg for mercy. what you have done is unacceptable and the devil himself is too good for you. just kill yourself casey anthony!!!!!

sarahxyz 6 years ago

i believe a lot of people know a lot about casey anthony ,but keeping quiet about it i really dont blame them. look what a circus it is

MinnieFL 5 years ago

Cylee was so precious just seeing her picture you just love her, a sweet inocent little angel. I lost my 5yr old grandson to an illness that was extremely difficult but to lose a grandchild at the hands of your own daughter, inconceivable. I guess that is why the Anthony's have a hard time of it. We all want justice for Caylee, but I don't believe the hands of man will deliver enough justice for her however, the hands of God sure will.

Chelsia 2 years ago

A really good answer, full of raltanotiiy!

Jerry 2 years ago

- This is all sorts of gorgeous Shannon! I love the close up of her loonikg down with all that hair framing her beautiful face. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all those details!

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